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11-09-2006, 10:51
Hi the reason for this stems from another post that some of you may have read concerning the lack of backround in the new BFSP box and how it will effect the new players and so (read the other post if u want to know the backround to this post, lol)

Basically what do you care more about in your wargaming:

FLUFF (i prefer the term backround, but this way we will end any confusion as to what i mean)

now this isnt a chance for u to sit on the fence it is one or the other so no replies of "i like to win with a fluffy army" choose, search your heart and then pick one, what is more important to you.

Also please refrain from calling anyone who says they are in it to win it a power gamer or a beard.

11-09-2006, 10:56
I like to win games, but not at all cost. I think the deep history of the Warhammer World adds to the game so me it's the fluff.

11-09-2006, 11:21
For me it definately is the background.

Im a poor looser but that doesnt change the fact that I base my army heavily on what I like ("like" used in other meanings than -like because it kicks ass) then if it kicks ass, all the better. If it doesnt, im still gonna enjoy fielding it.

I still like winning, and if I can work With my background-ideas Together with good units so I can get them without feeling "guilty", then its all good.

ps. I dont mind people playing the game just for the game, but I think some rudimentary form of understanding the fluff + abiding for it slightly is needed. At least for more enjoyable games IMO.

11-09-2006, 11:23
I think that for most people, both are important.

Bubble Ghost
11-09-2006, 11:32
For me, background is the best part of Warhammer, but strangely I tend to detach actually playing the game from it - I save background for reading about on its own terms, and when I do relate it to games, it's to put the games in context rather than to drive them directly. So I rarely have any story or origin for my army apart from a few token whimsical names for the characters and a place on a map for them to come from, I only theme my lists according to what I like and play styles rather than background, and I treat gaming as exactly that - playing a game. It also varies by army for some reason - my vampire and Dark Elf armies aren't really themed at all, but my Empire one has quite a specific one. I don't know why this is.

Anyway, I do it to have fun rather than to win, but the setting's background doesn't always have that much bearing on my play beyond a general guiding tone.

No my answer is: neither.:D

11-09-2006, 12:02
no replies of "i like to win with a fluffy army"

Tough, because that's my answer.

Gaius Marius
11-09-2006, 12:44
I picked winning because that is closer to my actual answer. I play for the social aspect and the tactical thinking exercise, winning is nice but not all important.
Fluff is important to me in how I create and paint and model my army... but on any given evening of gaming I am more likely to focus on social interaction & trying to win the game in front of me, rather than ponder what Archeon or Teclis would be like "In Real Life".

11-09-2006, 13:01
hey thanks for all the good replies, i have to take issue with a number of you guys i clearly stated that i wanted an answer one or the other, i respect that most of us do both to some extent but i really dont believe that its a 50 50 split down the middle and i think your kidding your self if you say that it is.

@ Avian once again i asked for what you thought not someone else they can answer for themselves i wanted a clear cut answer if you want to justify it go ahead but u dont need to
thnx im doing this in an effort to gauge the playing population of warseer hence why im being some what anal retentive!

11-09-2006, 13:32
Ah, that discussion again, great.

It's not "fluff versus winning" at all. It's about finding a compromise all included players will most likely have the most fun with it. Personally, I like to have a good game of Warhammer. This includes not having too much dice luck, not being too unlucky, being able to try new tactics and units, see how they work and so on. Actually, I can't recall how many games I won and how many I lost (the latter being about thrice as much as the games I won by the way;) ) but It wno't get angry when losing or something (I do get pissed when I lose three games in a row just because of the worst dice in the world, but that's long ago *pats lucky dice*). My approach isn't really competative; it's more like a RPG player's approach: I don't care if I win or lose as long as I get enough XP for it.;)

I think that it isn't easy some GW-system players (which are mainly male, <20 and have Hobbies) to keep their cool, don't fall for the "tournament" thing (GW isn't really helping with their "tournaments are the only way to prove that you are THE BEST!!"-attitude in this case as we all know) and just enjoy the hobby and share the joy.

11-09-2006, 13:44
Winning is cool but for me the game has to be fun and i can get that, whilst still getting spanked into the ground so i voted for fluff (not many under 20's so far though)

11-09-2006, 13:57
I follow the spirits of WHFB's roots.

I'm more of a roleplayer who rather has an army than a mere 2 hands.

But otherwise, I'm the general, I've got a model representing me, and I kick the snot out of any orc cook sending fanatics on my ass (my most regular opponent is a cook, with an orc army).

The glade wanderer

11-09-2006, 14:30
@ Avian once again i asked for what you thought not someone else they can answer for themselves i wanted a clear cut answer if you want to justify it go ahead but u dont need to
All righty, then.

I will attempt to win, though I will attempt to win using units I like. I will not keep doing things that obviously work, though. Thus I have some nicely converted Werewolves in my Ogre army counting as Yhetees, but they rarely see battle because they are rather worthless in-game. They have their place in the background of my army, just not in the armies I fight with.

I do not particularly enjoy losing and I will adjust from a loss to hopefully do better next time. These days I do not lose very often.

11-09-2006, 15:15
What sounds more interesting:

1. My 2000-point High Elf all-cav list defeated Dave's Daemonic Legion.
2. A group of Avelornian nobles encountered and destroyed a horde of Chaos-aligned Daemons attacking south into the enchanted forest from the mountains.

For me, it's the second option - and while I certainly like to win, it doesn't really matter if I lose, as long as I had a fun game. And since I'm a fluff-addict, I prefer the background to winning anyway.

god octo
11-09-2006, 17:23
i love it when i win (as it is extremely rare!) but i also love ahving an army that is uniqely mine. For example i dont see whay all the new WE spelweavers are unarmed, so i gave my spellweaver wild fire blades and modelled tham on her. I know its not the best thing to do, but i love the idea of her leaping into combat and bringing flamey, pointy death to people.