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10th clancannach rangers
09-09-2006, 19:27
Hi, I am entering a 500pt tournement tommorrow and have to use my goblins from battle of skull pass. Not knowing much about goblin armies I was wondering what you thought of this. (This will be using the new Orcs'n'Goblins rules, I think)

1 Night Goblin Big Boss-Great Weapon 34pts


20 Night Goblin Spearmen + Command 100pts

20 Night Goblin Spearmen + Command 100pts

8 Spider Riders + Full Command 134pts

8 Spider Riders + Standered + Champion 128 pts


These are the points values from what I remember from the new Orcs and Goblins book.

Does anyone know of any good value for points courage boosting magic items I could use instead of a couple of commands/spiders?

09-09-2006, 20:28
I don't know how the new rules for Orcs & Goblins are, but i can definatley say that you need some fanatics.
But you said that you had to use the minis from skull pass i don't know what you could change.

10-09-2006, 05:27
I've been looking at those gobbos myself, and if you need Fanatics I'd suggest offering a few of the archers to Gork and seeing what he can do for you.

Since Fanatics seem to just be gobbos with two ball-and-chain weapons, it shouldn't be too hard to replace a bow with one and add one to the other hand. May need to get rid of the quiver on his back though...

What about the Troll?

*Just so we're clear, the box comes with:
Gobbo Big Boss,
Gobbo Shaman,
40 Gobbo Spearmen,
20 Gobbo Archers, and
10 Spider Riders.

10th clancannach rangers
10-09-2006, 07:22
Afraid I swapped away the troll for more spider riders.