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Daemon king Mad Dog
12-09-2006, 20:40
They are space marines.
That is obvious.
They are elite.
That aslo is obvious.
Who are they?
That is the mystery.

They strike with out warning.
They make no sound.
They leave no trace.
They leave no foot prints.
They leave no survivors.
No survivors.
Save one.

Colonel Thoyous led his men down the road, marching to the front line. The journey was schedualed to take four days. It was the twentieth, and still they were hundreds of miles from the front line.
"Damn this infernall fog!" cursed Thoyous quietly. if it wasn't for the fog, they would be there. Little did he know, that the infernal fog would save his life.

For two more days the 13th thankor infantry marched. They did not even know if they were marching the right way. Three more days after that, they came to a deep valley, both of the slopes of etiehr side covered in dense trees. But the regiment could not see the trees until three miles down, where the fog was thinning slightly. That was when it started.

The lead man span of his feet after a loud gunshot barked across the valley, echoes of it continuously bouncing back. Three more, three men fell. another shot, another death, this time it was the man next to thoyius, he saw the fist sized hole in the soldiers chest.
"Marines!!!!!" he yelled, and his comapny of trained infantry scrablled for cover, and began to fire into the trees, more bolt shots pinged around into the regiment, men falling where they were hit, las shots flew back into the trees, but the bolters did not stop. The fog began to thicken.

Three hours later, bolt shots were still pinging around, the amrines had night vision, detecting heat, if there were any surviving flamer men, thoyous would of had them out up a wall fo fire infront of the trees, or maybe even set the forest alight. anything to stop the enemy's firing. A shot smashed into Thoyous's leg, and he passed out. Later, he came around again, men in silver armour were picking through the dead of his regiment, searching for survivors, were they foudn them, they shot them point blank. Thoyous did the only thing he could. He prayed.

The marines mvoed off, Thoyous had crawled itno a small ditch, and could not be seen from the top.
he looked down at his leg, it was severed clean off, he found a medi pack and clamped it tight, stitching it together. he then took the regiments banner, and used it as a crutch. The lone guardsman made his way to the sector head quarters.

Three days, that was all it took to get back, after the battle the fog cleared, and he could find that the regiment, ahd infact been marching back to the HQ, and where merely 20 miles away. Although in his weaken state, he only managed a few a day. on the second day though he was picked up by a half track, and sped back to the HQ. After giving his report he was sent to the infirmary. Colonel Thoyous died of loss of blood three days after arriving at base.

Still, the Unnamed had lived up to thier reputation, no survivors.

12-09-2006, 21:07
What's their name? :D

cav da man
12-09-2006, 21:25
yes i think i've think ive heard of them, what was the name again? could you give me some info on who they are while you're at it? :), jokes aside nice story...i dont see any real point to it but nice story all the same

12-09-2006, 21:29
Shouldn't this be in the story section?

12-09-2006, 21:50
At what tune is the first part? :D

Daemon king Mad Dog
13-09-2006, 17:57
Name, no one knows, probab;lly cus only 1 guy has survived! ever!

The tune at the start is... umm... i just wrote it go go

Khaine's Messenger
13-09-2006, 18:23
So what's this supposed to be, besides a story about how some Marines totally screwed some Guardsmen who wouldn't know military discipline from a hole in their bum?