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12-09-2006, 19:08

I'm a beginner that freshly converted from 40k to Fantasy, and I'm reading through the rulebook for the first time. And I already need help with a problem.

Before I start to describe it let me point out that I have to translate from german to English, so I might struggle with the rule-terms.

Diagram/Chart 18.1 on page 18 in the new rulebook shows how stand and shoot works. The chart shows 3 different situations. Look at the third one.
Knights are attacking(/charging?) archers. The distance to the archers is 6". After 3" begins difficult terrain, which costs the knights 3 additional inches of their movement, because every inch moved through difficult terrain counts as 2. So instead 3 inches it takes 6 inches to move through the difficult terrain in this case. Which means that the knights count as having moved 9".
I hope everything is clear so far.

Now look on page 21.
There's a passage where charging (or is it "attacking"?) is described.
It is said that imperial knights, with their movement of 7, could charge (attack?) 14".
My book sais: " [...] If they attack (charge) through difficult terrain or over an obstacle ( for example a forest or a fence), they move with half speed and reduce their charging range to 7 inches. [...]"

Back to the chart on page 18, that would mean that the knights would not have been able to charge the archers.

I hope you see my problem without any further explanation.

Help would be highly appreciated. :)

Also, for God's sake, please try tell me the original english terms that I've been struggling with here :rolleyes: ;)

12-09-2006, 20:20
The half of move onyl applies to the distance travelled by the knight through difficult terrain. In the 3 scenerio on Page 18 the distance is actually 6" but counts as 9" as it is 3 normal move plus 3*2 for moveing throught the difficult terrain. This is less then 14" then knight charge move so is legal. In the bit on page 21 is just saying about the halfing of movement hence the 3*2 for the last 3 inches of the move through terrain. The rules do not stack, the 7" is just saying that if the knight charged through difficult terrain, as in started in it and finished in it every inch would cost 2 inches so they would only travel 7". This 7 is not effected again on page 18. They are the same situation. Hope that helps but reading it back it doesn't look that clear, i'll let someone else have a go.

In conclusion the knights charge on 18 is perfectly legal and the rules are correct, the rules referred to are the same, difficult terrain counting as 2" per inch is the same as halfing your move through difficult terrain. they do not stack

13-09-2006, 08:16
Yes, you only half your move whilst crossing the obstacle. Otherwise, you move normally.

13-09-2006, 08:40

There are two movement modifiers:

Crossing an Obstacle costs a straight half of your move this turn (example: human, M4), so in this case 2". Would the human regiment move in difficult terrain, it could only move 2" during the turn, thus the crossing of the obstacle costs half of that (1").

Each distance moved in difficult terrain counts as double the amount.
If our human went 1" in difficult terrain, he could move 3" (2" normal and 1" doubled 2+1x2 = 4)


13-09-2006, 08:57
Thanks to you folks, I think I got it now.

Like in the other GW systems, the rules are not that hard to understand, it just takes some routine to get used to them, and I tend to quickly lose myself in the details...