View Full Version : Alternating Turns. . . Thoughts Please

03-09-2006, 17:35
Hello fellow gamers!! I'm just getting into the 40k world and I've played a bit of WARMACHINE and Confrontation. In WARMACHINE all models on one side take a turn, then the other side (much like 40k). However, in confrontation, they use a rule set that each player moves one character (or set) then the opponent does the same. I really like the alternating turns because it make the game a little less one sided. I'm really loving the GW games, but I keep wondering if they wouldn't be a little more balanced if each side moved one squad, etc. at a time. Let me know what you guys think. Also let me know how much it would affect the rules if I were to adopt that rule and add it to my games. Thanks!!

03-09-2006, 17:53
it could only be added if the rest of the game was to be revised. Right now such rules would cause trouble witch charging and close combat would be seriously weakened.

03-09-2006, 18:23
thats actually how i played for a really long time. about4-5 years ago me and my friend carter would only allow one movement of a figure or squad per turn. we used brushes to measure the maximum length at which you could move. these rules were real great for small skirmishes, but that was towards the end of the fourrth grade grade. now, at 15 i play using full rules, but i still play those chess style rules with combat patrols.

03-09-2006, 21:15
try playing lotr thats the way it works.