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05-09-2006, 17:08
any advice on how to do this im thinking =

2)Combination of different inquisitor forces
3)imperial guard (highly specialised drop troops or grenadiers)maybee with inquistiorial allies

im open to any other ideas

05-09-2006, 17:31
Paint them red! Boom boom!


I think you meant rogue trader.

I would suggest the =I= as I think that would fit best, and pick between WH and DH as you wish. Whatever tickles your fancy.

06-09-2006, 00:05
There's nothing that says that Rogue Trader forces are actually elite forces.

Back in the days of the RT game itself, a RTs typically were said to have like 1,000 Imperial Guardsmen and 100 Space Marines. But this is back when Space Marines weren't as developed as they are now, and were more like collected psychos instead.

More recent fluff suggests RTs don't have Space Marines (surprise surprise) as part of their forces and in fact, most of their "Imperial Guardsmen" tend to be mercenaries or hirelings and rarely IG or even PDF.

So, given that, I think it'd probably be easiest to model as Imperial Guard or LatD, though I think LatD would probably be the best choice, actually. Sort of like a de-Chaos'd LatD. After reading threads on Warseer about Chaos corrupted this, that, and the other thing, turnaround's fair play, I think.

It'd probably be a force of Traitor Guard led by Aspiring Champions. I think the varying the squad sizes of Traitor Guard and their low morale would be very characterful - RTs don't have regimented troops, and these guys are mostly mercs - they'll fight for you, but they're not too keen on dying for you. Obviously, you'd not use mutant troops or Defilers, though big mutants could easily "count as" feral Ogryn mercs and trained xenos beasts could easily "count as" hounds and spawn.

The Aspiring Champions would be the handful of Space Marines the RT would have travelling with him (assuming this guy is in good with the Imperium and some Space Marine chapter). It'd also make those "why aren't Space Marines supermen?" types happy because these guys would be awesome compared to the RT's scruffy mercs. I guess you could include allied CSMs (as SMs) but that'd take away from the "heroic" feel you'd get from using ACs as bog standard Space Marines. Though I guess you could say that 'vanilla' CSMs are actually power armored mercenaries and leave the true Space Marines as the ACs.

The advantage to using =I= characters is that it'd be easier to model your RT him/herself with all the kinds of wacky gear people associate RTs as holding.

Ill Eagle
06-09-2006, 00:12
Once you get your Rouge Trader force together, I'll battle you with my Lipstick Trafficker army.

06-09-2006, 00:44
Once you get your Rouge Trader force together, I'll battle you with my Lipstick Trafficker army.

That was worth a giggle :D

Go IG, apply your Doctrines sparingly along with particular weapons/upgrade combos to make alternative troops, I detailed this (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=860600&postcount=8) in a thread a little while ago, this principal could be applied easily to a Rogue Trader force instead of a mixed IG unit, sprinkle with a hefty dose of "counts as" and you're set.

You could also add an inquisitor or two to supply some more exotic troops to the mix.

06-09-2006, 00:50
LatD would be your best bet as it can be used to represent an insane number of things. Ironically I'm using it for my Imperial Cult army.

06-09-2006, 05:36
An imperial guard army, with an Allied inquisitor (HQ if ya want a big powerful guy, or elite if ya wanna represent a little guy controlling a huge army) to represent the Rogue trader.
With a couple allied grey knight squads to represent regular space marine equiped with xeno tech and/or a few sisters squad either representing real sisters, or more likely guards men also equiped with xeno tech or even modified power armor. From the Old Fluff a Rogue trader can really do anything he wants once hes out of jurisdiction.

07-09-2006, 07:01
I just use IG, the "Colonel" just happens to be the Rogue Trader and the army is his force. Inquisitorial forces work well too.

Quin 242
07-09-2006, 13:22
I use IG as my base with Allied Daemonhunters rules as My RT (allows an assassin as well) and tossed in a few Kroot.

I took the abhumans doctrine so i can make subs and other abhumans in a Counts as force.

The WD with Legolas on the front has a good Tau army with some counts as units I'd like to emulate/take inspiration from. He has saurus and cat tau units that use standard Tau rules but have cool models.

I want my units to look ragtag and mercinary so I have units from Necromunda figs, 40K figs, AND fantasy figs.

Inq. Veltane
07-09-2006, 14:27
Imperial Guard, probably with an allied Inquisitor or two. The forces of most Rogue Traders are simply Guardsmen... a few have a couple of squads of Space Marines, even less have a few Sisters. Grey Knights aren't ever going to be part of a RT fleet.