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10-09-2006, 21:37
Right, amongst many other projects, I have recently been getting much and much more interested in Bloodbowl thanks to a League I played in and doing a couple of commission teams. Now I have acquired a silly amount of teams over the past couple of months and am attempting to get them all painted/converted,etc.

I am currently waiting for pics of the ones I did on commission, but the ones I have lined up are:

Orcs-converted from 40k plastics
(I also have 2 plastic teams and a metal team that eventually need doing)
Dwarves- Metal box+Grim Ironjaw+Death Roller
Wood Elves- Metal Box+ Treeman, extra linemen and Jordell Freshbreeze
Dark Elves- Full Team + a couple of star players
Converted Lizardman Team, Converted Skaven Team, and a Human Team that needs stripping and starting over!

So, not much then. Still, in this thread you will be able to see the development of these guys as I (probably gradually) work away at them. First up, some pictures of the teams currently underway....

Red Skullz
10-09-2006, 22:37
Oh, now that`s what I`m talking about! BB rules :cool:

You got some great stuff there bud, but if ya need some conversion ideas you can click on the "Viking Kommandos" link in my sig, that`s my own orc BB team blog.

Anyhoo, I`m subscribing this one so keep us updated ya hear ;)


11-09-2006, 00:09
yeah, I remember following(and even posting!) in that thread, those guys have definitely spurred me on a bit(i started these guys way back in april).

The only reason I'm converting the skaven team(which have the best BB figs out of the entire range-at least a mix of 2nd and 3rd ed figs) is cos i had a lot of them lying round after mordheim campaigns and an ill fated army that never happened. I'm not too pleased with them, as the models don't have that much armour(which is fine for WYSIWYG), so don't really allow big shiny colours to stand out as much. I will get pics up tomorrow of them, and some of the ogre conversions as well i forgot to mention first time round(all based off of morg n thorg!)

Still, progress is being made on the orcs, with black orcs 2&3 getting major work done on em tonight!

15-09-2006, 07:43
C'mon sparks! Update!
When I get my camera sorted............which really remains to be seen, I'm gonna get a few pics of my teams up. I have a new human team finished, a necro team finished and others currently on the go:
Orcs (using real black orcs!)
Dark Elves (dark eldar bods and dark elf heads...........just need to add metal assassins and w. elves)
Vampire (using strigoi and heresy vampires and ghouls from heresy as thralls.........trust me it's good)
Let's see some updates and revive a bit of interest in bloodbowl!
*also subscribes to thread*

18-09-2006, 21:41
sorry, this ain't threadmancy, honest! been away from the brushes for a week, so haven't got around to updating(the joys of real life and all that jazz). but with two subscribers, practically an audience(!), I should let you guys know what's up!

sadly, no new pics as yet, though the orc team is nearing completion with another black orc finished and the other guys underway! am aiming to have these guys done in the next week or so. the dwarves are quite quick and easy to do, so should follow suit reasonably swiftly as well!

right, back to the brushes!

20-09-2006, 12:42
okeydoke, some rather bad pics but pics nonetheless!

this is of the whole orc team, only 15 players altogether, probably going to add a goblin, as i want to save my trolls for the goblin team i have waiting in the wings. ran out of the bits to make a fourth blitzer or black orc.

anyway, aiming to have these guys done in the next 7 days or so!


24-09-2006, 20:18
Ok, first team down, the orcs. decided to add a goblin as my troll needs to be used for the goblin team :)

Still workin on a head coach, re-roll/turn markers and trying to think of apothecary conversions(but have no green stuff!)

here's the pics:
(pic1-blitzers, 2-black orcs,3-throwers and gobbo, 4/5-linemen)

Red Skullz
24-09-2006, 22:38
Very nice team bud, VERY nice!

My favs are the blorcs, looking really proppah imo at least :)

30-09-2006, 18:39
christ, i've been so waylaid with other stuff, this feels like threadmancy!

anyway, have got around to nearly finishing the dwarves, they should be done by tomorrow night. as you can see, it's mostly the metallics left to do. they're really simple, i just find it tedious!

have also done a couple of re-roll counters for my orc team. nothing exciting, just orc shields with bosses stuck to slottabases and painted. next up after these guys are probably the goblins! going for a blue/yellow theme on them. should really go back and finish the dark elves at some point too, oh well!

enjoy the dwarvishness(inc the WIP of the death roller!)

07-10-2006, 21:08
Interesting - I'd not thought of using 40k placcies as BB players, but your orcs look just right, and they're a damn sight better than the metal BB linemen.