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09-09-2006, 19:39

The assasin is going to hunt down enemy monsters (Giants etc etc)
The noble is going to panic the little units with low LD
HArpies and shades war machine hunting
Dark riders, flank attack warmachien hunitng
Cold ones for charges
Xbow man to shoot little units, monsters and enemy shooting
Warrior and corasais are for mage defending and having an offense

General Veers
10-09-2006, 01:37
[url]The assasin is going to hunt down enemy monsters (Giants etc etc)The assasin has to be in a unit (unless that's changed recently) so if he can hunt them down more often than not that's great. I don't normally like assasins in 6th WFB and probably won't in 7th edition either. Since you don't have any reapers, this is a nice selection for you army. I may have to consider this.

The noble is going to panic the little units with low LDOnly if your opponent takes little units with low LD. That's a whole lot of points for a character to take out little units and also on a monster that can't join other units. That makes him target #1 in the new rules.

HArpies and shades war machine huntingI find the shades very useful for wm hunting. Harpies less so against wm crews or salamanders that are T4. Be very careful with the harpies.

Dark riders, flank attack warmachien hunitngConsider taking musicians. The units will get +1 to rally when you use them as bait. And for Dark Elves they make very good bait units.

Cold ones for chargesIf you like stupid...<-I'm not a big fan of them anymore and with two chariots you're increasing the chances of stupidity to ruin your day. If I were to take chariots it would always be two of them however.

Xbow man to shoot little units, monsters and enemy shootingThese units will waste other elven armies. I've used them in the past and they work well for that. Against horde armies you'll have to make sure they work closely together or with other combat units.

Warrior and corasais are for mage defending and having an offense Warriors are really more of a good defense. Use them in combination with cold one chariots and/or Dark Riders and/or RxB Elves and they'll do well. The mages not being very combat proficient I used to keep out on their own or riding around with Dark Riders, when the DRs aren't in combat, of course. With the new rules it's a good idea to keep them within units. Maybe a good idea to put them in the RxB units sometimes. Two Lvl2 mages have worked out very well for me in the past, good choice. I still think a mounted mage in a unit of Dark Riders is better points spent, less points, more manueverable. Doesn't work so well against High Elves or really shooty armies like Skaven, Dwarfs or empire though.

You get an A+ for fielding an army outside "the mold" by not taking Reapers and using small RxB units. The lack of reapers alone may cause some opponents to rethink they're plans and that's a good pyschological advantage to have.

10-09-2006, 09:22
I agree with all

But like you said
My shooting doesn't do much againsthorde armies, but terror does ;)
Stupid is always a big problem, but they are the only units that can make real damage
I know about misicans but no points =(

And don't forget the assasin and the pegesushero can always hunt warmachines too =)

I know many of my choicesseem plain stupid, but without rpb I need something for monsters, and an assasin can do much more, I know about the new rules that he can be shot, but that's always niceto make surehe can't,and don't forget the pegasus hero can't be shot inside a unit dark riders =)

Harpies have more use think ofa hell blaster, the will stand infront of it block LoS and my hero can charge after they getblasteraway,samegoes for almosteverythingacceptmortars and cannons =) but against cannons the harpies can kill them thereself and against morters an assasin can be a rea bitch ;)

This is reallyment todo against all armies
vsVCthe lack of shooting from there said could be a problem,my assasin can kill the chariots, my harpies mage hunt, assasin can mage hunt, only killing the vampire can be a real bitch
Against TK there's enough to kill there war machines,and again easy mage hunting (ihave enough unitsfor that)
Skaven, the xbowmen can shoot the warpfire throwers and ratling guns, the harpies can again block LoS from the long range shooters and again charge from my hero or other units.And terorrfor causin much panic :)
ORc and goblins I have terror, good charging unis and my units cna hold their units.
Lizardmen could be a problem with the skinks but I guess they can be killed easily by my shooting and harpies.My assain can kill kroxigor units, stegadons,and the heroes.

And the list goes on, everything really has to work together

Maybe some units can't work vs somearmies but I have other units thatwork reallywell against those armies, I will try to get some musicans, but I won'tdrop the heroes(I know it's stupid but I think they are going to be very usefull) :)

Thanks for your comment

10-09-2006, 10:46
I have dropped the cold ones for a unit of executioners, because I had nothing against cav :)

10-09-2006, 11:08
Using an Assassin for Monster hunting might be a tad risky. Normally, Monsters will have better movement so it's not unlikely that the assassin gets charged. Just make sure he's shielded or hidden very well; I've never used an Assassin because it just looks so damned expensive on paper.

I like your list though; it's cool and quite characterful. Those RxB units surely will do some damage. I assume both your mages use Dark Magic?

Good luck for your stupidity rolls. ;) Keeping your general with the chariots would help but it would rend his abilities as a flying terror-causer useless so I guess you'll just have to rely on your luck.

10-09-2006, 11:21
I have made one more chance noble, corsairs and 1 harpie away, add a highborn(for cav killing and charachter killing, those are my biggest problem now) and 1 musicna for my DR bait unit


What do you think now :)

11-09-2006, 20:53
I am also thinking of making a Dark Elf army. Although what I'm thinking of having is a cavalry force.

With the new rules on fleeing units, I thought of using a unit of harpies to place in the flee path of enemy units. They might get charged or shot up on the following turn but if you can get to destroy the fleeing unit it will be worth it.

I have one question though, could your noble on a pegasus join the unit of harpies? I don't remember what the rules are for harpies.

12-09-2006, 05:19
I have no idea with the new rules, it would be great though

General Veers
12-09-2006, 15:10
I can't quote from my copy of the 7th edition rulebook right now, but I don't think characters on flyers can join flying units. I think the Dark Elf book specifically disallows characters from joining Harpies too but I don't have the book with me at the moment.

Harpies still cannot use the generals leadership as they are skrimishers. But since they are "man sized" models they still benefit with the -1 to hit skrimisher rules. The Nobel on Pegasus no longer gets that benefit, btw.