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23-06-2005, 18:50
Im just trying to gauge interest in a non GW RPG, so i thought the WoD settings would be really cool to try something a bit different.

What Im looking to do is run a small RPG about a cotiarie of undead involved in a turf war in the city's rack with a pack of werewolves, who are protecting a gauntlet thingy. During the gang war, a spate of vampire style killings across the city has threatened the masquerade. The local prince, an ineffectual fop controlled by a group of Invictus elders, has challenged the cotiarie with finding the killers, in return for help with removing the werewolves from the heart of the city. Provisionally the city is Detroit.

Characters can be anything vampiric or thereabouts. Any bloodline or wide group ie Nosperatu, Ventrue etc... Any allignment is cool as well. Characters can also be ghouls, blood dolls or kine servants. Just please no Blade clones. (no day walking or any of that nonsence thank you :p )

Storytelling will be provisionally story based as with all the other RPGs, so it despences with the need for stats or any of that bull.

Characters wise, Can you please give me:

Apparent age (Age when turned)
Mental / physical / social skills (Just what your character's good at, nothing more than that)
Any bloodline dicipines or anything else you want to include.

My character would be this:

Name: Curtis Jobar
Clan: Gangrel
Allignment: Lancea Santum
Description: before he was turned, Curtis spent most of his life growing up on the streets of LA. One night, after snorting over a gram of coke, he stole a car and ended up in a crash, killing his sister, his best friend and three old women at a bus shelter. Fleeing LA, he headed east along the I95 until he was picked up by a lorrydriver in Nevada. Together they headed to new york, where Curtis saught to make a new life for himself. With the help of a christian charity he got clean of his coke addiction and applied to the NYPD.

he was sucessful and spent a lot of his time making a name for himself on the street. He was quickly elevated to detective and was put in charge of an experimental anti-gang unit which served later as a model for the corrupt LA version. it was from here that he first encountered a club called "the bloodbath", a meth lab posing as a nightclub. Not suspecting anything unusual at first, he moved in to raid the club with his team. bursting through a door, he shot the owner 3 times with a glock-17 in order to get at drug money, some $250000 to pocket it and not hand it over as evidence.

It was a week later when he was sat in his flat and the owner of the club found him. Slashing open his throat, the club owner drank. To get at the money, he turned Curtis into a vampire and demanded total loyalty. Over time, the bar owner, a ventrue by the name of Bane, found Curtis to be a capable student and inducted him in the ways of the Carthians.

Curtis, on the other hand, struggled with his new adiction to blood, reminding him of his previous coke addiction and saught help with those who had helped him earlier, the church. Turning to the lancea sanctum for guidance, he fled his sire in new york and now is an active member of the lancia sanctum's secret police in Detroit.

Apparent Age: 34
Physical skills: Street fighter, weaponry (pistols), weaponry (SMGs)
Mental skills: Examine Crime scene, Interrogate,
Social skills: Few
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Greed
Bloodline Diciplines: level 1 theban sorcery.

so, anyone interested?

Strictly Commercial
10-07-2005, 09:22
Since its based off of the new Requiem setting I might be into it. I like that so much better than Masquerade. But I must be honest, I've never RPed an online game before so you would have to give me the basics.