View Full Version : Two ideas, can't chose which.

11-09-2006, 17:08
Hi, I have ideas for two different armies, but can't chose which to play:
Army one : new Empire Steampunk army.

General: Master Engineer Sergio Batacio Da Sasson
(Sergio is an Italian form of my name, Batacio is Arlecchinos surname, Da is taken from "Da Vinci", Sasson is after the great hero "David of Sasson")
(rides mecha-horse, has (repeater?)pistols and probably grenade launcher, and of cource, pigeon bombs)

Chars: probably a wizard, but a lot of engineers (mostly on mecha-horses).

Core: Mostly helbardiers ( based on Da Vincis Switzerguard(sp)) and one unit of 8+ free companies if possible (representing a commedia de'll arte gang, concisting of Arlecchino, Brighella, Pulchinella, Scaramuce, Pirrot(Pedrolino), Il dottore, Pantalone, Il capitano and Columbina (and maybe some more))

Special: a cannon or a cannon and a mortar, but mostly Pistolers and outriders.

Rare: a tank, a hellblasta and a rocket battery:D

Colour= pink n' purple pastel (exept the free company)
Tactic= see at the end of the post.

army two: new Orc and Gobbo list.

General: Donny Dorko
(Name based on Donny Darko)
(Is a black ork lord, Gorks armour and probably Mecha-Boar, and some more stuff)

Chars: mostly night gobbo shamans, probably some other assassin-ish gobbo, and a gobbo banner bearer, eighter spider banner or the spirit-totem (Q. is it the rank bonus for every unit friendly with in 12" or for the unit the BSB is in?), all chars are on squigs/spiders(if possible).

Core: Wolf-riders with bows and Spider-riders with bows, maybe a NG unit with fanatics and spears or bows.

Special: Squigs, squigs and more squigs (both riders and herds), and Blorks if a must because of lord.

Rare: Squigs? (or nothing, or maybe a giant used as a giant-squig)

Colour=Dark, and black.
Tactics= see at the end of the post.

Tactics (for both).

Both will have similiar tactics, both will have Sun Tzu style tactics.

I will avoid full frontal combat as much as possible. And avoind bait and try to bait out units and I will try to missderect heavy hitters away of center, or make an army move toward a flank, and hit fast like a lightning into the weak spots, hard. When charged, I will mostly flee, rally and shoot. I will try mostly to move around in mysteriously anoying ways, and strike confusion. I will try to make the opponent unknowing of what to attack and what to protect. Thats why I want shooting fast cav.

The WM/ NG shamans will try to kill of "random" units, actualy, it will look like I'm killing off random units, all to spread confusion/missdirection.

The armies will do strange manouvers to cause confusion, but still keep order in dissorder.

Thats my tactics in general, I wont say more.

Which army sould I chose? Sergio Batacio or Donny Dorko?