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12-09-2006, 02:11
After much soul searching, I have decided to abandon the legions of chaos and have a go at the greenskins. (oh wait, thats orcs and goblins right?)

Saurus Scar-Veteran - 129pts
-Shield, light armor, charm of the jaguar warrior, Spawnling of Topek

10 Skinks - 70pts
-Blowpipes, Scouts

10 Skinks - 60pts
-Blow pipes

20 Saurus Warriors - 258pts
-Musician, standard bearer

5 Calvary - 175pts

3 Kroxigar - 174pts

2 Salamanders - 130pts

Models: 51
Total: 996

General Veers
12-09-2006, 15:28
I usually don't need a GW on the Scar-Vet as I take Kroxigor. My Nike Saurus normally looks like this:

Hand Weapon, Enchanted Shield, Light Armor, Charm of the Jaguar, Tailsman of Protection.

The strengh 5 is usually good enough.

I don't like stupid so I normally take Kroxigor instead of the cavalry unit. Gives me the S7 unit that deflects attention from my Scar-Vet.

What I'm getting at is opponents might rely on you possibly failing a stupid check early in the game with the cavalry and concentrate on the Scar-Vet, if possible. However, you're going to put the Scar-Vet in a unit, yes? So that helps. Plus the 3d6 leadership is good for the cavalry when testing stupidity. OK I like the list. I may have to try it out myself sometime it would be a nice change to use the cavalry once in awhile.

12-09-2006, 15:39
After much soul searching, I have decided to abandon the legions of chaos and have a go at the greenskins. (oh wait, thats orcs and goblins right?)

Saurus Scar-Veteran - 126pts
-Great weapon, light armor, charm of the jaguar warrior, talisman of protection

talisman of protection is completely useless, get rid of the champions and get him an auro of quetzl ( your ntoa fraid for S4 attacks anyway).

and give hm a mark fo tepok since you have no amges

2x10 Skinks - 65pts
-Blow pipes, brave

braves suck;)

20 Saurus Warriors - 264
-Champion, standard bearer

champion doesn't really add something, only usefull to protect your characters from challanges and your hero is a nika saurus....

2x5 Calvary - 175

I know mutch players don't like cold one knights but I love them!
I never have more kroxigors then cold one knights ( mostly 1 of both).
kroxigors are great to against knights and chariots, so I would take 1 kroxigor unit and take 1 unti of caf less ( if making a tournament list)

2 Salamanders - 130

great, 2 salamanders is perfect

Models: 53
Total: 1000


12-09-2006, 20:20
How about now? I changed the Hero a bit, dropped 1 unit of calvary, and added 3 Kroxigar. I also gave scouts to 1 unit of skinks and a musician to the warriors to fill points.

General Veers
12-09-2006, 21:57
1. You have a nice number of "manuever units".

2. Great skirmishers. Remember the poison, they make things like giants go away.

3. Good combat units. The Saurus Warriors are your anvil to the Cavalry and Kroxigor Hammers. You'll be suprised how well the Krox will keep up with the Skinks or Cavalry. Beware the large unit of Chaos warriors, if someone dares to bring one. They do very well against Lizardmen units if the Lizard units get caught fighting them one-on-one.

4. Good shooting. Two salamanders in small games works well. Besides, enemy skrimish units used to normally take out warmachines are in for an ugly suprise when they realize these warmachines fight back! :evilgrin:

5. Your leader is better than most. Beware Vampires and Chaos lords but there's not much you can do about them one-on-one anyway. Put the hurt on any lone character with some shooting and then sneaker the Scar-Vet into them for an easy kill. If you want, consider dropping the scout option on the skink unit. You may then have enough to buy the "enchanted shield". That can be used with a hand weapon for the parry bonus in 7th edition. Not sure how much the enchanted shield is. It will give your Scar-vet a better save!

6. Magic could be a problem but frankly it's OK to ignore at 1000 points and you've got the topek spawning anyway.

I think it looks very versitle and hard hitting. I like it!

12-09-2006, 22:20
Thanks for the comments General Veers. I'm pretty confident this list will do what I want it to do (win of course!). Guess I'll go out and pick up a battalion.

13-09-2006, 15:01
don't got more commets.
try it at a tournament and see what you liked and disliked after

13-09-2006, 15:31
yay lizardmen with sauras cavalry.......i usually take two units of 8 and a character on cold one it works well but maybe not in 1000 points.......i just realised it ws a 100 pt list woops sorry....:p

23-09-2006, 16:00
Looks like a well-balanced list. I'd be interested to hear how it fares in a general setting vs. a variety of opponents.