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03-09-2006, 23:57
Here's a 2250 pt. fun Khorne List...
I'm quite new to this Warhammer Fantasy Business so take it easy.

Zaerachael's Bloodhost 2250 Pts - Chaos Army
Zaerachael, Bloodborne(Chaos Lord) @ 365 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; General; Halberd; Barding
Gaze of the Gods
Helm of Many Eyes
Armour of Damnation
Chaos Steed

* Challenges characters, stays by the Warrior units to countercharge if necessary

Svarogh the Sinful (Exalted Chaos Champion) @ 160 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided; Flail; Chaos Armour; Shield; Barding
Berserker Sword
Chaos Steed

* Rides with my Knight unit,

Aramkhal, Herald of Zaerachel (Aspiring Chaos Champion) @ 121 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided; Chaos Armour; Battle Standard; Barding
Chaos Steed

*Stay in centre of the battleline to take advantage of the new rule on Battle Standards

18 Bloodborne's Legion (Chaos Warriors) @ 345 Pts (6x3)
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Heavy Armour; Shield; Full Command

18 Scarred Ones (Chaos Warriors) @ 345 Pts (6x3)
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Heavy Armour; Shield; Full Command

24 Men of the Fang Tribe (Marauders) @ 149 Pts (6x4)
Flail; Musician

24 Men of the Claw Tribe (Marauders) @ 149 Pts (6x4)
Flail; Musician

5 Order of the Crimson Skull (Chaos Knights) @ 370 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Barding; Chosen Unit; Shield; Full Command
Banner of Rage

*Requisite "tank" unit

Lord Dreadwind of the Crimson Skulls (Chaos Chariot) @ 150 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Frenzy; Halberd; Heavy Armour

* (d6 + 1 st5 impact hits) + (4 st5 halberd attacks) + (4 st4 horse attacks) = ouch!

5 Svarogh's Outriders (Marauder Horsemen) @ 93 Pts
Flail; Standard; Musician

* general purpose harassment/ flanking unit

Casting Pool: 2

Dispel Pool: 7

Models in Army: 99

Total Army Cost: 2247

Basically I designed this army with no fixed strategy in particular besides "get in there and take heads!"
I sought to maximize numbers in my Marauder regiments in order to recieve shooting and not lose much combat efficacy. I was contemplating about adding warhounds but opted instead for numbers.

04-09-2006, 01:43
Warhounds are definatly needed for screening if you're going to go with that many Warriors. The great thing about them is they don't panic your Khornate units when they run away because they are frenzied. I would generally advise to avoid taking that many Warriors, as they are a lot of points. You currently have almost 700 points into 2 units that will probrably be avoided and shot to peices because of their lackluster movement value of 4. To be honest, mortals are really the weakest of the Chaos Core choices, and I find mysealf going more and more with either my all-knight/charriot Khornate Achaon's Horde army, or my Khornate Beasts army, as both are a lot more mobile than those Warriors, and generally make their points back much more often because of it. Always remember that Warhammer, unlike 40k is really about mobility, and even more so in 7th IMO, and combat is really only decided by who got their units into the most oppertune positions prior to the fighting.

04-09-2006, 01:56
But me likes me warriors... They're the reason I started playing Chaos. :cries:

Well anyway, I don't really see myself taking them away... I just might remove the Marks of Khorne on the Warriors and go with Undivided. I will be adding doggies for sure.

04-09-2006, 02:08
I know what you mean. I have a good 50 or so of them in my collection, they are amazing minis, and I do find myself throwing in a unit every now and then because they are so damn pretty. And they are definatly the hardest infantry unit in the game by far. But the sad reality is that they suffer from being very expencive infanty. They are too slow and unmaneuverable to really make their points back, as they will normally almost never see combat unless your opponents army is also very combat-oriented. I would sugest however, that you cut the unit sizes down, and add in some Warhounds and some more Merauder Horsemen. Even adding in another Charriot to charge in conjunction with the rest of your speedy units. (2 Charriots, or a unit of Chosen and a Charriot in the front of any unit is almost 100% certain to bring it to it's knees) That way they can remove the problematic things (such as missile troops and warmachines) for your Warriors, letting them bring in the final hammerblow and mop things up, combined with some flank charges from Horsemen or Knights so you can take out the ranked infatry that your faster elements would probrably falter against in a 1 on 1 fight.

And as an aside, keep the MoK, it really does help you get the most of your Warriors, adding 5 or 6 extra attacks unsing the Warriors already scary stat line, plus nets you an extra dipell dice for the measly 45 points it costs. A bargain if I do say so myself.

04-09-2006, 02:34
Chaos Warriors work just fine. You should play a list you like, not some kind of standard 'über-list' with just the best units thrown in.

I agree that you should get some warhounds, however. They can help you keep control of your frenzied nutters. Possibly add some Furies to help you deal with warmachines and casters. (a Hellcannon would be even better, but it's expensive and not everyone's cup of tea).

To get some points free, here's what I'd do:

- Drop the helm of many eyes on your lord. This magic item mostly benefits heroes on foot. cavalry heroes should be getting the charge anyway, and after that your well above average initiative should suffice. Stupidity is too much of a liability as well.

- Drop the character in the chosen knights unit altogether. They won't really need him anyway (they should be killing enough by themselves), so he's just taking up lots of points at the moment.

- Give his Berserker Sword to the character in the chariot. If you think he hits a lot now, wait till you give him this baby. It also means you should be less concerned about getting stuck in combat, since units that charge you in the flank will give your character even more attacks.

- Another option is to stick your battle standard bearer into one of your infantry units. If you keep your line nice and tight, he's of more use there prodding buttock than he is running around on a steed attracting arrows.

- I'd give your Chaos Warriors Halberds. That single STR point is worth it, trust me.

All in all it seems like a nice, solid list if you add two or three 5 strong warhound units or so.

04-09-2006, 02:48
I was going to point out the Helm as well, but then forgot to.:D Like Der_Lex said, it is better with a GW on an Undivided Champ (as he gets to re-roll the Stuipidity test), and in 7th, it's only really useful with a model on foot. Also, get a Banner and a Champ in each of those Merauder units. They need the static CR to win, and the extra attack plus standard bonus really goes a long way.

04-09-2006, 03:36
Dirtjumper could you PM me your chariot/knight list... I am also new to fantsy and would like to see what a proper fast list looks like...

04-09-2006, 04:34
Check your PM's. :D

04-09-2006, 04:50
Hellcannon, yuck. I hate the model, it looks like a huge demonic phallic symbol. With worms.

Furies, nah, gotta pass on that. Not really in the budget right now, heheh...

Chariots, now we're talking!

Okay, changes so far...

a. Warriors, down to 15 each, equipped with halberds. Hmm, the +1 str seems worth it, especially against Knights etc. Any suggestions on how to convert these..? Got one so far, which is brass rods + axe heads.
Going to be quite expensive though.
b. Knight Champion, turned into charioteer.
c. Standard bearer removed.
d. 2 units of 5 warhounds added
e. Lord edited, removed Helm
f. Marauders now have full command

All right, I think these are nice changes.

04-09-2006, 05:19
And another thing, am I right in assuming that Marauders count as having the Mark of Chaos Undivided..?

04-09-2006, 09:16
Even though you insulted my precious Hellcannon, I'll still answer your questions. *pets Hellcannon, while muttering 'he doesn't know you, really*

- Marauders have no Mark at all, but you can stick a character of any kind in them.

- The brass rods and axe heads thing is they only way to go, unless you want to buy old Chaos Warrior sprues for the halberds...
Pray for GW to finally release that darn halberd/god specific bits sprue.

04-09-2006, 15:35
Oops, thanks anyhow.