View Full Version : What Lores? What Spells?

11-09-2006, 04:56
I have a tournament in which I'm taking a 2nd Generation Slaan with 5 spells, and a Temple Guard unit. Roughly, it's 800 to 1000 points with all the magical gear and such.

The Slaan can choose 5 spells from any lore, and I wanted to go over what I thought were good ideas. I'm a very poor WHFB player, but I enjoy it anyway, and I want this Slaan idea to go forward regardless of its stupidity. So how do I use magic to help me...

Here are my thoughts...

Lore of Light:
Default spell is VERY good against Chaos/Undead, and it's a decent magic missile. If I roll well and get Cleansing Flare, I might take the dfault too. Healing energy is never a bad bet. Dazzling Brightness is good.

Lore of Heavens: Is Portent of Far worth taking, assuming my Slaan and his super expensive Bodyguard end up in close combat? I don't see much point in taking much from Heavens except this, frankly. There are better damage spells in defaults in other lores. Second Sign I loved, but they borked that on us...

Lore of Metal:
The more I look at Lore of Metal for this caster, the more I like every spell in there. Spell 2 isn't great, but chariots are pretty common.

Spell 1 is a character hunter, particularly against armored baddies. Spell 6 is awesome against fast-moving knights and such. I like EVERYthing in this lore. The question is whether I should mix and match, and how much I should try to get from other sources before I start rolling on Lore of Metal.

Any advice is welcome.