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09-09-2006, 20:02
hi ppl,

After thinking about the changes brought by the new edition to Warhammer I decided to create a new tournament list for use in the new edition. Personally I think that there 2 armies that will benefit a lot of this edition will be brets and TK. Since I already have a TK army I decided to give brets a try since I like the fluff and such. The list has been created keeping in mind the limitations for the Dutch GT, ie no special choices trippled or rare choices doubled.

I went for a total of 5 of hitty units with the "Royal Pegasus squadron" comprised of all the pegasus borne characters at the centre. Both the big lances on either side of it, the yeoman and small KOTR unit for flanking duties. The PK units either creat crossfire situations or charge things themselves. Archers for cover fire and a treb to take care of blocks or artillery that is too nasty to leave on the table until turn 2. In the end I only went for minimal magic defence (1 lvl scroll caddie) for the keeping away the most important spells during the 1st couple of turns. As an alternate setup I could divide the characters between the 2 PK units to give them skirmish and 360 degrees LOS....

Please let me know what you think of the list. Even if it's utter cheddar or gouda cheese I would still like to know and foremost WHY....

Warhost of Parravon
Lord + pegasus + shield + lance + virtue of knightly temper 249
+ sword of might + cuirass of fortune

Paladin BSB + pegasus + virtue of duty + warbanner 165

Paladin + pegasus + virtue of the ideal + enchanted shield 159
+ lance

Paladin + pegasus + virtue of the joust + lance of artois 163
+ shield

Damsel lvl 1 + 2 scrolls + bret warhorse 130

8 KOTR + standard + banner of calons 218

9 KE + standard + erantry banner 214

6 KOTR 144

16 Archers + brazier 101

10 Archers + skirmish 70

4 PK 220

4 PK 220

6 mounted yeomen + shields + musician 103

Trebuchet 90

09-09-2006, 23:21
Virtue doesn't work with the sword, ditch it. He also needs some protection, I'd go with the Grail Vow, Grail shield, Silver Lance combo, it's what my guy runs with. I'm not big on virtue of the ideal unless it's on an outrider. I'd recommend having him as a monster/tough character smiter, sword of heros and Questing vow should do it, or Grail vow and Virtue of Heroism if you can role 6's. Give your other fighter paladin Virtue of the joust and cuirass of fortune, great combo. BSB looks fine though if you wanna save some points you might go for Vitue of discipline as you'll often be outnumbered anyway. Combine the two units of archers into one skirmishing unit and whack a banner and musician in there, they'll scare off any flyers or fast cav who try it. Drop the banner of chalons, these guys shouldn't be charging anything with a stand and shoot reaction, that's what the pegs are for. Use the points to give musicians to the two peg units. Though I love the trebuchet, in this list I'm not so sure. You have a lot of fragile guys running around and an errant rock, not to mention a lack of targets, might well ruin your day. I'd use the points to bulk up that other knight regiment or to get another unit of yeomen.

11-09-2006, 21:01
He also needs some protection, I'd go with the Grail Vow, Grail shield, Silver Lance combo,

I agree.......but.

Take gum-shields to the tournament, because you will not leave with all your teeth other wise!


But give all your characters Grail vow, they need it!!!


11-09-2006, 23:48
Dont forget that your characters on peggies cant join any units and they always have a 90° charge arc.

I like the list just because you dont have any grail knights. And the trebuchet is cool.

Thing is though, I dont know a guy who would like to battle againts that army. Its just nasty, all those flyers...

12-09-2006, 03:58
Just be careful, with the new rules players can pick out your chracters on the pegasi and kill them before they do anything. I agree keep the trebuchet to inflict craazy damage on peple.