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Your Evil Twin
05-09-2006, 20:44
After selling all my 40k on eBay to get rid of the large back log of models to paint I was left with no projects and loads of time and money! So I decided to realize my 3 hour long dream of an imperial guard army, with some help from my brother I came up with the Cadian 45th wilderness recon patrol unit.

Basically they are a cadian regiment that had recently finished a 12 year guerilla campaign against orks after being stuck on a ork inhabited planet…. To survive they had scavenge bits and with limited transports they had to carry most of there kit on there backs through the mountains and ice tundra’s of the planet and now they have honed there skills of survival and wilderness recon and used by the guard for dangerous missions into unknown territory! Because of this the army will have veterans and hardened fighters doctrines as well as light infantry, rough riders and Iron discipline!

The army will be a mainly infantry force with 2 beaten up tanks, a chimera, and 10 wolf riding rough riders. Having scavenged many of their equipment most of the weapons with not be las guns and I will buy some of the forge world upgrade packs to give them rucksacks.

The army will also have 6 half track sentinels made with ork war tracks and other bits.

Below is the first test model which I am happy with, the green lookes very electric in the flash but is not raly that bright and this is only a test scheme (proper painted models will be posted shortly)…. Any more suggestions, criticism or advice from veteran guard players is welcome!


More photos of first squad up soon!


05-09-2006, 20:48
Good plan for the army, if they have fought orks for so long, Xenos fighters:Orks would be a very fluffy doctrine.

All i can suggest for the model is highlight the skin and sort out a base.

05-09-2006, 20:49
Interesting model, where did you get the head from?

Oh...its guerilla warfare ;) gorillas are those monkeys

05-09-2006, 20:53
The backpack is upsidedown but other than that, looking good.

Your Evil Twin
05-09-2006, 20:54
Cookies Crumble- exenos orks is a good idea but im only alowed 5 so it would have to replace iron disiplin so mabey, as for the base and skin, the base is just a temporary stand if you will...i will be mounting them on hand cast resin bases from my brother! and the skinwill have another highlight when i paint them properly

Malika- The head is a cadian head with all the square bits cut off and then filed smooth (very quick and easy)

thanks for the guerilla heads-up!