View Full Version : Longbeard needs help catching up to beardlings

08-09-2006, 06:32
Hey everyone, have recently gotten back into warhammer with a Dwarf army, I haven't played since 4th Edition but i'm getting a handle on the new rules. I need a bit of a hand designing a competitive army to play against Wood Elves, Empire, Brettonia, High Elves and Goblins.

I've got 40 warriors (20 could be longbeards) 20 Thunderers, 16 Quarreller/Rangers, 22 Miners, 2 Cannons, I Grudge Thrower, 1 rune character, 1 thane/lord with oathstone, 1 master engineer, 2 Dragon Slayers.

The army is themed around a minor hold called Thunder Falls, some miles south-west of karak-hirn (hence the rather basic troops list)

If maxed out it makes around 2500 points, but i'm planning on mainly playing 1500 and 2000 point games. Basically I just need some help gearing my force to the 7th edition enivronment, with the above armies in mind.