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05-09-2006, 19:43
...and you could do one "Dream Army" of each force available up to 2,000 points. What would each be? For me it would be:

Chaos: The Daemon army - Using the Wordbearers list, with Daemon Prince, Possessed, Defilers, and as many Daemons as I could fit in!

Daemon Hunters: The Mentor Legion Space Marines army - Using the Grey Knights rules and weapon upgrades to represent the experimental equipment that they use.

Dark Eldar: The "Shadow Dragon" army - Mandrakes, Screaming Jet Raider Squads, Hellions with "Winged Jump Pack" conversions, and Scourges with similar jump pack conversions (better than what they have now).

Eldar: A Saim-Hann army - We all know what goes in them ;) I just love the Wild Rider kin.

Imperial Guard: The Conscript army - Using mostly Necromunda minis and vehicles converted to look like "upgraded" civilian constructs.

Necrons: A "Horror" army - Flayed Ones, Wraiths, Tomb Spiders converted to look more like real spiders with spiderlike Scarab swarms, and tons of Warriors.

Orks: The "Kopee Kat" army - Warboss and bodyguard with each done up as a different Klan, each unit done up as a different 40K army, all vihicles either looted or done up as a vehicle from a different 40K army.

Space Marines: A "New Founding" chapter - Tons of Scouts and Scout Bikes, all vehicles done up with Scout pilots/gunners.

Tau: A Mercenary army - Each unit converted as a different race using whichever unit's rules are most appropriate. Rogue Tau, Kroot, Demiurge, Tarellians, Human mercs, Bloodaxe Orks, Eldar Outcasts, etc.

Tyranids: A Genestealer Cult - Brood Lord for the Patriarch, Genestealers, Hybrids using the Termagaunt and Hormagaunt rules, Magi using the Zoanthrope rules.

Witch Hunters: A "Penitent Crusade" - Arco Flagellants, Sisters Repentia, Penitent Engines, etc.

05-09-2006, 20:30
Heres me:

IG: Aurmored Company, with one Superheavy, and the fast attacks would be Artemia pattern Hell Hounds, and Bassilsks for Heavy Support. Chimeras with TL Heavy Bolter turret, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter, Pintle Stubber, for looks.

SM: Already have, but am expanding a, Death Wing

Eldar : Siamm Hann. plans in the works for this.....

05-09-2006, 20:36
A true Tyranid Godzilla army. None of this Winged Tyrant or twin-devouerer rubbish, just a roaring spearhead of Assault Carnifex and Assault Tyrant backed up with a couple of Barbed Heirodules and a Heirophant for fire support, and then 60 leaping ripper bases. I'm slowly working my way towards it. ;)

I'd also like a fully functioning, 2000 point of every army available. Again, I'm working towards it...

Goq Gar
05-09-2006, 20:40
Megastompa Titan army of Orks. And more slugga and choppa wielding maniacs than you can count.

05-09-2006, 20:53
I would commission somebody to sculpt models for an entire army for me, a bespoke IG regiment based on the classic image of the WWI British Tommy (http://www.tnovosel.org/greatwargraphics/Flers-BritishTommy.jpg) fused with 40K sensibilities.

A second commission of archetypal Hollywood version US Vietnam troops would be necessary.

While I'm spending all of this imaginary money, I'd also get somebody to make a regiment of the troops shown in the picture attachment.

Well, to be honest, If I had a limitless supply of money I would pay all of GW's development costs, wages for all staff associated with the project and any other costs incurred to get at least one of the three above made, that way Everybody could have them. In addition I'd probably fund the Adeptus Mechanicus on the understanding that Imperial Robots would be available.

05-09-2006, 20:56
I don't want diffrent armies all i need is every single craftworld army that would be characterfull for it :D And maybe a small wych cult too :D

05-09-2006, 21:05
Not an army, but every FW and GW terrain piece. Such as the Imperial fortress, and a massive hive board for necromunda and a space hulk board.

05-09-2006, 21:09
A Dark Eldar Army that resembles the Dark Elves from Lineage 2

A massive footslogging Ork Army. Nothing special rules wise, but I would make each and every Ork and grot unique. All different names, all slightly varied gear, etc.

Also, a Sisters of Battle force. Nothing special there either, just something I wish I could afford

05-09-2006, 21:32
I'd just expand my Chaos army- by about 10k points.

Or, I'd just buy 1-2 of every plastic box set from fantasy to 40k, including vehicles, and additional Chaos/SM boxes for conversion bases, for above chaos army.

Then again, the idea of the conscript/ganger IG army using a mix of archive and necromunda models has always been a dream of mine.

05-09-2006, 21:41
Many cool ideas, but please remember the question being asked:
If you could do one "Dream Army" of each force available up to 2,000 points, what would each be? ;)

Overlord Krycis
05-09-2006, 21:44
An all grot converted Ork Army...just image it...
A veratable sea of greenskins...:D

05-09-2006, 21:59
A true Tyranid Godzilla army. None of this Winged Tyrant or twin-devouerer rubbish, just a roaring spearhead of Assault Carnifex and Assault Tyrant backed up with a couple of Barbed Heirodules and a Heirophant for fire support, and then 60 leaping ripper bases.


I would love to try using an army like that, even for just one battle.

05-09-2006, 22:09
Ooh boy oh boy oh boy. :D

Space Marines: The entire, full-strength, chapter of the Adeptus Astartes Righteous Fists. Replete with thralls, servitors, Space Marine training officers ("I have no limbs, but my bionic ones enable me to BEAT THE LIVING SNOT OUT OF YOU, SCOUT!"), Thunderhawks, Chapter Forge, Apothecarion, etc etc etc. And their Fortress-Monastery.

Oh - only up to 2,000 points? :( In that case, a Strike Force from the 10th Scout (Reserve Training) Company.

Imperial Guard: The entirety of the Rigellian contribution to the Eye of Terror: I and II Corps (12 divisions). Replete with Dept. Munitorium and other suchlike people. At 2,000 points, Elysians with Valkyries and Vultures!

Sisters of Battle: A Preceptory of the Order Minoris of the Pure Blood. Just 'cause.

Daemonhunters: A Grey Knights army! With FW vehicles.

Tyranids: A swarm list. Broodlord, then as many gribblies as I can pack into 2,000 points.

Chaos Space Marines: My current on-off project: A bunch of Fallen marines from the more obscure chapters (Minotaurs, Rainbow Marines, Space Sharks, Iron Snakes... etc) united in their hatred of the Imperium and their devotion to the Prince of Pleasure.

Lost and the Damned: The Traitor 66th. Slaaneshi traitor guard, the equivalent of the Blood Pact or Sons of Sek.

Orks: Waaagh! Old Git. An army comprised entirely of 1st and 2nd Edition metal figures, including Madboyz, Painboyz, Mekaniaks, Weirdboyz and the like. Also - Pulsa! Pulsa! Pulsa Rokkit!

Necrons: The Sanctuary 101 Force. Nine bazillion Necron Warriors, a Lord, maybe some Pariahs... nothing special. No **********g C'tan.

Squats: 'Nuff said.

Eldar: Craftworld Phoenix' main strike force - nicely done up in purples, ice blues and white. With an abundance of Aspects relating to bits of the Phoenix, e.g. Swooping Hawks (wings), Fire Dragons (flames), Howling Banshees (voice/call/cry), etc.

Dark Eldar: The Kabal of the Bloody Hand. 2,000 points of sinister sadistic death! In gloss enamelled armour of dark green and red. Lots of perversion here.

Tau: A Manta, with 20pts of wargear. No? :( :p In that case, a Tau force using as many aliens as possible - so lots of Kroot, Human Auxiliaries, Vespid... and bolstered by Tau firepower in the form of Crisis teams, Broadsides, and some Firewarriors. For the Greater Good!

Getifa Ubazza
05-09-2006, 22:30
I would commission an all sluggaboy ork army, backed up with a gargant. Each mob would be painted up in a unique camo-scheme with as many clashing colours as can be fitted in. The gargant would be for display and would be a centre piece for the sluggas.

I would also like every other type of army available painted by a pro so i didnt have to put up with my ***** painting skills.

Each army would be heavily themed to reflect its background, however i would like a couple of real cheesy ones just incase i end up playing someone like that.

05-09-2006, 22:37
I'd bring my Grey Knights up to 2,000 points. At the very least get another squad or two of the power armoured ones. Very definitely.

Or start an imperial fists ninth company army. Better bonuses than the salamanders get, though haven't checked either army out since end of third ed.

Failing either of those, ninth company ultramarines. Just because.

05-09-2006, 22:50
Well, I wouldn't bother with some of the armies, because I have no intention of playing them anyway. But for those I would...

Tyranids. Lots of Forgeworld stuff. Especially a Trigon, scythed flying Tyrant, a Wreckerfex, and lots and lots of flying rippers and 6 pairs of Warrior wings.. A lot more hormogaunts too. I have 60+, but I'd want to at least double that.

Marines. I play White Scars, so some more speeders for my fast attack slots, including a squadron of FW Tempests as the Scars are supposed to have developed them. A Damocles as a mobile HQ (fluffy), and some more bikes.

Guard: Lots here. The new Hellhounds, Cadian upgrades, Valkyries, turrets for Chimeras. A Bombard too, but mainly as a scenery piece.

05-09-2006, 22:54
adeptus mechanicus force using witchhunters rules.

05-09-2006, 23:18
1) Chem Dogs. All conversions.

2) New FW Death Korps.

3) Abhumans army following Imperium doctrine. Lots of conversions.

06-09-2006, 00:16
I could spend all day talking about various IG forces I'd make which would have absolutely no interest to anyone who isn't a IG nerd on here (like yours truly) or a RL military historian - I can at least think of like five such forces I'd like to make. But moving beyond such esoteric subjects...

* A Gargoyle horde army for Tyranids, complete with as many Harridans I could fit into the army to carry them into battle. I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I'd like to an entire army with everything being on a flying base, just darkening the skies with flapping wings.

* Overlord Krycis has the right idea. I'd like a feral ork army with all of my Heavy Choices being Squiggoths and as many grots as I could fit in there. Alternatively, I think it'd be neat to have a Kult of Speed army using as much FW as possible.

06-09-2006, 00:57

AdMech Explorator force, using the Witch Hunter and Guard army lists:
Inquisitor for Magos, Arco Flagellants for Electro-Priests, Carapace/Bionics Guard for Praetorians and so on...

Also, their natural enemies; Exodite Eldar, using the standard pointy-ear codex: Cold ones for jetbikes, carnosaurs for wraithlords and so on...

06-09-2006, 01:04
A full marine chapter, minus the transports - works out around 350-400 per company so 4 grand would do the job (ironically times ten that gives you 40000...). Having said that, I know me. I'd want the thunderhawks to carry the boys and the support teams. I'd want the cherubim and servo skulls too (like I am with my arbites).

Failing that give me a first company, minus the landraiders, all in terminator armour and some scouts - The Scythes of the Emperor in all there glory!

06-09-2006, 01:10
An entire Arbites Precinct would be pretty swell too.

Or a Schola Progenium facility built from FW pieces and serviced by converted StormTroopers, Sororitas, and Commissars

Damien 1427
06-09-2006, 01:16
A piratical-themed Flash Gitz force. Oh, and the Cyboororkz, complete with Cyberdreadz. And a scratch-built biker-only Kult of Speed.

06-09-2006, 01:54
For me...a full 1500pts death korps of krieg army (using forgeworld ) .... well we can all dream cant we ^_^

Or even a elysian army... *dreams*

06-09-2006, 02:10

Orkish Goff force lead by Ghazkull with a battlefortess.

Imperial Guard standard list, just lots and lots of guys.

Harlequin army.


06-09-2006, 03:02
Man... If only time and money wasn't limited.

IG Force of every kind for 2000 pts apiece.

All grey knight daemon hunter force.

Multiple forms of tyranid troop armies.

I dunno, the thoughts are cloudy today. We can have dreams at least.

06-09-2006, 03:58
A realistic Eldar army.

So three Revenant Titans and a swarm of War Walkers, with NO infantry.

What the HELL are the Farseers thinking? Why aren't ALL guardians trained as War Walker pilots????


06-09-2006, 04:40
the key word here is money. Buy everything from forge world and have them paint it. ANything will look good now. :)

06-09-2006, 04:59
...and you could do one "Dream Army" of each force available up to 2,000 points. What would each be?

Mine would look like this one: Cadian 1st Division - "The Gatekeepers" (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42048) What was I thinking?! :D Ah its ok... I finally found my niche in life! :D

@Epicenter: Right on brother! The more IG the merrier!

06-09-2006, 07:03

A Warhound detachment, consisting of 6-12 titans :D

A 2,000 point mordian iron guard army with NO tanks, just loads and loads of heavy weapons teams and basic troopers (civil war style) to just make a huge gunline.

and a 2,000 point "ultrawing" army, ultramarines 1st Co. using deathwing rules, this army may actually be a reality soon

06-09-2006, 10:12
theres only a couple of other armies I'd consider if time & money where no object, these are

Orks: Deathskull Orkrons - basicall a deathskull army that looted a Necron Tombworld, wartrakks & buggies made from destroyers, monolith battlewagon, lots of lootas armed with Necron guns

IG: a mercanery guard army, very few vehicles & heavy weapons, fairly doctrine heavy, each soldier unique in their own way

Tau: a mech tau army with no kroot/vespids & lots of forgeworld toys

The boyz
06-09-2006, 10:46
If time and money where no object, then I would probably start a Praetorian Imperial Guard army.

Or I would like to finish of my other two armies, Cadian IG and Iron Warriors, and add loads of cool Forge World stuff to both armies.

06-09-2006, 11:21
A world eaters army with an entire unit of chosen mounted on Juggernauts with axes of khorne.

A Silent Hill themed Chaos Army :D.

A mechanised Biel-Tan sword wind army.

A white scars army using the 3rd ed rules printed in the Index Astrates book themed on American Bikers.

A black/death metal Emperors Children Army with lots of sonic blasters and blastmasters. The centre piece would be a landraider converted to having the top look like a stage with a band playing on it. Put actually speakers on and have the inside modified so I can stick in a cheap MP3 player and get it out again. The idea being it represents a warp amp and I can listen to black metal while I play 40k :D.

A marine army with see but don't be seen with camo power armour plus camo netting. No tanks or dreadnoughts, maybe a whirlwind or two.

An ad mech army with alien hunters. Who recovery xenos technology to examine.

A cthulhu nid army.

A dragon kin chaos army. Lots of flamers, raptors, mostly nurgle marines, psychic powers representing breath attacks. The lord being an actual dragon converted to have power armour.

ww2 russian guard army.

Space Skaven using Lost and the Damned rules.

Slaanesh cultist army. Inspired by the description of them in Traitors hand.

Wild Rider Chief
06-09-2006, 11:57
:evilgrin: Long have i waited to be asked this question lol.
A few i deas, 1. A LOTR full middle earth army (well scene really) with Sauron and Isildor in the middle cutting the ring from his hand. Great eh?
2. A FW. Valhallan army (because i hope it comes out soon) with endless troops and alot of Basilisk artillery and more mortar squads than you can shake an ork army at!
3. The most important, my Eldar Wild Rider army fully completed (only a few bikes need to be painted) They are all done with green stuff to make them look like samurai, with the armour and the likes and them flags on their backs, katanas up the wazoo and they all got goatees lol

06-09-2006, 13:08
1) Finish my GK army, just as I am doing now. But I'd probably let somebody paint who can actually paint :D

2) My next project surely will be something totally different: An Imperial Guard Armoured Company, and if money is no problem... give me lots and lots of ForgeWorld models...

3) I like to have all three the Ordo's someday.

06-09-2006, 13:18
A tau army, fairly standard composition, based around the new FW Manta. :D

I don't think I would use the manta in battle, but just to pull that out and say "This is my carrying case"...;)

06-09-2006, 13:28
Well, if I could break the points limit - a full infantry guard regiment.

Marines - Drop assault - T/Hawk (yes, I know it's on a separate FOC) plus drop pods.
Guard - Air mobile - Vultures and Valkyries.
CSM - Luna Wolves. I liked the colour scheme when it originally appeared in Index Astartes. And I suppose a few of the former Sons Of Horus might have returned to the old colour scheme on Horus's death and Abaddon's take over of the legion.
Eldar - Mechanised (one I've actually got planned). Jetbikes, Wave Serpents and Falcons, possibly with a Nightwing flying cover.
Dark Eldar - well, just dark eldar. Maybe a wych cult.
Orks - The not-quite-footslogging Ork army I've got a sketchy idea of.
Tau - One word.
Inquisitorial Ordos I'm not sure about. Inquisitors themselves are to limiting, I'm already doing Sisters, and the Grey Knights have never really caught my imagination so far.

06-09-2006, 15:30
Money and Time no object, but only 2000pts? That's a shame.

Still, without money being a point, I'd do the custom footslogging guard I've always wanted - Cadian arms and torsos, Catachan/Cadian hybrid lasrifles, High Elf legs, Kasrkin backpacks, and Wood Elf heads. Works out somewhat in excess of a fiver each, and I'm gonna be approaching 200 men in the army.

Complete time and money no object, I'd want to fill out the FOC with them, works out at around 5,000pts if I don't Mechanise them.

07-09-2006, 00:36
Paying a Forge World staffer for one year to make a resin Kroot mercenary army with new Kroot vehicles (!), Kroot vultures and Kroothawks, Kroot master shapers and snipers as well as different "signature evolutionary adaptions" (Orkish, chameleon) plus new monsterous Kroot evolutions (bigger than the Knarlocs!). Paying another one to write the "Imperial Armour 7" book with updated and expanded Kroot rules and background (with annual updates ;)).

07-09-2006, 02:40
If I had infinite money, I'd get painting lessons and more paints (I have like twenty now, I mix alot). Any army you ask? Mechanised IG or an Elysian drop troop force, maybe some Eldar Wraithlords because the models look cool. But at this point IG is my favorite army.

07-09-2006, 23:33
...and you could do one "Dream Army" of each force available up to 2,000 points. What would each be?

My personal preferences:

Chaos: A fairly standard Emperor's Children army, heavy on the Daemonettes and mounted Daemonettes. With extensively converted Defiler and a couple of Dreadnaughts; and the FW Keeper of Secrets. Lots of overall converting, and whatever good FW bits i can get for it.

Daemon Hunters: Probably wouldn't bother.

Dark Eldar: Wytch Cult with exclusively female models, either standard or converted. Saw one for sale on eBay which was pretty close to what I want; but was out of my budget range.

Eldar: The All-Singing All-Dancing Harlequin Army of Sparkly Doom! Which I am currently working on. Second to that, an all-female generic Eldar army; which will definitely require some tricky conversions, and a Jain Zar (I normally prefer not to use special characters). No particular reason, just 'cause I can. Would also like to do an Exodite army. Not sure of the theme for that one, but would like it to be heavily creature-oriented (lizardriders on Cold Ones, and so on).

Imperial Guard: The Underhive Army, using exclusively Necromunda minis as much as possible; with at least one "hardened veterans" unit based on one of my Necromunda Escher gangs. A bunch of FW stuff, including a superheavy tank (not sure which one).

Necrons: Sort of a colourful "anodized aluminum" look, if i can manage it.

Orks: Not sure how I want to do Orks yet; though the idea of a classic music-hall/burlesque/vaudeville style (think "baggy pants and banana peels" army is starting to creep into my brain. Maybe with some Chaplin, Keaton, and Laurel and Hardy thrown in.

Space Marines: Not particularly fond of Marines, so aside from the Chaos army, probably wouldn't bother.

Tau: Don't really care much for the Tau designs; though I might consider doing a similar mercenary army. And I do like the Manta a lot; but that'll never be in my budget.

Tyranids: Haven't really thought about it. Not sure.

Witch Hunters: An All-Sisters army with a green-and-white Knights Hospitaller scheme. With a GW Exorcist in silver, green, and white; and lots of FW bitz. Currently in the works as soon as I finish my main Eldar armies.

Also working on a couple of "non-canon" Chaos armies: The Devoured, based on Eldar; and Fallen Angels, based on Sisters of Battle.

Inq. Veltane
08-09-2006, 01:10
I want to do my 'Hand of Asur' Iyaden force, which I am just starting.

I'd like to do a Radical Inquisitor's force...

And a Lost and the Damned force based around Traitors but with a few Aspriing Champions in there, each stonking conversions...converted tanks as 'counts as' Hellhounds and Russes... Maybe, at 2000 points, an amazing Statured Daemon Prince to lead the horde with Chosen 'lifewards'...

08-09-2006, 01:20
I've always wanted to do a big Iyanden force, but never had the money to be able to. A Deathwing army would be great too. Just basically a strong army that has few models but looks very impressive.

Dooks Dizzo
08-09-2006, 01:26
I have always wanted to do a Black Crusade!

Five 2,500 point force organization charts. One for each pantheon and one for Undivided.

All lead by the Special Character from their Mark.

09-09-2006, 16:53
Chaos: Finishing my current chaos army - an undivided legion, with lots of daemons (not WB though!), with an accompanying army of traitors, with several russes.

Orks: Two words: Nine Kans

Space Marines: Two words: Three Vindicators

Tau: I think an infantry heavy gunline army would be quite awesome - a couple of suits, a hammerhead or two, and the rest of the points in fire warriors.

Tyranids: A mostly warrior army, maybe with a fex/tyrant or two, and some rippers for troops. Love the warrior models, shame they are so meh in the rules.

Sergeant Mingus
09-09-2006, 17:41
I'd do an Imperial Guard armored cavalry force. Lots of rough riders, mechanized infantry, tanks, as many sentinels as the list allows and plenty of converted and Forgeworld components. I don't have the time or the money, but I'm going to start anyway. I expect to be done in 2063.

09-09-2006, 20:58
Paying a Forge World staffer for one year to make a resin Kroot mercenary army.

Damn right that man!:D
These first two are variations on armies which I have already but ones I wish I'd thought before I started them. Still, the fact that they require a great deal of time and money makes them both appropriate for this thread and out of my reach...:(The third is also out of my reach for the moment, but remains a possibility for the future.

Kroot: A nomadic army, fully mounted on fw knarlocs, the original converted-from-coldones-knarlocs (I call them lesser knarlocs) and greater knarlocs. All with saddle bag style things and maybe some of the baggage ones with young kroot and folded up tents.
And at the head of it, a master shaper mounted on a knarloc decked out like those things the gungans rode in the phantom menace, with giant feathers and a beady eyed kroothawk sitting on his arm.

Space Wolves: A 13th Co. army made entirely with chaos warrior bodies to give them a grizzled effect. Beards, scars, knives and grey hair everywhere, these would be the wolfies that have spent long enough in the eye of terror to lose the joviality that characterises space wolves in general, leaving them totally focused on eliminating the enemies of the emperor, something which, after 10,000 years in what is essentially the 40k version of hell, they are very good at doing.
This one isn't actually that impossible, which is why I wish I'd thought of it before I'd made my current 13th Co.

Imperial Guard: An army made from bretonnian man-at-arms bodies, painted like tired, dirty, veteran trenchers. Very little tank support, just rank after rank of men pushed too hard. Led by a radical inquisitor in full finery, with his bodyguard of converted vostroyans, resplendant in their finery and offering a bitter contrast to the normal squads. And daemonhosts. Lots of daemonhosts.;)

Black Mage
09-09-2006, 21:12
A scratch-built Deathwatch force using all the pewter extras. Along with all the Deathwatch gear, I'd buy a few of the pewter shoulderpads from each chapter that GW has put out. Except Ultrasmurfs. I can't stand Ultrasmurfs. Say hello to $100 Cdn per squad :D

09-09-2006, 21:38
An all infantry space marine army with just tactical, devestator and veteran marines.