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04-09-2006, 05:04
Characters: 689pts
1) Templar Grandmaster on Barded Warhorse
-Mace of Helstrum, The White Cloak
2) Battle Standard Bearer on Barded Warhorse
-Dawn Armor, Biting Blade
3) Warrior Priest on Barded Warhorse
-Two Handed Hammer
-Armour of Meteoric Iron, Sigil of Sigmar
4) Warrior Priest on Foot w/Shield
-Armour of Tarnus

Core Troops: 1,003pts
1) 14 Knights of the Inner Circle
-First Knight & Standard Bearer
2) 13 Knights of the Order
-First Knight & Standard Bearer
-Steel Standard
3) 20 Free Company
-Full Command
4) 19 Free Company
-Full Command

Special Troops: 131pts
1) 6 Pistoliers
-Marksman, Repeater Pistol

Rare Troops: 177pts
1) 15 Flagellants
-Prophet of Doom

Grand Total: 2,000pts

This is a fluffy sigmarite knightly order / fanatical style army, think of crusaders. Theres no magic & no shooting, and the units are beefy. This is basicly the tuffest i can make a 'straight up close combat' Empire army. The warrior priests make invaluable fighting characters, and the army's magic defense is awesome, with a lot of dispel dice, i dont feel like counting.

So what do you think? Is it too unmaneuverable? Will it get flanked and surrounded, then ripped to pieces? Or would it provide a good general with a close combat army of good guys for once?

04-09-2006, 09:17
looks fun list, I would put greatswords on this army rather than so many cavalry and free company, but that is just my opinion.
no armour of meteoric iron on any character on foot? i love that item.
its fun to see empire army that is based on charge and CC, because i'm playing with list that is the most offensive list i've ever seen. lots of shooters and cannons etc and pikemen etc. maybe i'll try list like this sometime.

04-09-2006, 15:40
because i'm playing with list that is the most offensive list i've ever seen. lots of shooters and cannons etc and pikemen etc.


Oh I can play the most offensive list ever, It shoots at the opponents all the and they don't even pause to move. They are even so offensive that they attack the enemy before the battle. Seaguards are the most offensive of all!!11!

04-09-2006, 18:31
14 knights? What if they fail a fear test?

Von Wibble
04-09-2006, 19:56
@eldrak - Immune to Psychology if led by the Grand Master.

I think this army will be tough to win with, as it only really has 2 units (free company and flagellants, great as they are, have no armour and are only filling a support role). It needs support that is faster - my reason for usually using a Griffon. My preference is also for units of 2 Knights in 2 ranks of 6 (allowing for 7th ed rules).

However, I like the theme to it. Advice would be to switch the Mace of Helstrum for the Laurels of Victory. Lose the armour of Tarnus (in the fluff isn't it wizardy anyway?) - a sigil of sigmar would be both appropriate and useful.

Also try to get a second unit of pistoliers - can be done at 5 man if you lose the marksman from the other unit, drop it to 5 man and lose a couple of Knights. They are imo the best unit of fast cavalry for their points. Shame they don't have a bugler!

The Judge
04-09-2006, 23:09
Nice, nice army there. I would agree with Von Wibble's ideas... two Pistolier units used to be pretty good, but they aren't so nasty anymore are they?

06-09-2006, 05:40
I still think theyre good. Fast cav will always have its place in WHFB, imo.

You know, even directly after writing the list I realized how limited it was in terms of units, hitting power, etc.

I think i will take two units of 11 knights with the grandmaster leading one and the battle standard bearer leading the other. So theyll be 6 across and 2 ranks deep. I'll also save some points this way.

I also want to make the free company units smaller and more expendable. I will bring 2 or 3 units of 15 free company in 3 ranks of 5. I won't be bringing a standard in any of those units because they're most likely going to be gone before the end of the game. All this will let me bump the Flag's to 20, and hopefully buy me a 2nd pistolier unit. The Armor of Tarnus is wizard fluffy, so I guess I will change that.

I think the free company being more expendable, having 2 fast cav and 2 heavy cav, and cleverness will all assist me. The reason for the Mace of Helstrum is to get a strength 10 attack in the army -- without it there isnt one over strength 6.