View Full Version : Anyone have any experience in selling a whole army?

06-09-2006, 23:42
I have some transportation issues and it looks like my IW are gonna hit the block. I have never sold a whole army before. I was wondering if it was worth it, or should I break it up? What about selling unpainted/still boxed stuff separately?

Its about 2000 points painted, about 70-80 figs. The unpainted stuff was just optional stuff I never used.

I will use eBay as a last resort (due to fees) and that people CANNOT seem to read the auction, you know the part that says "US only please" Never fails, when I need money bad, somebody from Canada wins the auction.... :rolleyes:

Anyone have any experience?

07-09-2006, 00:21
Write into White warf, they seem to be trying to seel entire armies every issue ;)

07-09-2006, 04:02
Some experience here, I did sell a whole army of about 2,500 points or so on E-bay for a decent chunk of change. I didn't split it up either, I don't really like the idea of breaking up an army once it's finished. One really important thing is to make sure you have good pictures and spring the extra 2 dollars or whatever to get the large format upload, which might be 800 x 800 max size or whatever.

However, if the models are unpainted or unfinished then you obviously don't need the fancy photos and should probably sell them separately.

07-09-2006, 05:37
I also have some experience selling a whole army on ebay. Along with insectum7's recommendations about the pictures, I would add a couple things.

First, if using ebay take some time and watch other auctions for complete armies of your type. Its good to know the price points and things that the buyers are looking for.

Second, you will make more money if you split your army up. You will also take more pictures, pay more fees, and pay more shipping. Look at that and balance your time.

Third, unless you are one of the professional painting groups in Europe or a multi-golden demon winner, you will not get full price for your painted models. Accept that you will generally take an overall price hit and you will do ok.

Overall, if you can sell in a FLGS or other shop, you will probably be better off.

Vandur Last
07-09-2006, 06:59
Definitely break it up. When im scooting around ebay im not about to shell out a few hundred bucks for an army if it includes things i dont need. Like maybe ive got enough assault Termies or Fire Dragons. Give me the option to bid selectivley on those Jetbikes or Scouts ive been thinking about adding to my force and youve got yourself a bid.

On top of this not many ppl actually have the $$$$ to pay good money for a whole army all at once.

08-09-2006, 00:10
I haven't tried selling an army, but I have purchased a lot of stuff on eBay; and I'll echo what others have said about breaking up your lot. Regardless of how well the listing is done, small lots almost invariably sell at a higher price-per-model than large lots. In fact, I've even seen small lots go for more than retail price on more than one occassion (usually for stuff that's only available from the "classic" section of the online shop, most people don't realize that you can still get order most of it). You will only be paying slightly more in listing fees, particularly if you don't use a lot of fancy special features (unnecessary for smaller lots).

08-09-2006, 01:46
It is strange. I searched eBay for finished auctions. I saw a HORRIBLY painted, small IW army go for $800.

Dooks Dizzo
08-09-2006, 02:12
I sold about 2500 points of Tyranids for $300.

08-09-2006, 03:24
As for prices, most of my armies were bought whole for cheap. 2000 points of old bretonnians with codex: 70 bucks. 2000 pt. undead army: 50 bucks. 1000 point marine army: 50 bucks. When you're selling a whole army, people are looking for a deal because they know you need the money and you really aren't wanting to keep it that badly. Just my experience...

Several things to think about:

1. You don't necessarily have to ebay it. If you live near an area with a good game store, the game store owner will usually help you sell your stuff for a cut of the profits. They usually don't mind doing this, especially if you don't want the hassle of either breaking up the army or selling it for a song on ebay.

2. If you're ebaying it, break up the set. Your potential market goes up when you're selling it piece by piece. Most people don't have the money to front for a whole army, but they will have the money to buy your one converted tank. Also, don't list your stuff as "pro-painted" unless it really is. Look at what's in white dwarf magazine. If yours looks like this, it really is pro-painted. If it's not, level with people that it's a table-top paint job and they'll still pay good money for it, just without the complaints about the quality later on.

08-09-2006, 12:48
well i sold a 1,500 point tyranid army for about 550 sterling afew years back after winning best army with it.

I've always been sceptical about selling stuff on ebay, though if you think there's no one in your area who'll buy... go ahead.

Morathi's Darkest Sin
08-09-2006, 13:06
I sold my scythes of the Emperor army on ebay about three yrs ago, breaking it up into seperate lots.

It all sold (although a couple of things took a 2nd listing - fortunatly if you sell on a relist the listing fee for the relst is refunded.) and on quite a few I made a profit.

Interestingly in the end the army was split pretty much between two buyers, both from the US, one took all the terminators (two units a CC and standard one) plus the the two Dreads and a Land Raider crusader... he might have got one or both of the standard Land Raiders as well, the other took most of the rest... which was a lot.

I think it all went for around £500 but it may have been more.