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Commander titus
11-09-2006, 15:01
hey guys i need some bretonnian generals to give me advise for a new army list or if they could share some strategems that would be grand....Thanks guys :)

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11-09-2006, 15:08
Line em up... Charge!!

Well thats how they tend to play.

Take a lord and bsb in a unit of knights, give the lord the virtue of discipline and other stuff, give the bsb the banner of the lady and virtue of duty and you can take out 400 chosen chaos warriors on the charge.

its not a very nice thing to do actually, thats why some call the army cheesy.

11-09-2006, 15:24
You chose Brets didint you. Well thats the first step towards winning the next one is ...charge.

Cheers fdr

11-09-2006, 15:37
You chose Brets didint you. Well thats the first step towards winning the next one is ...charge.

Cheers fdr

Who!? Me?

My regular opponent plays them and i hate them with a passion, although i admire him for using such things as the grail relique and other foot troops there is still always at least three units of beefed up cavalry.

I dont particularly like them to be honest.

Commander titus
11-09-2006, 15:43
What do you guys think of pegasus knights?

Nice or NASTY lol

Commander titus
11-09-2006, 15:44
how many men at arms do u guys take on a 1500 point army list?

11-09-2006, 16:10
I'll point you towards a great Bretonnian website where you can peruse tactical advice and ask Bret generals what to do:


11-09-2006, 16:51
@Commander titus: Welcome to Warseer, please read the Warseer posting guidelines (FAQ, the link can be found in my sig). Please note that "txt-" or "1337-speek" is not being used around here and that there is an "edit"-button so you don't have to post twice in a row. I hope you enjoy your time here.:)

For Bretonnian tactics, the link posted by Lathaine will guide you to an excellent site about the army and how to use it to full effect.

Commander titus
11-09-2006, 17:24
thank you both :)

some nice info there guys :) many thanks

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11-09-2006, 17:30
well my advise, knights rock! errant knights are great on a charge, peasants can be worth it sometimes, peg knights are great in the new rules, mretonnian magic kinda sucks, but they can fight hard! Questing knights/vow now kinda sucks in the new rules (+1s for a great weapon) so not really worth it now IMHO, apart from that.. charge!

Captain Brown
11-09-2006, 22:31
Just moving this thread to the Fantasy Tactics Forum where it should get some more appropriate answers.

Captain Brown
WarSeer Inquisition

12-09-2006, 21:11
Commander Titus, welcome. My opinion, Bretonnians are cool. And yes as the above posters said, charge, but to get into combat and to then win you must charge and work combat resolution so, people lets not be critical and offer advice.

Alright, sorry for being critical, myself, I have just started a 2k bret army. I am a empire player first and now am adding the brets. At this point I have a working army that follows

2 units of 25 MAA w/ full command

2 units of 16 Peseant bowman w/ full command

3 units of knights w/ full command

a unit of 3 pegeuses knights

and them 2 damsels, a bsb and 2 paladins

I have worked in 3 battle so far with mixed results but I hope this helps, it looks to me to work with a strong center and quick flanks, the bowman work the quick units, the peg march block and kill war machines, and the the knights...... Charge.

That my 2 cents so Good Luck.:)

13-09-2006, 09:02
Don't just "charge" accross the battle field... ¬¬

Bretonnians have a very fast moving hard hitting core to the army. Generally you can aim to break opponents on the charge, as such you can happily wait until turn 4 before committing to combat, punch through, turn and mop up.

If you don't consider the charges properly, you will fail. Learn when to charge and when to bide. Know the best things to charge and where to position to do it.

And fast cavalry for drawing out fanatics, march blocking, luring or war maching hunting is always good. Can get a decent unit for ~100pts.

And it is not all about knights, there are very good supporting units that you can exploit like Men@Arms and cheap bowmen.

Commander titus
16-09-2006, 20:49
many thanks one and all

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16-09-2006, 22:24
I'm surprised that no all-knight noobs have showed up here.

Bowmen: 6 points + BS 3 + longbow = bargain

Men At Arms: Cheap, and their banners aren't worth VP. I don't get the m@a haters. They're cheap, expendable infantry there to distract the enemy and provide a +3 rank bonus. What do people want from them? Handjobs and lolipops?

I hate this view people have that peasants are taken by people who want to be nice to their opponents. I include them because 1) I want to have things to do in the shooting phase. 2) I want to have an actual battle-line, not just a vanguard of knights hoping for some lucky charges.

18-09-2006, 11:54
Totally agree - dont underestimate how good peasant bowmen are. They're cheap and have 30" range. My 2k army has 40 of them and even elite units suffer after 3 rounds of that. Just make sure to use a paladin on foot, I have learnt recently that otherwise a single fear causing enemy will cause you're entire peasant contingent to just turn around and walk off the table.

Nearly forgot - the trebuchet is awesome, I always take 2 and rain that St5(10), no armour save down on the poor sods. Your opponents will hate them after a while!