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Captain Jeffrey
06-09-2006, 21:46
HELLO, everyone! :D

It has been a long-time-no-see.

A **VERY** long time.

I've been out of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby for about 3 years, got disgusted with the insanity of GW's prices, and stopped playing for a good while.

I also consequently vanished from Portent, just because I had lost interest in the hobby.

My username over there was the same as it is here, and I reached Chapter Master shortly before I just decided to up and leave and not come back.

Well, now that I got some money, my interest in the hobby is rekindled, and I picked up the 4th Edition rules, and found a new group of people to play games with.

I don't buy figures as often as I used to (the prices are still far too steep for my tastes,) and thankfully I already had a sizeable and painted collection before GW decided to fully lynch the common consumer.

Still, you can find bargians if you know where to look- those plastic Chaos Marines for $25 are nice, and if I want Dire Avengers in the near future, I'm just gonna pick up a Guardian Squad box and paint them blue.

Anyway, anyone remember my wacky ass? I play Blood Angels and Eldar, mostly, and have a small Chaos and Tyranid army in the works.

And, oh yeah, my best friend gave me his Dark Angels army, so now I have that, too.

I was also "Portent's Resident Rower", as I was probably the only Division-1 college athlete on the whole site. I went to UW-Madison, Wisconsin, if anyone's curious (or for that matter, really cares...) and now I'm aspiring to teach, teach English to Francophones, and/or write technical manuals for software companies that need language majors to write their stuff (I guess computer nerds and the science-y types don't want to try and do it themselves.)

I went through four years of rowing hell, earned my athletic letter, graduated from college, and now I'm just a regular old person again. Nothing special or exotic here anymore. :rolleyes:

I went to Portent to log back on now that I'm playing again, but I had to come here when I found out someone took a Glock 9mm and shot Portent in the head.

So, now I'm here. Good to see y'all, and I'm finally glad I can post *******' threads! Stupid 2 reply limit!! :D


06-09-2006, 21:48
Can't say I do, but welcome back :D

06-09-2006, 21:49
Welcome back and I hope you stick around in the hobby. :)

06-09-2006, 21:52
Oh, some recall... but then again, why would they want to admit it? ;)

06-09-2006, 22:04
No recollection sorry but welcome back anyway!

06-09-2006, 22:39
I'd forget my name if it wasn't for cookies. Let alone anyone elses here.

Welcome back. My condolences about the Dark Angels. ;)

Easy E
06-09-2006, 23:25
I recall. I was but a lurker then.

de Selby
06-09-2006, 23:40
Yeah, I remember your name, at least. I can't remember if I liked you or not, so you're starting with a clean sheet ;)

We have an introductions forum for this sort of thing now, you know. It's painted in welcoming pastel colours with chocolate biscuits and soft furnishings (that's a lie, it's the same as the rest of the site).

Captain Jeffrey
07-09-2006, 01:25
Hey, thanks. I guess I might head over there to the Intro forum.

Yeah, before my best friend moved outta town for his new job potentially making like $40,000 a year (and he got laid off a month later, poor guy,) he just showed up when he got laid off and said, "Here, I want you to have this stuff for awhile. Go ahead and game with it, but do me a favor and don't paint any of the unpainted guys in there."

So, now I've got this 1,500-2,500 point army of classic black Dark Angels sitting in my room, a lot of it Deathwing-heavy themed. I always wanted to play as Dark Angels, they're fun. And boy oh boy, will I never have to worry about running away with them. :D

I've been thinking of playing as just normal Space Marines for awhile, and therefore I'd just play a "Rainbow Coalition" of Marines (not homo-Marines, you crazy freaks!) I mean Blood Angels and Dark Angels in one army as just normal Marines. After all, it looks great- red armor with black trim paired with black armor and red trim.

That, and I've been using his Whirlwind these days (it's the older model) since my one and only Whirlwind is quite *****-ily painted from back when I was 13 (and it was my first experience with varnish- model looks like glass! :) ) and therefore, I don't like to put it on the tabletop since it looks so BAD compared to how I can paint and convert now, almost 12 years later.

I like your Profile, Azazel. Interests- Flaming. Occupation- Troll. :D

I'm into video gaming as well, and I have to say that over at GameFAQs, that tends to be the profession of most of the kids there.

I guess I should expect that from 14-year-olds.

Maybe I'll head over to Random Musings since I kinda want to talk about "Resident Evil"...

07-09-2006, 02:03
Sup, I was around Portent under the name Suladan (LotR was what I was into, ask some doods here) and then it crashed like five months later. But alls well! So welcome back, and if I were you I'd buy paints first and then figures so you paint primarily and then buy more when you have money. See ya around.

07-09-2006, 03:24
I wasn't there myself, but you are not the only Division 1 athlete on the site. I too played Division athletics at Colorado State University in tennis. Of course it was almost 15 years ago, but nonetheless, I played Division 1 athletics. I have also coached tennis at that level, as well as some professional coaching with some satellite level players.

Welcome back!!!

de Selby
07-09-2006, 12:53
I've been thinking of playing as just normal Space Marines for awhile, and therefore I'd just play a "Rainbow Coalition" of Marines (not homo-Marines, you crazy freaks!) I mean Blood Angels and Dark Angels in one army as just normal Marines. After all, it looks great- red armor with black trim paired with black armor and red trim.

I've heard of people playing 'Crusade armies', as codex marines with each squad painted up from a different chapter. Never seen one though.

07-09-2006, 18:35
Yes Jeff, I remember you. Especially after seeing that your first post back actually took up 2 posts. Then I knew it was the old Capt Jeff and not some 12 year old who stole a handle...

07-09-2006, 18:53
I remember you as the guy who talked a lot about being on crew and who managed to play effectively with an astonishingly ranger-heavy Alaitoc force.

Welcome back.

08-09-2006, 07:52
Your username sounds very familiar, but I can't recall any specifics. I think it was back in my lurking days...

08-09-2006, 11:43
welcome back Jeff:evilgrin: