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23-06-2005, 19:41
All was silent aboard the Cobra class escort as it cruised through the warp, the Navigator doing its job even though it was literally plugged into the very core of the ship.

Lord Slazton sat in his perch watching the bridge and frowned, he would have to call his warband together in the meeting room. They would need to know of their next destination, as it would mean more prospects.

He launched his jetpack and landed on the deck, talons digging in. Letting loose a feral shriek, a minion ran to his side quivering.

'Yes my lord?' it said shaking.

'Tell my men to meet me in the meeting room!' roared SLazton striking out and ripping his arm off. Slazton smiled to himself as he felt the claws rip the flesh off. It was satisfying as usual.

Slazton then moved away and walked through the doors, heading towards the meeting room as the call was placed.

OoC/Right, you can be anywhere you like and all you have to do is meet Slazton in the Meeting Room. We all know each other, but please post your names etc ion text s we know names etc. We have been fighting together for about three weeks tops and still are a little shakey and paranoid of one another etc./OoC

23-06-2005, 20:03

Name: ruben jalen
Class: assault marine
Old Chapter: Relictors
Background: rupeus jalen was an assault marine for the revilers chapter, when his chapter was declared extremus diaboulus he fled the fortress-monastary in a small, one man escape vessel, he eventualy crashed on a law-less hive-world.
Recent Background: has escaped the planet and joined up with a band of renegade marines.
Appearance; old rusted armour, still ahs old chapter inignia, scared face , bald head and empty grey eyes.
Weapons and Equipment: bolter with 2 clips of ammo, combat knife. >
Ruben stomped into the meting room. "good evening Slazton, whats the problem" he enquired...

23-06-2005, 20:06
Isa snarled at the message. Do this. Do that. Do the blasted other. It was almost as bad as being part of the Company again. Damn Night Lord! Isa paced backwards and forwards muttering curses in Fenrisian under this breath, the surf that had brought the message looking nervous at the Space Wolf.

Isa could smell its terror. He grinned widely bearing his fangs at the surf who all but fainted.
'Kill it!' the beast inside him growled. Isa knew it spoke the truth, it always did.

Quicker than the surf could blink, Isa had tore it's head from it's shoulders and stood in the heady shower of blood that sprayed up from the wound. Isa lapped up red liquid from the wound like a thirsy dog.

With a hearty laugh, Isa swaggered out of his quaters, maiming the poor unfortunates that crossed his path. The Beast was angry and thristy for blood and Isa obeyed. He burst into the meeting room and asked gruffly. 'What do you want?'

23-06-2005, 21:23
'SIT DOWN!' roared Slazton as he dropped from the heaven's above them. 'I will be called Lord or Master, not 'What do you want?!' Slazton let loose a shriek and grabbed Isa, pulling him close to his face, his talons digging into Isa's fur.

Isa growled at him, but Slazton backhanded him.

'Lucky for you I have use of you or these talons' power core would have been on,' snarled Slazton. Turning to Ruben. 'You will be told when everyone is here. Now address me as Lord, Captain or some other rank or there will be trouble.'

OoC/Just showing you guys who is head hocho./OoC

23-06-2005, 21:29
Isa grinned and spat blood on Slazton's feet. 'Yes My Lord.' he hissed at the Night Lord with as much sarcasam and contempt as he could. He even made a very fluorish bow and slid backwards, muttering something under his breath in Fenrisian.

23-06-2005, 23:08
Niota nodded to the serf and walked past him, hand slipping down to grab a bolt pistol. "Next time knock" was the last thing the serf heard before his brains were spalttered against the wall.

Nodding to Slazton he leaned against one of the walls, fixing the space puppy with a piercing glare, a smirk crept across his face.

ooc/ xhalax want to go with a space wolf dark angels feud here?

23-06-2005, 23:18
OOC/ Can do...though it'll be a tad unfair. I think there's 3 DAs against one 13th Co. The skirt-wearing nancies won't stand a chance.
Though if they're Fallen, they shouldn't be bothered by Isa as it was between Russ and Jonhson. The Fallen are all about Luthor and hate Johnson.
But that's not to say that Isa will tolerate them./OOC

Isa growled as the Dark Angel swept into the room. If there was anything Isa hated more than the Lion's whelps, he hadn't discovered it. Even in the stinking cesspit that was the Eye of Terror.

The Dark Angel fixed him with a gaze and Isa would have been happy to rip his eyes out from their sockets and eat them. But there was time for that late. So he had to be content to snarl at it. Rage glinting brightly off his amber eyes.

23-06-2005, 23:54
ooc/ you are correct, I just thought a 13th co wouldn't need a reason to hate dark angels, and how would he know wether im a fallen or a true son

Niota smirked, "down boy, want a bone?"

Grand Warlord
24-06-2005, 00:01
+Stepping into the room his armor seem to smile from various points kneeling before his master he bowed his head...+

"Lord, another humble servant to do your will..."

+Rising he stepped back and sat down seeming to be in his own world..+

24-06-2005, 00:21
OOC/Isa hates everyone. Though Legion tradition would probably be ingrained into him 13th Co or not. And the Winged Sword makes him snarl no matter what/OOC

'Silence fool, want a sword in your throat?' Isa snapped back. The Beast inside him reared up and howled to be free. But Isa knew this wasn't the time or the place. He spat in the Dark Angel's direction, blood and phelgm landing close to the Dark Angel.

Isa stopped and reguarded the newcomer with a sneer.

24-06-2005, 00:23
"Your aim sucks" laughed Niota, his hand slipping to his bolt pistol

24-06-2005, 00:27
'Like I'd hawk up my vital fluids over you. I won't even if you were on fire.' he shot back.

24-06-2005, 02:51
Turanas ducked another winged attack as the Fury flew overhead, its talons aiming low and hard. The door opened and a serf was standing there, it wasnt even a human, just a lowly sub. "Slazton wishes for you to give him an audience my...." was all the sub got out before the fury had changed its target and killed the serf. Turanas was visibly displeased with this and sent a small psychich blast at the fury knocking it to the ground, then clamping it down to the floor he left the duelling room he would return to finish it later. THe room shimmered for a second and then the other 8 dead furies melted into the floor.

Turanas walked into the room, first seeing the space wolf, then the dark angel, nodding to both he approached the Night Lord. "What is it you are after Slazton." He refused to talk to him as a superior purely because he knew that he could hold his own in a fight against him if it came to it.

24-06-2005, 04:45
Jarold walked in there had been a communication that reached him so he responded. there was a Space wolf and by the look he was very barbaric. Nothing comparied to the Clean shaven head of the man he was fighing aginst. Jarold walked to the corner and rested his hand on the hilt of his chainsword. He hadnt drawn it sence he killed his battle brother. There was also a Dark angels marine there maybe he shoud talk to him.

24-06-2005, 07:27
Callixtus saw the serf approaching, the young boy was visibly quaking as he walked up to the marine, Callixtus did not blame him given the appalling attitude that was shown by some of the marines he had noticed that the human crew had been dwindling since he had joined. He shook his head and he had no idea who killed off the serf he had spent so long breaking in, and that girl had reminded him of his sister. Good help was beginning to need more training than he had time for on this ship.
"So I am to report to the bridge, that is the message you bring, is it not?" The serf gulped and nodded looking visibly even more worried.

"It was quiet simple to deduce, the other uses of messengers are far too rare. Oh, while you are here, would you refill the chalice please from the bottle on the far left.” The serf looked slightly worried that the marine was not moving, ignoring his masters orders but on the other hand he died not want to taste the Chain axe either. So he took the bottle and refilled the chalice still in the marines hands, the inept pouring though caused a drop to spill on the carpet. Noticing the error the serf started grovelling the exact words were inaudible. Callixtus began to pace out of the room.

“Have that cleaned up by the time I return and you shall be spared.” With that he departed the former sacred chalice still in his hands. He mussed that an item that had formerly been the focus of his chapters unwitting servitude to a god of lies, was now delegated to a wine glass, and the wine was not particularly high quality either. With that thought he had completed the relatively short stroll to the bridge.

“So it seems that despite betraying your chapters you still feel compelled to enact their petty hatreds, and rivalry’s. How drove. I would have hoped for higher. But then reality often falls short of our expectations.” With that he took a seat.

“So our most prestigious leader, for whom my respect knows no bounds. Would you be so good as to lighten the darkness of this room with the glow of your wonderful stratagem.”

Lord Setra
24-06-2005, 08:06
Devaros paced his room, for three weeks he had been on this ship, fighting with others who seemed to be in the same position as he.

The door to his chambers opened and there stood a small girl, he had seen her before and he knew that she was scared of him. It was natural, for after all he was a space marine.

+What do you want small one+

She shook, being directly addressed was like a god talking to her.


She whimpered as the message escaped her lips.

+Very well, I will go+

He rose and as he did the small girl fainted, better to leave her in his quarters, probably save her life. He left his heavy bolter in his quarters, feeling no need for it, though he did still lift his bolt pistol as you would never know when you would need it.

He walked into the room, the eyes of various marines watched him. The space wolf stared at him with a look of need, need for his blood. He store him down as the only way to gain respect from savage beasts was to stare it down.

The other marines simply nodded to him or they ignored him.

+Master Slazton, I have came here on your wish, now what is it you want?+

24-06-2005, 11:57
Isa glared at the Soul Drinker, he's eyes gleaming brightly with hatered. He was trying to stare him down...which would never happen. He would not bow down to any of these renegades, traitors and heretics.

Isa snarled

24-06-2005, 12:24
Jarold looked as another marine entered the bridge. Some of thier chapter markings where unknown to him. He just stood thier looking at his bolt pistol grip. It was worn and battered. Many times has it save his life and probally many times to come. Some of the marines wore badges of tratioris legions. Even though he was no longer apart of the Imperium He had a deep seeded resentment for them. After all thier brothers caused the imperium to become this way. He was contemplating the action of trying to kill them but knew that he would probally die needlessly.

24-06-2005, 17:31
Ruben sat, still quiet. "these feudes bore me" he thought aloud. "hey captain, commandant, lord-master whatever you want to be called, why have you dragged us up here, i was busy" he asked

Brother Smith
24-06-2005, 20:47
OoC/ Some of your guys have serious issues - Surfs fainting en masse? What were you thinking?! /OoC

The lights were dim and a single candle lit the room. Helion sat in front of a mirror, gazing at his scarred face. The doors to his room opened, and a surf stepped in.
"Master Slazton requests your presence sir"

Helion donned a robe and walked to the briefing room. The room was full of Marines, but these were no marines of honor, no, they were the scum of the astartes. Silently he sat down.

Still, were a few amongst them he saw good sides to...

25-06-2005, 02:38
Slazton ignored Turanas, the fool who get his just deserts later if he kept up his iron rod attitude.

Turning on Ruben, Slazton unclipped his bolter and took aim at Ruben's head, his hand slowly man-handling the trigger.

'I think your sarcarasm is uncalled for,' growled Slazton as he looked at the Marine with a look of pure killer instinct.

'You won't fire,' challenged Ruben.

Slazton fired three shots off and each one hit the wall right behind Ruben, exactly 1 inch off hitting the Marine.

'And Dark Angel, my aim is not off. Now then, I got interesting news for you guys,' Slazton said with a smile that would scare grown men. 'We are coming out of the warp near an settlement planet that has little contact with the Imperium. From the news our slaves have picked up, it seems a war has broke out and there is money to be made, and of course the usual killing and bloodshed.'

Slazton looked round the table and shook his head. They had nothing on his old warband, and they seemed so pitiful in comparison. Ah well they would do.

'Now get ready we will arrive tomorrow,' Slazton siad as he looked at the Librarian. 'You, come with me now.'

The Librarian frowned and followed the Night Lord towards a private room.

'I want to know the future,' Slazton commanded.

'SLazton, you know I cannot see it,' Turanas countered quickly.

'I think you are just scarred!' roared Slazton as he hissed at the marine. How Slazton wished he could strike out at him as he did the other men, but he knew that was not possiable with Turanas being a psyker. If only he had that damn amulet his old master carried.

'Do not tempt fate. I will tell you that we are about to enter darkness, a very dark path and to be wary of your warband, they are not fully trustworthy, especially the Dark Angels,' Turanas replied before leaving.

Slazton left that room and went to his own room, where he held it in luxury. Stripping off his power armour, jetpack and weapons, he stood there completely naked, admiring his scars. He then grabbed a simple garb and dressed, before sitting on his throne chair and pondered. His loyal serfs brought food and drink, but he did not want them, he dismissed them and sat in silence.

25-06-2005, 13:55
Ruben returned to his quaters. the walls were covered in strange artefacts and various skulls. It was dimly lit only by candles. he opened his supply closet and sighed. only 3 bolter clips left, he would have to recover some ammo soon or use another weapon. he had a trusty combat knife but had always fancied a power-sword "prehaps" he told himself.
he then sat in the middle of the room and began his meditation. He always meditated like when he was with his old chapter, even he didnt know why but it seemed to keep him relaxed and stop him killing too many serfs.

Brother Smith
25-06-2005, 22:26
Helion sighed and returned to his room, clutching a few small rings in his sweaty palms.

He called him out for this?

OoC/ You know what those rings are for Slaz lol...

Grand Warlord
25-06-2005, 23:12
+Kneeling naked bar for his robe he prayed blessing his armor and weapons countless times before dissasembling his weapons, cleaning and then reassembling them, praying more...+

25-06-2005, 23:44
Jarold walked out of his room. He didnt like the Idea of killing people loyal to the emperor. But the rebels are a different story. "I have to prey he told himself"

26-06-2005, 11:44
Isa stalked away. He was hungry, let the other fools pray and do whatever they wished, he had more baser needs to sate than his spiritual well being.