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Goq Gar
08-09-2006, 19:18
Hello all.

Ive not seen my friends in over a month (lucky guys are still on holiday! STILL!) and ive started getting sick of it.

So recently, Ive started playing both sides of the battlefield. My tau v my orks, my orks v my guard, etc, with me playing both commanders. (Ive never had so much fun blowing my own troops up).

I think the causes for this behaviour might be:

Cabin fever.
Isolation syndrome.
or Lunacy.

Have I finally snapped? (Well, I say so in good measure, we should all know that happened a while ago) Or have you ever been so bored and lonely that you played a game of 40k alone? And was it an even match?! In my case, my Tau cant seem to catch a break, getting ripped apart by my superior numbers.

Has anyone ever played 40k alone, or am I the only one sad enough to try?


08-09-2006, 19:21


That gets my vote.

Morathi's Darkest Sin
08-09-2006, 19:23
When I first started the Hobby and before I had run my first club to find fellow like minded wackos... I used to play myself.

Orks Vs Eldar

Its surprising how mch fun it can be, especially as you are desperatwe not to try and use the knowledge in you head that you're 'other' commnader is planning to act on.

Wierd but a laugh, worth trying at least once I'd say.

08-09-2006, 19:24
That gets my vote.


Really how can you play yourself? Its like solitaire chess... you know exactly what your going to do, so some part of your mind picks the color/army that it wants to win and sets it up to win.

08-09-2006, 19:28
atleast you will never lose....

cough loon cough

Dat Wildboy
08-09-2006, 19:28
i vote for LUNACY because it is quite mad. it doesn't work, i know what i'm thinking so i can counter whatever i do with the other army. unless you are using an opponent's tactics and testing yourself against them, it is a bit mad.

i'd love to go into a GW store and do it though, just for the funny looks i'd get from the staff and younger kids. and it would be even better if i did all the voices and gun noises too.

do it!

08-09-2006, 19:30
Play one turn, mark down what stage the game is on, go away and after a while play the other sides turn. Or then you can take that 'game' as self-discipline test. Try to play as good as you can for both armies. now that hard. I've tried that in LOTR and 40k, and in 40k it's easier. In LOTR there's so much tiny things you can prevent with little moves your enemy might not even notice(but of course you will and when playing yourself...) and the timing with might is so big thing. In 40k it goes easily to dice game, this goes there and shoots that and it dies, good game. No real arguments or unclear situations, or something to concentrate on.

Just try to find someone to play with though.

08-09-2006, 19:31
i vote for LUNACY because it is quite mad. it doesn't work, i know what i'm thinking so i can counter whatever i do with the other army. unless you are using an opponent's tactics and testing yourself against them, it is a bit mad.

i'd love to go into a GW store and do it though, just for the funny looks i'd get from the staff and younger kids. and it would be even better if i did all the voices and gun noises too.

do it!

So doing that in GW Glasgow.

08-09-2006, 19:33
If you are playing solo, I'd go for Kill-Team rules as the Brute squads tend to have quite limited options in their tactics.

08-09-2006, 19:36
Wel that's got to be the weirdest topic I've read so far :p

It really depends is one of the players a rule lawyer?
Do you get along when you play with yourself :eyebrows:
Dose either one of you try to bend the rules or cheat to get an avantage?

If any one of these questions are no then I guess its ok to play with your self:p

However if you answer yes to any of these questions then you need help.

butt for real if you are tring out tatics I guess whatever floats your boat

The Song of Spears
08-09-2006, 19:53
I dunno about playing on your own just for the hell of it, it will prolly be kinda boring. But if you ever want to play against another persons army/strategy, or you want to try out that crazy ass list you had been thinking about, then go for it. If you think about it, it should work pretty well when one of the armies is a stand and shoot army that typically never moves, like some SM, CSM, armies.

08-09-2006, 19:57
That does work if you play the right scenarios. Usually a plain attacker/defender mission without any finesse makes fun.
I, however, got bored of playing myself, got kids and taught them to play. Then I lost eight consecutive games when my son swapped from Space Marines to Necrons. Serves me right...

As long as there is some random factor involved, playing yourself is ok. You should start to worry if you play chess against yourself...

Goq Gar
08-09-2006, 19:59
Well, I may be crazy, but that doesn't mean it makes the game any less fun.

And on the topic of setting the game up for myself, I try my best not to, as Im now using it to test lists, and Im responding to the other list to see how well the lists fare against each other. So I try my best on both sides. I dont pick favourites often, unless I simply want to see my junior officer die. (How do you miss 4 shots in a row!?)

To me, playing 40k alone is fun. To others, I belong in a padded room. We all have our opinions I guess... <_<

08-09-2006, 20:04
I play with myself on a regular basis :p

I think its not a bad idea, playing against yourself sometimes, however, I find its better suited to smaller games such as 500/1000pts.

The real problem comes with remaining completely objective with regard to the two sides. Its easy to develop favouritism towards one side or the other, either because you prefer a certain army or so on.

08-09-2006, 20:05
I play with myself on a regular basis :p


Doing it to test out tactics is fine.

08-09-2006, 20:07
I played space hulk solo once. Even if the game worked, it still felt pretty stupid playing with myself. I can't imagine how pathetic 40k solo must be, especially now that I'm not twelve. Don't do it man...

the creator
08-09-2006, 20:12
it a nice idea but a bit flawed.

i did it once and found that i wanted one army to win over another (my 'crons). i gave it another bash after lunch and i promised my self that i would go balls to the wall and play each side as violently as i could. as long as your mind has no bias towards one faction, it works quite well.

but remember, in no way is this a replacement for your buds. getting hammered after a game in the local is less fun if you are alone.

guess it would be more fun if you have multiple personalities. :D

08-09-2006, 20:13
i think it is a great idea

if you want to spice it up, consider

1. rolling a leadership test before the unit is able to move. shooting, ofcourse, any and all units are able to do so.

2. alternate units for actions, one from each side rather than one side does all the actions then turn it over to the otherside.

Inq. Veltane
08-09-2006, 20:22
It can be useful to try out new approaches. Obviously you can't do anything that relies on the element of surpise but if you want to know whether you new 'attack' wing has the ability to hit one flank and take it down it can be good. If the second army is one you know well then you know how it should react in any situation and so yeah. It can be quite sad but it has its uses. I know when I finally have my new eldar painted I'll throw them against my Guard and Marines a few times each so that I know how to coordinate the assault units most effectively (i.e. their relative positions to each other, exactly how far away the Serpents need to stop from the enemy's line...)

08-09-2006, 20:24
Yep I play with myself all the time. Oh and I also play 40k solo a lot as well.

Almost none of my friends play 40k anymore, those that do are hundreds of miles away, so I have no choice. Don't particularly fancy spending time with pre-pubescent kids in a GW store, although I used to run a little after-school club for the critters and they're not all bad.

Solo games are fun but I do feel kind of stupid! Obviously it can't beat playing with your mates.

09-09-2006, 01:22
I have, but only to work out tactics. When I made a chaos mortal/beast army in fantasy, it took some getting used to from my skaven army. I just couldn't figure out what to do with my stuff, so I made some cardboard stand-ins for my units, like 2x3 cm big and worked out tactics with them. It helped me a lot and as I'm writing this, I'm considering doing it for my skaven army as well.

Just make the cardboard-counters and do the averages with to hit and wound and so forth and you'll soon develop ideas and tactics to use in the "real" world.

09-09-2006, 01:29
Actually playing chess buy yourself it something I have done before. Howelse will you how to recognise all the gambits and openings and thus be able to accurately counter them. I would imagine it would be the same with 40k, you might not want to comit to a certain unit so you play a mock game with pennies in place of said unit then try them out. It is not perfect but certainly avoids all the whining from your opponent when you do not have the models you want to play with in front of you.

09-09-2006, 01:40
I have heard of worse ways to kill a slow afternoon.

Khaine's Messenger
09-09-2006, 02:02
Has anyone ever played 40k alone, or am I the only one sad enough to try?

I played Eldar vs. Marines back when 3e came out and I hadn't found the local gaming hotspot yet (naturally, I was also too embarassed to ask my dad or siblings to play--ah, fun)....as I recall, they had a 50/50 w/l ratio for their fights over the paint-splattered newspaper and paintpot columns. Then I got bored of that and just used the figs as chess pieces in stupid me vs. me battles (because it didn't require looking up the rules every time I played--I was still a 40k newb). Then I found the local hotspot and gave that up.

Now I play DoW skirmishes against Stupid (I mean Easy) opponents to occupy my time. I just don't have the flat spaces or the patience to whip out my 40k armies and go head to head with myself. Now that Necrons and Tau are coming out for DoW, I may never have to play 40k again....

...er. Well, yes I will. The whole "social" aspect is the most fun for me (and it's probably the main reason my parents supported the hobby initially), so I wouldn't want to play alone now unless I was so absolutely utterly alone...but since I live in a nicely sized city with a decent-sized game group, that's not gonna happen soon.

Would I suggest it for others? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, it could bea good way to learn the rules. Forcing yourself to get in more games reinforces all that rote memorization and such, and it would make you realize all the quirky ways you're playing the game (ref: 6 1/2" moves, wrong interpretation of WBB, etc.) because you have all the time in the world to look up those rules, no tourney restriction, no antsy opponent who looks at you funny for doubting him. If you can't be fair to yourself, being fair to others might be a bit of a problem. But honestly, that's nowhere near as fun as playing with others, and I think you can learn yet more by doing so.

Still, if it's the only way to keep the game fresh in your mind, then it's best to whip out that volleyball and go Cast Away/Tom Hanks on yourself....

WILSOOOOON!!!!!!!! has a w/l/d of 9/2/3 ;)

09-09-2006, 02:26
I play 40k by myself lots... It's called dawn of war :p .

For the normal tabletop version it'd be as far as rolling just to test something out, effectiveness of weapon a versus army b and so forth.

09-09-2006, 02:32
As long as you don't argue with your self over a rules conflic I'm not to worried....yet.

09-09-2006, 02:34
I've tested out armies against each other when I built them. Heck, I took my Alpha Legion army out for the first couple times against my other armies and got my behind handed to me (Alpha Legion got crushed). Took the list to a tournament and took best general...Go figure.

09-09-2006, 02:58
I would think that a game against yourself could be one of the most challenging, or at least time consuming, games you could play. Your opponent (you) knows what your every move is going to be, so you can't plan ahead and set up ambushes or anything like that. While I've never tried it in 40k, I once tried playing chess against myself, and it took forever :p

09-09-2006, 03:00
I really see nothing wrong with playing 40k alone. Many people don't live in large cities and/or they live in areas that lack gaming groups. I am not sure how Europe is but in the states finding a group does not take all that much effort.

The only factor is what kind of people you might run into if you find a group by looking around on-line. You will most likely find power-games, but if your hungry enough it can be done. I use to live in South Dakota and found people to play 40k with. So I don't want to hear about how hard it is here or there to find people to play against, it just takes a little effort.

09-09-2006, 04:19
I play 40k against myself sometimes to try out an army. I'll proxy the army i want to try out, and use one of my other armies against it. The last one i did was Puppies vs. Eldar (I fell prey to "ZOMG NEW ARMY" syndrome), and the eldar got owned pretty bad. This might have been due to my lack of experience with them, I learned how fragile they are, and that there is a bit of finesse involved, so I'm not quite sure about them anymore. I did this with a few others, and it helped me get ahold of some tactics, though (My Inquisition/Guard army is probably the most notable)

Yarick Zan
09-09-2006, 04:34
i dont think i could play against myself. the thing is i would always want one of my armies to win more than another. and since it would show some kind of bias for me, i dont think i could. add on the fact that i only have the one army and you realize i am a very lonely man.

09-09-2006, 05:36
I've been debating doing it for a while. My roommate has all but given up the game already (shortest attention span ever) but I'm trying to teach another friend before I give in and play solo. There just aren't any stores in my area and I don't particularly want to do the game with some random people I find online anyways, it just seems sketchy. I'd much rather play with a friend but sometimes we don't get what we want do we?

09-09-2006, 06:47
Chiming in on the "yah, rly" side. It does work for testing out new armies and find their weakness, which're not necessarily what you'd think, and for evaluating tactics.

09-09-2006, 07:57
I solved the problem of wanting one army to win more than another really easily. I use similar marine armies, so favouratism is really really hard to manage.

I've also played chess against myself, mostly as practice in a new opening or just because I feel like being silly.

Wild Rider Chief
09-09-2006, 10:49
I play 40k with my cat... It wins

09-09-2006, 11:02
i have 1se or 2x but thats it, though i quite often make up a random commander or unit just 2 see if my deamon prince can annhialate it! the only thing it doesnt seem to kill is the keeper of seacrets! its not realy playing 40k but still! so yer uve probley craked!..... like me! yay! another one 2 add 2 the fallen! wtf?

Goq Gar
09-09-2006, 11:19
o_o *pats kane's shoulder*

Its okay... its okay...

Today I had another solo game!

And I also tried out some stuff which made for a fun game, and I realised, I made AI in the game. The brutes move randomly, etc. Im gonna write it all down and post it so if any of you are as sad as me you can try! XD

09-09-2006, 11:37
i dunno about 40k but ive played fb against myself. Thats usually when im trying to get the hang of something, like a new army or new rules. It works well and although its not the most fun game ive ever played it helped me understand what units are best and what to do with others, so i dont get pummeled first time with a new army. Some people can do this just by reading the statline but i cant.

09-09-2006, 13:36
I've played 40K agasint myself. The day I got the 2nd Edition box set. I played throught the get to know the game scenarios in the little Play Guide. That was the only time I played 40k agaisnt myself. However I have played numerose games of Warhammer Quest solo. The randomation of that game lends itself well to solo play. Haven't done it for years thougth. Not since I was about 16.

Commissar Bone
11-09-2006, 00:12
I'm surprised so many people respond like this. Maybe it comes with the tournament focus of the "GW Hobby" or the like, but in the wargaming community at large solo play is not at all unusual. Many board wargames come with solitaire rules or playability ratings.

Few would consider it the main course, but it's certainly good as the appetizer.

11-09-2006, 02:10
I confess I did this when I first broke open the 40K2 box set, ages ago.

It doiesn't really work, cuz you do know what the other side will do.

Maybe going away and coming back an hour later might work, but would require a very long time to resolve... :D


Da Reddaneks
11-09-2006, 02:15
Have I finally snapped?
my vote is ... yes

11-09-2006, 02:34
Playing 40k by yourself will make you go blind.

Master Jeridian
11-09-2006, 03:15
I'm amazed at the number of people adamantly terrified of the concept of playing solo...as they wander off to play on their Playstations or watch TV alone...

Obviously playing against other people is the best, it is a social game despite all the anti-social stereotypes bandied around about geeks. It's not quite the same to gloat and joke about a particularly amazing action on your own.

I solo game mostly to see how my tournament army would do against power gamer armies, etc. and to test out new armies and lists. Thinks that look good on paper are not always best on the tabletop and vice versa.

Sure you can crunch the numbers, etc- but beating the IW's army 'o' doom on the tabletop is more rewarding. To this end I never give my Tourney army a break- the 'opposing' army will fight to the bitter end with every ability at it's disposal- I can't expect anything less from my real opponents.

Just remember playing with yourself is perfectly natural, you won't go blind... (Lmao, m3ntor got there first!)

11-09-2006, 03:28
I reckon if you don't play 40k on your own sometime, you aren't dedicated enough to the hobby or you just can't handle losing to yourself

11-09-2006, 05:29
Seeing as I don't get many opportunities to play with anyone else, I like to play the occasional solo game just to keep up with the flow of the game and keep the rules fresh in my mind.

Swiftsword Bonaparte
17-09-2006, 14:51
If I can find an opponent, I prefer to fight an actualt person, but if I have time to kill and noone round to fight against, I sometimes play against myself. It does help in trying out new units you want to add to your army or with trying out new tricks. Although they don't always work the same in a real battle, you can get a general idea of how to pull it off.

17-09-2006, 15:15
Actually I find playing solo is a good way of learning the rules of a game. Rather than sitting down and reading through a rulebook for several hours and trying to memorise it, have a game against yourself looking up the rules for every action.

It's how I learnt to play Starship Troopers - rather than having to memorise a huge portion of a completely new ruleset (rather than switching from say 40k to warhammer), I learnt the very basics of the turn sequence and sat down and played a simple game against myself. I managed to learn pretty much the entire SST ruleset in a couple of evenings.

Of course this does have some drawbacks in that you can learn a wrong rule. For example, I never read the part of SST rules which said you can't place an arachnid tunnel marker in the enemy deployment zone which led to some confusion with my first game against another opponent.

17-09-2006, 15:48
Why did I click on this thread?

17-09-2006, 15:50
I used to play against myself a fair bit when I was young. And not just GW games. Subterfuge is difficult against yourself, but really in most board games and GW how often do you get to pull a total surprise on the enemy? I never had a computer/video game console until I was in my mid 20's and I live near a very small town. As a kid I couldn't travel much to play and when I was older my friends that played had scattered. It helped me learn and remember the rules(although sometimes it did cause things like KingNic said). Now I rarely do except to test certain situations. Got videogames if I can't find an opponent.

Goq Gar
17-09-2006, 15:59
Oh, and i've figured out the AI system:

Use kill team rules, the other army being the brutes.

They move in a random direction each turn by rolling a d6 and a scatter dice. (Meaning they move randomly)

For every alert counter, the closest squad to your squad moves d3 inches towards your team instead of moving randomly. (And the brutes can see closer and closer to you with growing alert counters and such.)

Once a brute unit becomes aware, they simply move 6" directly towards your unit every turn and shoot if able. Every time this grunt unit shoots it adds another counter. And if it comes within the counter range of another brute squad, they also become aware, and so on.

THats-a-way it works!

And it's how i play when Im alone.

17-09-2006, 19:59
Cabin fever.
Isolation syndrome.
or Lunacy.

A lot of people are voting Lunacy but I have to go with #2. Sounds like you need some fellow gamers...

Getifa Ubazza
17-09-2006, 20:49
Ive played 40k solo. I mostly do it when i start a new army as most folks in my games clubs prefer big games, its the only way i get to try new stuff out.

At the moment im rebuilding my nids. I have all the models but as there not all painted yet, i dont like taking them to my clubs. I dont like playing with unpainted stuff at the clubs as i see that as disrespecting my opponent.

17-09-2006, 21:18
One of the stores back east (Ontario, Canada) had a run of odd numbers of gamers showing up to play, so the owner built a Solitare table. Basically a Meatgrinder Mission with the player playing against the table. Lots of gun emplacements, traps and such with the objective of blowing up the *Command Bunker* with Demo Charges at the other end of the table. By all accounts it was very well received and a blast to play on.

And Yes, I've trialed new stuff by myself.:D

17-09-2006, 21:44
atleast you will never lose....

cough loon cough

Although you'll lose every game you win ;)

Killteam lends itself perfectly to solo play.

Chainsworded Codpiece
18-09-2006, 16:41
Although you'll lose every game you win ;)
Killteam lends itself perfectly to solo play.

Seconded. Hey, either both sides will be disappointed or neither will...

I've been diddling around with solo wargaming for...well, since I first encountered the idea and had materials to use (books, counters/minis). Since about eight years old. Ahem, no jokes please;).

Nothin' wrong with a frivolous Killteam where you play both sides. Who's it harming? Just don't go all solipsistic, and forget how to talk to other humans.