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Bingo the Fun Monkey
05-09-2006, 09:24
For the longest time I have wanted to actually own two armies in the same game. However, I've had a lot of trouble moving on from my greenskins. Sometimes I want to take ogres so they have a kind of "ally" feel to them. Sometimes I want dwarfs for the sheer difference of gameplay, and that the two armies would make suitable opponents (in case someone wants to play one or the other), sometimes it's the models (Dark Elves) or the storyline and sentimentality (High Elves). However, I've been unable to actually sit and decide on something. So, I have a couple questions for those of you who have two or more armies (or are planning so)...

how do you approach this?

How attached are you to your first army?

Why did you choose the second army?

Is your second army a complimentry ally (Empire and Dwarfs) or nemesis (Orcs and Dwarfs) of your main force?

How often do you go back and play your first force? Do you play with the second or is it just collecting dust?

If you're the kind of person that actually kinda feels hurt pride when (Insert General's Name) loses a duel, etc, how do you get attached to both generals in said way? I don't mean yelling and bawling and actual RPing *shudders* at the table, but actually having some pride in how many beatings said model dished out in its long history.

Thanks in advance.

05-09-2006, 10:22
I've always based my army decisions on imagery - have you ever seen the films Zulu and Gladiator? My chaos army is based on imagery from that film. Firstly its a marauder horde - think hundreds of angry, chanting, stamping and shield beating warriors working themselves into a frenzy before charging forward in a wave of yelling flesh and steel. Secondly, by using spare chaos warrior heads I've converted my marauders to have closed great helms making them look like the gladiators from the titulary film. This give the horde a faceless, menacing quality.

The point I'm trying to make is that I find I need to have an image in my head to get excited about in order to have a clear idea of what I would want another army to be like. I'm toying with the idea of a O&G army mainly so I can use lots of wolfriders in a mongol horde stylee, circling the enemy and peppering them with arrows. I can already picture a armoured Gobbo astride a giant wolf surveying the carnage before him like a diminuative Genghis Khan ...

05-09-2006, 10:38
When i first started playing I loved my Orcs but never got very far with them due to my own shortcomings as a general, my regular opponent also played empire at the time so it was kind of a nemesis situation.
We then one day decided to try new armies that also had the nemesis feel to them and so i chose to play dark elves and he chose high elves. I lost quite a few games when i first started with them but eventually picked up more and more tactics as i went along and now own over 5000 points of darkies.

Now the Orcs are being rereleased and they have shiny new rules that make them well worth collecting. With the upcoming release of the Empire too I am trying to influence my regular opponent to collect them again (only because i dont like his brets, but dont tell him that)

05-09-2006, 12:21
I've played with my Bretonnians for about 6 years now (still use the 5th ed knights). Now I've tried many a time to start a new army; dark elves, chaos, wood elves. I end up buy a unit and hero, paint the hero then miss my bretonnians. I sell the stuff on ebay and go re-paint some brets....but I'm looking to start a new army for 7th ed but I'll wait to see what they do to vampire counts / dark elve / high elves first.

05-09-2006, 14:09
one way to manage this is to have one "race" with several fieldable armies
i have 8-9k worth of lizardmen existing as 4 separate stand alone armies.

as 7th edition approaches, i am contemplating another race to complement and compete against my lizardmen. Something fluffy yet will play differently as well. thus i am thinking either DE or Skaven.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
06-09-2006, 08:11
Hrm, I was thinking of starting my second O/G army. However, the re-hash of the models isn't as wide ranging as I had hoped (no new boyz, no new commons, no new savage orcs, etc). I've been contemplating doing a Savage Orc/Forest goblin army to go alongside it, however, against my regular opponents, it wouldn't make much sense to have a Southlands force in a predominantly Old World collection of armies. I guess I'd rather have my second army be something that could work alongside my horde, as opposed to against it. Hrm...

06-09-2006, 08:18
Well my Primary army are the High Elves. When I started the hoby I wasn't colecting armies but models and over time I decided that maybe I could play a game or two with those models. Due to being nice models I had many HE so I went and bought the book and was hooked on them ever since.

My secondary army are Tomb Kings and the tertiary are Lizardmen. I like the feel of the ancient powers and the whole fading civilisation. Along with these I have many more armies that grew out of my colection of models over a dacade into a colection of armies (Now if only I could paint at the same speed I buy and glue I would be one happy person).

06-09-2006, 08:36
Good questions.

My first army is Bretonnians. I took them because I wanted to win. Seriously, my initial jump into the game was when I was a younger, more competitive man.

I picked my army on the price of starting said army (and knights are fairly cheap money wise/expensive point wise) and the "competitiveness" (IE ease of winning). I love my Brets, don't get me wrong, and they're tucked away for the day when some twit talks some trash, or I want to thrash a tournament.

My second (and third, and fourth, and fifth....) armies were all impulse buys.
I've got about 80 skeletons laying around in various stages of completeness. I've always had some interest in undead stuff (anything from vampires, to zombies, to mummies and such). I've got enough stuff to make a fairly fun and competitive 1.5k army, and I can proxy a unit or two to make it to 2k.

My "real" second army is Ogre Kingdoms.
I chose them because they were a fair spit different than my Brets.
While still being limited in numbers, they're nowhere near as fast. Forcing me to rely more on "tactics" and not just initial setup, and charge (as with Brets).
That being said, I LOVE the way ogres look. I've always been dissapointed in the crap designs GW had put into ogres (take a look at those chaos ogres...) and with the new book being released, I couldn't resist.

More concisely, I initially picked an army based on cost, and playable power. But after having matured a bit, and "slowed down" a tad, I've chose an army that I know I can have fun with (and my opponent can have fun with too!) and one that gives me a chance to brush up on my(heh-heh, a pun!) painting skills.

06-09-2006, 12:44
Very interesting tread, and nice responses.

I started of with vampire counts, simply because I loved the models. I had seen some skeleton models way back when I was about 10 years old, and the image remained in my head. Alas, undead became VCs, and I got a big army of them.

Once 6th edition rolled along I decided to start a second army, dark elves in my case. There were several reasons for this. First, I was really blown away by the new models released. Second, they would give me some nice new tactical options I was not used to with my undead (shooting, fleeing tactics etc). Third, noone else in our gaming group played them (at that point at least). And last, but not least, it enabled me to field a proper dragon ;)

I really enjoy playing with my DEs (still do), and they have slowly pushed themselves past my VCs, tough I never stopped playing with them either. I just like the tactical options and fluid play the dark elves enable me to.

As I am thinking about a 3rd army, I will probably switch to the good side for once. The idea of a 'good nemesis' for my evil armies is simply too good to ignore. I have some WE models now, but I will also be looking at the Empire releases later on. Both armies are very flexible and look good, the main things that kept me with dark elves earlier, but are still different enough to provide me with a new challenge.

06-09-2006, 14:18
My first army were VC, simply for the fact that I love Army of Darkness. My second army is an Empire army, that I got because a friend gave me a buttload of medieval type minis that would work. I have plans for an eventual marauder tribe army, and possibly a rework of the VC once their armybook gets released.

06-09-2006, 14:20
Well, I'm a chaos player, through and through. The Ruinous Powers have my heart and soul bound to them, never letting me stray too far.

My first army I was really happy with that I've held onto for any period of time were tzeentch mortals, but money issues came up and I had to sell them.

I started beastmen when the new book came out, and when i felt the want to expand, I moved into the realm of daemons, then into mortals. It's a bit different with chaos, because you can make 3 different armies, but they're 1 army at the same time.

Now, since my chaos is in storage, I decided to pick up Bretonnians, but refer to my first statement, I couldn't let them be French grail panzies. So, they're being corrupted by Slaanesh(played as Bretonnians).

This allows me to use them as multiple armies if I chose to(slaanesh knights or bretonnians), granted if i moved them into Slaanesh knights, I'd have to buy complimentary troops, and I don't see myself doing that soon, because I have tzeentch mortals(sorry changer of ways, i'm bitheistic now).

As to one of your original questions, keep one as your "main" army. The other one is to play people who might want a change in playing you. It got a little old playing my one friends empire, EVERY TIME.

06-09-2006, 15:11
Interesting topic.

I have to agree with Pravus, theme is what inspires my armies. If I have a strong idea and storyline then I can get enthused about it. Without that, I might pick up a model, but it will just be for the painting and modelling rather than building a force.

For example:

My first army, and prime choice for warfare is the Empire. I had a strong image of a combined arms force, with a little of everything, that could adapt to any foe, and that inspired my current Empire army based around the Sigmarites in Middenhelm. After collecting a core force of 2000 pts, I then started adding units on a basis of "I like that" and "that's an interesting idea" combined with the odd "Why, oh why didn't I get these earlier?!?"

My second army is now my beloved Night Goblins. Inspired by Helms deep, I have hundreds of the little blighters armed with ladders (when necessary). I choose them because like Pravus I had the image. The scene of a thousand (thats right count them) marching on the walls of a castle was the original plan for the army. Under the old points I was intending to make a 1000 model 3000 pt army. As the army was developed and grew, i also wanted a second fun style to the army as well as helms deep so i added fanatics and squigs and a few conversions of other troops.

The army now stands at a whooping 380 models (only 150 painted so far mind you) and requires a very large deployment zone. With the advent of the new rule book and several local clubs planning on making the switch the original army (the 1000 model army) is no longer possible, but the army still looks Helms Deep enough that I am content so I am stopping with the 2000 pt core again, to which I'll add fun models as I see them (and maybe Skarsnik). Still a little dissapointed at not being to field the 1000 model horde, was really looking forward to placing it (or trying to) on the tabletop.

As such, I'm now eyeing up my next army project (which will take a couple of years again) and am torn between a new 40 K force or a new warhammer force.

For 40 K, I've had the idea of the a true "Evil Villains" and total hatred for all living in the form of Abbaddon and his Black Legion, but representing the 6th Black Crusade (which has no fluff that I am aware of leaving me open to write my own) or the Tyranid horde, countless hundreds just swarming an opponent seeking to cause his death kinda like the intro to Broodwar, but I don't think I could bare painting another horde for a while!

Warhammer I've not had that inspiration for a new theme yet, but I'm sure it will come.

06-09-2006, 15:18
how do you approach this?

How attached are you to your first army?

Why did you choose the second army?

Is your second army a complimentry ally (Empire and Dwarfs) or nemesis (Orcs and Dwarfs) of your main force?

How often do you go back and play your first force? Do you play with the second or is it just collecting dust?

how do you get attached to both generals in said way?

I've Orcs&Goblins, Arillary + Knight heavy Empire, and Necrarch VC in that Order.

My Empire was bought in bulk, mostly to give me something new to do, I chose it as an enemy to my orcs.

The VC I bought as I read the army book and went OMG! I'll have some of those! I wanted to look at Warhammer in another direction too, so that convinced me. Bought in several stages.

Now I love both my O&G and VC armies and play with both regularly and tend to frown upon my Empire army, only using it to play against my kids.

06-09-2006, 16:07
I've got a plan for a witch-hunter engineer alliance for the new empire. Lord sigmar, bless my bullets!

06-09-2006, 17:00
I tried a few armies first(dark elves, slaanesh mortals and bretonnians) but never really liked one of them, and I decided to try vampire counts. I got really attached to them and started expanding them.(I now have a 10k army standing in my room), that continued to a few months ago when I impulse-buyed a wood elf battallion from which I started to build an army of them.