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05-09-2006, 20:44
Also featuring some pics of what I'm working on and of our armies posing to show off his scenery. Sadly not a battle report but a compilation of images as he requested. Sort of a project log.

Apologies for the colour and brightness as these were taken on a standard table used in the university. Next time we bring lots of white paper. And don't worry, next few battle reports we'll probably either use proper boards or lots of flock/static grass to cover the brown

First up a photo of how that gel stuff he used on the swamp works on bases. In particular on my lovely little dread's base.


An overall shot of the first table using nothing but his scenery....


And a sideview of that table. Don't mind our crap in the background :D


05-09-2006, 20:59
And now back to our regularly scheduled program. To detract from the mass of scenery I present you something else.

A pair of sisters, painted by me. Part of a commission I'm doing which pretty much has me painting a damn army.


Yes. The picture sucks. Wolf Scout Ewan, we seriously need to take better pics :rolleyes:

Now what you've been waiting for!

Table 2 of WSE's scenery, overview.


And a side view of Table 2.


Next post, a crappy poor shot of a Dark Eldar warrior and some overall 'battle shots'

05-09-2006, 21:05
And another post!

As promised, a rather poor picture of a DE warrior in the scheme a whole lot are going to be receiving. Curse the flash! Though it could be the glossy varnish coat :cries:


And a 'battle' overview of Table 1.


And from the other side....


05-09-2006, 21:10
Another instalment, this time on table 2.

But first Henry wants a word with you.


Dear god that's freaky. Fun to paint though.

Ok, on with table 2 in turmoil!


And from the side?


Enjoy folks. Plenty more pics to come yet of some pretty damn random shots.

05-09-2006, 21:15
So with these battle shots we went a bit silly. Set up some daft situations, got some not bad shots showing how his scenery meshed....

Such as a dreadnought on a stroll...


Or some Space Wolves about to have a very bad day....


Or some scouts in the perfect sniping positions....


Yeah, better quality pics are needed. We'll do it. This was just us mucking about

Wolf Scout Ewan
05-09-2006, 21:23
Good job m8!

Thx for putting these up!

05-09-2006, 22:39
WSE, your terrain is awesome. And thanks for the insight to your gaming club, and your games. The gaming club at my uni isn't very 40 or warhammre orientated, so I don't bother. Have much mroe fun playing against my 2 flatmates who both play.

Wolf Scout Ewan
05-09-2006, 23:39
Thats kinda sad m8.

If you ever find yourself down our way come pay the group a visit.

DarkStarSabre is always looking for more vict... I mean opponents for his death guard!