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10-09-2006, 12:31
Well the white dwarf battle report was a bit of a disapointment has anyone else done a battle report for their own game of BfSP, or don't people bother with battle reports anymore? Anyone done one yet. If anyone has a link for their own battle reports for 6th edition I would still be interested in them.

10-09-2006, 14:58
I don't have the box and probably won't as dwarfs and goblins do not interest me.

I have to set up new webspace but I may start writing battle reports again. I have all my old reports from the Portent days still on this machine actually to include my sweet flash report of my exwife beating my ass around with her high elves.

Anyway to get the Skull Pass scenarios without buying the box?

10-09-2006, 15:44
i have played one game in the new edition using the BFSP box and had a ball!
sadly i didnt record it but i might sit round in the next day or two and write up what i can remeber of the game with my friends help!

10-09-2006, 19:02
There aren't MASSIVE changes in 7th like there were from 5th to 6th, mainly because when 6th hit all of the army books became useless and you had to use Ravening Feces to play.

I'm anxious to see how they re do the elves and what they do to the steam tank.

Dodgy Ed
10-09-2006, 21:28
Well then you want a battle report do you, well I guess we shall have to grace you with the tale of Dodgy Ed and Gortex Gunnerson Mighty Dwarf Horde (or what GW Nottingham did for BfSP) UNfrotunately the only pictures I have currently are a hastily MS painted map, I promise real pics when I get home.

So without further ado I present you with the inital deployment of oh so many armies http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a40/Dodgy_Ed/Dwarfen%20Horde/Finalposition.jpg

and a key to the stuff http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a40/Dodgy_Ed/Dwarfen%20Horde/Key.jpg

AS you can all see the map is a little bit vague on the opposition, suffice it to say that each army assaulting the dwarfs is about 2500-3000 points.

The Dwarven line:


Dodgy Ed
10-09-2006, 21:49
The scenario for the day was dependent on the table, with the left hand table being a flank attack, the right hand table being a desperate last stand and the central tables being a standard pitched battle scenario.

The central table from the evil point of view

Turn one

The battle was joined with the sun high in the sky. The mighty dwarven horde was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the an enemy that outnumbered the already excessive force by over two to one, this shock gifted the foul forces of evil with the first turn (curse you arbitrary staff descisions:p )

Little of note looked like it would happen in the first turn, but oh how wrong we were. The Bloodthrister from the chaos army flapped its leathery wings and with a mighty bellow charged Josef Bugmans rangers who were happily enjoying an alfresco beer in the shade of a ruined temple. Combine this with every single enemy model on the last stand table charging the dwarven army it looked like it was going to be a very short game.

The winds of magic blew like a gale as the dwarven army was forced to expend a mighty six of its precious runes of spelleating, alhtough this cost proved to be worth it as the Necrmancers all forgot Vanhels Danse Macabre, adding insult to injury even the book of Arkan was not only dispelled it was drained of all its remaining power.

As the enemy had marched all day to get to grips with the dwarves it is perhaps unsuprising that there were very few warmachines, just a Doom Diver and an ork rock lobber. Niether of these foul engines were to achieve anything more than a ranging shot before combat was joined.

The Valiant dwarves holding on the far table were slaughtered to a dwarf in a chaotic orgy of bloodletting, perhaps inspired by this heroic sacrifice (or maybe the notorious ale) Bugman and his rangers held firm in the face of the Bloodthristers onslaught, five of their number falling to its mighty axe, however Bugman himself and two of his most trusted lieutenants raised their axes and returned to the fight socring a mighty 4 wounds on this behemoth of rage, when the dust settled the sacrifice of the rangers meant the bloodthirtsters vile energies were sapped away as it lost all is corporeal form.

Dwarf Turn one

Before our valiant defenders of the hold could do anything the skaven held aloft the mighty storm banner and the Vampire counts called down a mighty storm, grounding the gyrocopters and forcing all shooting to suffer from a horrrendous -3 to hit penalty, whilst ensuring war machines could only fire on a 4+

Having witnessed the demis of their bretherern on the far table the dwarf horde moved from thier starting positions eager to get to grips with the enemy, hoping to ape Bugmans result. The missile fire dampend though it was bought down a mighty tally, including an unlucky goblin shaman who had strayed into range of a bolt thrower incised with runic guidance meaning it was unaffected by the maelstrom around it, elsewhere many giants werer wounded and several chariots ceased to be. It was at this point the gunners of the flame cannon spyed the cowardly skaven unit hiding the storm banner, at the very limit of its range, succesfully toasting 3 of the rats. Unfortunatley they prove to be af sterner stuff than you might think and stay in the fight.

End of Turn one:

Storms raging making all forms of missile fire nigh on impossible

Many enemy fall to the massed, if inaccurate fire of the dwarves

Table four cleared of dwarves- their sacrifice noted in the book of grudges.

Bloodthirster- Dead Dead Dead- Kentucky fried Deamon to go with your ale Mr Bugman?:D

Well there you have it folks, should I go on and post the rest of the battle.

10-09-2006, 22:49
Do you write for White Dwarf?

10-09-2006, 23:25
So they started within charge range AND got the first turn? Seems the odds are against the short ones here against that unholy alliance.

btw Storm banner is only -2 to hit

10-09-2006, 23:25
We played a big battle: 7vs7, each 500 points.

My side had a warlock engineer (tooled up) and a level 1 night goblin shaman, while they had 5 levels in front of us. And in turn 2 I got the miscast that does -1 magic level and lose the spell. So a couple dryads got terror and some units in woods got killed.

There were 2 huge units and both got almost completely destroyed: 12 bret knights with 2 heroes, 50 night goblins with 3 heroes.

There were many big fights, and my side lost them ALL:
-5 white wolves vs beast herd + wargor
-8 glade guards vs 25 clanrats
-10 saurus vs 25 orcs
and few others I didnt really watch, but we were sure to win them and...poof!

only things we succeeded was killing dryads with a chariot and land 3 fanatics with mad caps in the bret unit (only the heroes survived).

The new rules didn't change the game that much except for the army composition (with wood elf heroes, I wasnt going to bring weapon teams).

11-09-2006, 00:33
So they started within charge range AND got the first turn? Seems the odds are against the short ones here against that unholy alliance.

btw Storm banner is only -2 to hit

They were using a storm banner and vampire counts call winds to give -3 for shooting! their were also some other modifiers at points! Was difficult to shoot anything.

No Dodgy Ed doesnt write for White Dwarf he/we just have an slightly Dwarf obsession leading to the formation of a massed force! Anyway more details and photos to come of what was a very fun day

Dodgy Ed
11-09-2006, 09:29
Continuing from where we left off

Turn two

The storm banner continued to do it's infernal work and as the Vampire decided not to move the skys continued to roil causing problems for both sides missile fire.

The flanking forces of undead appeared and with so much confusion in their ranks were unable to move very effectively.
As the goblin army bore down on the dwarfs three fanatics were released and sent spinning to within an inch of the dwarven battle line, and yet this was not the worse insult, a unit of skeltoms had the temerity to break a unit of warriors as they showed ill discpline that shamed the line and were forced to flee from the charge. All however was not lost as a large unit of skaven charged into a unit of iron breakers on the left flank of the main table. Two giants and the Father of all Trolls continued down their inexorable progress down the centre of the main table in an effort to get to grips with their arch nemesis Gotrek and his human companion Felix.

It was at this point the fell winds of magic were once more whipped up in to a frenzy, yet for little effect, the master Necrmoancer on the far table managed to miss-cast and forget Curse of Years (-For those keeping tabs he started with 4 spells and a bound item, by the end of this magic phase he was starting to dribble slightly and had a far away look in his eyes as he was down to two spells) Once again the magic phase was shut down by a dwarven combination of 28 dispell dice and many runes of spell beaking.

As the winds of magic died away the doom diver espied Thorgrim and his retinue of 50 Ironbreakers, as he hurridly prepared for launch he passed this information on to his colleagues crewing the stone thrower... Perhaps not the best move as he must have forgotten to strap in as the Doomdiver went twang thunk and propelled himself 3D6 forward neatly in to an Elf chariot destroying in utterly. The best however was yet to come, hoping to ape the Doomdivers success the rock lobber launched its payload high in to the sky, almost perfectly judging the distance to Thorgrimm, unfortunately rocks are not known for their balisitic predictability and it deviated off its course to smash down on to one of its own giants causing severe internal injurys as the giant failed to catch it with his hands and instead used his head.

So the evil shooting phase proved succesfull, how would they fair in combat? As the necromantic horde clawed feverishly at the Ironbreakers on the left flank a Lord stepped forward and brought his runic axe to bear felling three of the vile beings before they had a chance to strike (perhaps a note here, all of our characters were armed with the same combination of items, in order to speed things up. In this case all the lords had the Master Rune of Swiftness, +1A and+1 Str with a 4+ward save from the master rune of spite) follwing this onslaught the Ironbreakers were impervious to the skeletons attacks, in reply the ironbrakers and Runelord felled another four of thier number, as the combat resolved itself it became evident that in the pile of bones there remained only five animate skeletons from a unit of twenty.
This story was repeated across the field as unit after unit fell to the dwarven horde, of particular note is the skaven unit that broke, allowing the dwarves to pursue in to the unit of thirty five storm vermin, a royal combat for the following turn.

End of evil turn two

High Elf chariot destroyed by doom diver
Giant wounded by Rock lobber
Fanatics whirling round in the centre of the field
Undead Crumbling rapidly
Skaven fleeing
Chaos positioning themselves to take revenge on Bugmans rangers.

I've got to go to work now so tune in later, same dwarf time, same dwarf channel for another thrillling installment -when hopefully there will be pretty pretty pictures.

Dodgy Ed
11-09-2006, 14:26
Dwarf turn two

Somewhat unsuprsingly perhaps the miners failed to turn up.

Things continued as they had in the evil phase, once again our shooting proved somewhat ineffetctual as we only managed to wound one of the other giants, it was at this point Archaon proved just how tough he was by jumping in the way of stray cannonball and yet was uninjured, much to the consternation of Thorgrimm and his retinue who were looking as if they were about to take a combined charge from two admitedly injured giants and one very peeved Archaon.


Once again the dwarves shone through in combat, cutting down two units of skeletons and breaking the Skaven Storm Vermin. At this point they saw their chance to cut them down as the cowardly rats only ran a measly four inches... Doh aint gonna be happening as the spirted stunties, perhaps exhausted from two rounds of combat, could only manage a paltry three. At this point I need my colleague Gortex Gunnerson to take up the narrative on the right flank as I was concentrating on the left.

End of Dwarf turn two
both Giants below half wounds
Skaven Storm vermin running
Dwarfs in the enemy deployment zone :eek: :evilgrin:

11-09-2006, 20:51
On the left flank the baby slayer army a mere 2000 points advanced to face a massed line of Wood Elves approaching through the woods. Normaly fearful of woods and skirmishers the dwarfs drove forward driving wood elves from the cover with flame cannons and approaching doom seekers. On the second turn the Wood elves stopped their sniping made a fools charge under some tragic believe that their troops could stand toe to toe with a dwarf infantry wall. A lord lead uit of wardancer charged a unit of slayers on the left flank (of my 8") led by 3 deamon slayers and unit of dryads charged another unit of slayer in the centre of the board. Their was a sicken splat sound and all the wardancers (13) ley dead along with a numbewr of dyrads. The Dwarfs speedy as every pursued 1" and 2" but it was over to the dwarf turn. In the ruins of the building were the blood thirster had died a exculted hero of khorne upon a barded steed charged against the bugmans stag party. After dispatching a hero a wound was inflicted by Bugman and combat was again won by the dwarfs, but under the watchful eye of Archeon the choas hero stood resolute.

On the right hand side of the battle newly arrived undead slamed into the dwarf line with a unit of 30 zombies charging a large ironbreaker unit and dire wolves charging the thunderers on the hill. Niether combat faired well for the undead with not one dwarf dieing and the undead being reduced to 1 wolf and 12 zombies.

total Dwarf loses

4 Warrirors (Waywatchers)
2 Ironbreakers (Tomb kings Archers)
4 Slayers including a Giant slayer fighting a challenge against the Wardancer lord
1 Bugman Thane
1 Doom seeker to treemans strangle root

Dwarf Turn

Getting very excited about being able for once in their life to charge everything that could piled forwarf. On the left of bugmans ruin a unit of 25 hammers led by a lord charged a unit of Blood letter, the combat being short and bloody the dwarfs wiped 8 blood letter on the charge for no lose and watched the rest of the unit melt away under the huge combat res total. The warriors to the right of the runi charged the spell weaver and waywatcher hiden in the wood causing them to flee, the left hand slayer uit charged a unit fo Dark riders that were trying to sneak through and the right hand slayers charged the fleeing dyrads forceing them to flee and the slayers to redirect into the unit of 16 wild riders behind.

Attention was now turned to the remaining wood elves hiding in the central wood. They had unsuccessfully tried to tree sing every turn but it wasnt going anywhere and they had finally emerged for combat hving stranged root a doom seeker which took 10 hits! The first flame cannon scored a perfect shot burning 4 dyrads to a crisp but failing totally to damage the treeman.

On the right the last dire wolf was killed off as were the zombies but the mainy other units were starting to close in

11-09-2006, 21:16
Turn 3

On the left of my board a mass rally was attempted with everything but the spell weaver and waywatchers rallying and turning to face. A small counter attack was lauched with a hero on chariot charging the left hand slayers, Archeon and a choas giant engaging the hammers, Khorne choosen and another hero charing bugmans possy to support their hero. On the right a Tomb scorpion risen from the ground last tern (oops slaps wrisp) having eaten a flame cannon crew charges the back of the ironbreakers together with a unit of dire wolves in one flank and unit of 14 Dryads int eh other Flank. Despite having 2 Lords in the ironbreaker unit neither was in combat and things could be looking bad.

Though cheered the dwarfs were when a fanatic from the goblin army came hitting the giant attcking the hammer and causing 2 wounds.

In the centre the charged wild riders used foul magic to make their unit unbreakable and comabt was joined in earnst against the unbreakable slayers.

Shooting was largely useless due to the -3 still imposed however will educating a flew beardling in artillery the cannons got their first shot of the day hitting High Liche priest skulking at the back of the board.

Combat joined on the right with the ironbreakers surrounded on 3 sides. Dire wolves attacked killing 2, Dwarfs in exchange brought down 3 wolves. The Tomb scorpion brought another iron clad dwarf down for no return and the dryads added to the tally with 2 more. The Ironbreaker champion and Battle standard (Of which their are 4 due to the size of the force) brought down 3 dryads in return and the attacking forces were broken with the direwolves and Tomb Scorpions crumbling and the Dryads fleeing to be pursed a mighty 3" (their was a creppy pattern emerging but as they as things were showing consistent improvement the Dwarfs only grumbled a little).

In the centre 7 Wild riders were brought down before they could strike leaving only the champion who could do nothing before such an onslaught. The two unbreakable units remained locked. On the left a deamon slayer was brought down in a challenge before the chariot and its master were broken and destroyed.

In the ruins Bugmans lads continued to rack up their total which took them to unit of the game for me by finishing off the mounted hero, killing a good number of choosen for 1 lost dwarf!

The Lord striking first managed a further 2 wounds on the knees of the giant who was looking shakey. Archeon unleashing his demonic blade bagan his attacks but rolled up 2 ones. But the Lord of evil lived up to his reputation and choose to attack his lumbering buddy instead of himself, with a flurry of 6s Archeon managed to remove the last 2 wounds of the giant and brought the monster down. To continue his fine form of the Storm of choas Archeon tbrought down just 2 dwarfs. In return the dwarfs pulled the knee cap trick and killed his pretty horsey (Dwarfs have never liked horses). The Lord of times ran like a coward and the poor pursuits of old was made up for by running the defeated loard down.

At this point Dwarfs have cleared about half the board which is now nice and open. Behond the solid wall of dwarfs ranks deeps the rest of the board teemed with enemies and new armies being introduced

End of turn 3

Dodgy Ed
12-09-2006, 11:30

End of turn three


Turn four

At this point the evil alliance were perhaps starting to flag a little, on the centre table there was little they could do, a host of units charged the dwarven line in a futile attempt to break these combat power houses. As you can see from the piccys the dwarf army was largely undamaged except for the loss of table four.

The turn continued much like the previous turns, with the goblin army once again proving to be a valuable asset to the dwarves, the stone thrower scattering on to the head of the uber troll and promptly flattening it, the squig hopper was released, and hit a giant that had almost made it to the pub in our battle line.

In the dwarf turn it proved to be business as usual, with pretty much the enitre centre table having been rolled by the dwarfs, the only survivers were a Greyseer hiding in the church, a squig and a lone fanatic who had hit the giant earlier.

End turn four


Central table clear
Dwarf army makes a turn to mop up on the flanks.

15-09-2006, 12:06
:eek: :eek: :eek: That's alot of models. Good work DodgyEd.
#EDIT# Sorry, forgot to say this before: very clear of what's going on. I don't have much time to read it, but it's far superior to whatever WD have made recently!

Dodgy Ed
15-09-2006, 15:23
Cheers mate, I'll post up the last turns when I have a chance and when photobucket is working again

<edit>Never did bother to post the final turns as nothing of note happened (except for a really really time consuming packing session at the end