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10-09-2006, 13:52
I'm going to be starting Chaos soon and was wondering which legion to choose, i've narrowed my choices down to Word Bearers, Alpha Legion and Night Lords...as I want to do each army equally as much your responses will actually have an effect because I have no bias, thanks in advance, Anubis_the_Harlie

10-09-2006, 14:14
Word Bearers, they have evil chaplains, you can't go far wrong with that.

The Keeper of Secrets
10-09-2006, 14:43
Yup, world bearers. Evil fanatics...and chaplins as well.

10-09-2006, 14:45
Word Bearers are also very good because they can follow any of the chaos gods.

10-09-2006, 14:56
Well word bearers because they can use any daemons...however i would personally go with alpha legion, lots of cheap cultists can choke the enemy guns, plus they can kill stuff.

10-09-2006, 14:57
they can't follow the chaos gods with marks but they can with deamons which is sick!
But alpha legion has cheap infantry with which makes a great distraction.

10-09-2006, 15:22
I'd say Night Lords. I'm a diehard Word Bearer player and it is very challenging to make them tactically interesting. Because they have any daemonic unit, it basically just is a pick-and-choose between how you want to kill your opponents. This may sound cool, but trust me, it does get dull, and fast. I say Night Lords because I've never actually seen a Night Lords army at larger than 1000 points before, and besides rhino-rushing, fast chaos armies are obscure.
I think Night Lords would be something unusual to run into at a tournament, and would provide for a tactically interesting game that you otherwise wouldn't get: i.e, no game would be the same. Also, the paint scheme allows more room for incredibly sick paint jobs. Lightning on the armor of the troops... I think that's awesome. The only real downside to playing Night Lords is you only get 1 heavy support selection. But hey, you can have 40 bikes or raptors! How wild is that?

10-09-2006, 16:22
Go for Night Lords. My brother recently made 1850 pts of them, and they're really cool to see in both performance and color scheme. They seem to me to be more tactically interesting than your other two options, and...you can have four raptor units! Each with three special weapons! I was dismayed to find that his raptors were much more powerful than my assault squads the first time I had them go head to head.

Yarick Zan
10-09-2006, 16:25
nightlords. they are pretty much the only ones if i saw in real life i might actually soil myself over. and there limits reflect there tactics.

10-09-2006, 18:06
hmmm! its strange how many people chose word bearers, they aren't exactly an army that is fielded very often, and taking any demon? well you can pretty much do that with a basic undivided list anyway.

I would go for Night Lords, free nightvision and the stealth adept skill are very very cool (+1 to cover save! amazing). Not to mention you still get use of the best daemons (furies) and you can have a larger selection of raptors than other undivided armies.

If you don't mind playing with batwinged helmets its okay, but otherwise I would make up your own chapter using Night Lords rules, the batwings are a bit much if you ask me :)

10-09-2006, 18:19
All are viable options, but I'd go Alpha just because of mass infiltration and those cultists that can all be armed with melta bombs! Talk about piling in with true chaos fashion:

"Get in there and blow up that tank and yourselves because you're so damn cheap!"

10-09-2006, 18:41
Yay! so may responses in so little time! looks like night lords are winning atm... i'll make my final choice in two days!

10-09-2006, 19:44
I voted Wordbearers because of colour scheme. Alphas would be the choice based on army list however.

10-09-2006, 20:25
You know, it is kind of funny but when I was first starting chaos I too narrowed my choices down to those same three... I chose Night Lords; I recommend you choose Alpha Legion. :p

I have had a good time with my Night Lords but I just feel restricted by the list, 4 fast attack choices seems sweet, until you realize that you only have access to: expensive Raptors, even more expensive Bikers, and Furies (which some consider mildly unfluffy). I have never really had much luck if I tried to use all of those slots, a balance between Heavy and Fast tends to work better.

That’s not to say they are bad, far from it! They have one of the best skills chaos has access to: Stealth Adept. The free night vision also comes in handy... sometimes. I have had the most luck when I take a mix of heavy support, fast attack, and usually one elite supported by masses of Stealth'd Marines and either a shooty Lord/Lt. w/Kai Gun, or a Terminator Lord with bodyguard. I have had some luck with a list using two units of raptors (one anti-tank, one assault), one big unit of Furies, and a Lord on bike w/Bikers; so 4 fast attack is viable, but kind of tricky I suppose.

Whereas with alpha legion you get throw-away assault infantry with infiltrate and a choice of great skills for almost nothing (and oh! The conversion opportunities!), practically free infiltrate on everyone (not counting towards their skill limit), and you have far more access to daemons (though not as much as Word Bearers, obviously).

Really, the biggest selling point here is fluff. I loved Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now, so I went for Night Lords (don't read Lord of the Night though, ugh). If you like hit-and-run guerilla warfare, then Alpha Legion is probably for you. If your just doing it for gameplay go with Alpha Legion, the problem with infiltrate is that if you only have a few small groups they tend to get picked off piecemeal, but by having everyone infiltrate it kind of takes away that threat, if you play your cards right.

Word Bearers are also quite good, a friend of mine started them recently and has done tremendously well with them, and we are neck to neck as far as wins against each other with Chaos go. Again, it really just comes down to which fluff you like more.

This is all pretty much opinion/experience, so it may or may not apply. Have fun with whichever you choose though, they’re all great.

10-09-2006, 20:46
Night lords and word bearers are defnitley more fluff driven armies, and you should defenitley pick an army who's fluff and backstory suits you. But for gamming nothing beats an Alpha Legion list. Its versitle in terms of the options available (basicaly none of the unit selections are blocked out). Infiltrate in 4th edition can be pretty darn powerful when used right (and you get it basically for free). You also get something most marine armies would kill for, cheap disposable number filling infantry (IE cultists). Not to mention the whole guriella style of warfare is just plain cool.

10-09-2006, 21:37
Nightlords. They are the chapter all the other chaos chapters wish they were as cool as.

Seth the Dark
10-09-2006, 22:16
Unfortunately Death Guard is not a selection at all. I'd go with Alpha Legion since the idea of mass cultists is pretty cool.

11-09-2006, 03:16
They're all really cool legions. Go for the playing style that you like the most. Want a lot of Daemons and evil Chaplains? Go for Word Bearers. Lot's of infiltrators and cultist? Alpha Legion. Fast attack coming out of the ying yang, go Night Lords.

Personally I think that Word Bearers are the coolest. But I like the Night Lords as well. Alpha Legion is more Renegade than Chaos. They're aligned with them but next to the Iron Warriors, they have about the weakest link to Chaos out of the major legions.

11-09-2006, 03:24
I would pick Thousand Sons, but out of the three that are presented, i would have to say World Bearers, no good reason actually i just think they look cool.

11-09-2006, 08:39
You like infiltrating, sneaky bastards? Go for Alpha Legion!!!

Enter the Hydra!

Colonial Rifle
11-09-2006, 09:22
I've said it before, but Alpha Legion are the thinking man's Iron Warriors. A VERY powerful army once you get a grip of their strengths and weaknesses. Good modeling opportunities as well.

Night lords are a good choice too - don't see too many people using them even though they are potentially a monstrous shooty force.