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Captain Gawain
11-09-2006, 02:48
Can anyone provide for me an Imperial date for the 8th great founding of space marines? Is there a timeline somewhere that has this info?

11-09-2006, 16:32
These are the foundings we know:

M30 FIRST PROGENITOR (?) - Legions made up from gene seed samples of the primarchs, even while primarchs scattered and undiscovered.
021.M31 - SECOND - PRIMOGENITOR - Legions split up into chapters. It is unclear whether new chapters were built up from gene seed as well.
001.M32 - THIRD
063.M36 THIRTEENTH - DARK FOUNDING - Unknown number or fate of chapters. Exorcists one of these chapters.
M36 - TWENTY-FIRST - Known as the Cursed Founding. Occurs shortly before the age of apostasy (which was in early M36).
M41- (736.M41) - TWENTY-SIXTH.
Astartes Praeses- a group of 20 chapters formed with the express purpose of guarding the Eye of Terror. No specific date, chapters made as and when they were needed.

I have no idea when the 8th founding would have been, but it gives you a general impression of the timeline.

There are rumours that the Marines Malevolent were formed in the 8th founding, but I've not found any evidence so far to suggest that.

Hope I helped!

12-09-2006, 17:35
Take a glance here (http://www.scholaprogenium.com/marines.html) for canon founding dates known thus far.

13-09-2006, 19:46
You've left out the 13th founding, which took place around 063.M36 according to the Armageddon site (http://www.armageddon3.com/English/Campaign/Troops/exorcists.html).