View Full Version : Another one of those damned "Help me pick an army posts"

10-09-2006, 06:21
Hi guys, I've been a 40k player for many years, but I'm ready for a change and I figured 7th edition is a good time to start. (I bought some Wood Elves when they came out, but I lost interest pretty quickly and not ever really got into the rules. They just looked like cool models. :rolleyes:)
What I'm looking for is a close-combat oriented army with a semi-realistic feel aesthetically - more middle ages than Fantasy, if that makes sense. And not Brettonians, because my main opponent already plays them.

I'd greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction.Thanks in advance. ;)

10-09-2006, 06:34
Hey that kinda sounds like me at the moment i usually play 40k but grew up on fantasy and i have returned after many months off!!!!!!!!!!

ok onto the question at hand, i think your best bet is either an empire army (not a Nuln artillery train justn a normal empire army) or maybe even a dogs of war army. Mercs were up until Napolean a normal scene on a battle field and were used extensively by everyone and their dog. but if you want something more normal play empire.