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03-09-2006, 19:26
Ok, so i have a whole bunch of chaos in storage right now until I figure out where i am permanantly. I'm almost done collecting my 2000 point bretonnian force(more peasants), but I'm resistant to start painting as I don't have any form of case aside from dumping the plastics into the battallion box i have.

So, I've been looking at http://www.thewarstore.com/sabolarmytransportfigurecases.html#6140 but i'm not sure what the best configuration is, specifically for bretonnians.

I'm sure that Sabol will be the best choice, but not sure which one to get.

I will have:
23 cavalry(riders not glued to horses yet)
60 20x20s
3(maybe 6 eventually) pegasus knights.

Are 2" or 2.5" best for horses, and how many does each layer hold about?

My army in storage is in 2 GW cases($100+ in cases) and it doesn't hold enough. I'm thinking of the motorpool empty cause I'm sure it will hold all of my minis. But I dont' know which foam to get atm.

03-09-2006, 19:28
Personally, I use a bait and tackle box, and it works fine.

But, I personally have wanted to get Sabol for quite a while, I think it would do very well.

04-09-2006, 03:41
i have two sabols. one of the examples they use on their official webpage is 2500 pts of tyranids in one standard transport. judging from that, it will fit anything.

04-09-2006, 06:55
The problem with transporting Knights is this (as i have some Sabol transports and a Bretonnian army)... If they're standing up, they're extremely tall (I think you need at least the 3" foams, 4" if thier lances are straight up) and take up a space of 1"x1.25" (or longer if thier lances are down). If they're lying down, they still take up a butload of room, standing or laying down. In either case, you don't get very many into a single layer of foam, and the foam is rather expensive.

Seems the best way to do them, is to make a movement tray for your knights, and magnetize it and the knights. Like that, I have three 9 man lances in a single tray. (though, one 9 man lance can't have the front rank with lances down). I think (as they're in my car right now, and I can't check it) that you can fit 2 full 15 model lances into a single foam. You'd have the border, and a single line of foam down the middle, and if the lances are down on the front models, there should be room to make fences for them.

The foams have a useable area of 6.5"x12" divided into 1/2" squares. Your best bet is going to be to take some graph paper, and do a mock up, and decide how you're going to pose your men, and see what the best way to foam them up will be.

There's a couple little drawings here, the first is how 2 15 man lances can be set to fit (first rank with lances at the ready) the other is how you can fit 3 9 man lances, (2 with the first row at the ready). Red/white is where the foam needs to be removed (and where the bases would be), the grey is the segmented foam left, the black is the border foam. They'll still move around a bit in there, as the tails/heads can't really be secured (which is why there seems to be illogical empty space).

04-09-2006, 07:07
I think I can make it a bit easier by not gluing my riders to the horses. Or, will I want to do that once they're painted?

Right now it looks like I'll have 15 with lance/banner up, and 10 with lance down.

So, any specific suggestions as to which case I should start with and what foam trays I should get?

I'm thinking of getting the prebuilt Motorpool(http://www.thewarstore.com/product6143.html)

04-09-2006, 13:46
Use a box similar to the bataillon box. You should have 2, or one with at least 2 levels. If it's not as large as the batallion box, or you think you'll expand your armies, you'll need at least 3.

Then you either use magnets or velcro (dunno if it's called velcro in english).

it now has little holes in each plank to put magnets in them. The box is quite heavy when filled with 200+ skaven models (of which 60+ are in metal), but it works very well.

Oh, and you need a very small bottle to put your broken bitz in them, unless you want to put them in your pocket.

Bretonnian Lord
04-09-2006, 13:56
I just made my own carrying case out of a cardboard box. I used some extra pieces of cardboard to make dividers for the units and models and that's it. Cheap and effective. :)

04-09-2006, 14:29
I'm not sure if having seperate riders will help with storing the models more efficiently or not. I do that with my Pegasi, but the rest of them I store as one piece.