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Captain Jeffrey
12-09-2006, 23:47
HEY-HEY, all. It's the Captain again.

Well, I stopped by the gaming club again this Sunday, and about 8 people showed up.

Bob wondered if I wanted to play a 2,000 point game against his Tyranids, but I politely declined and said I had other plans (I actually already did, and I was still mad at his cheating from last week.)

Anyway, I chatted with Tim, the guy that welcomed me into the group, and said we should play each other. So, we did. Agreed on a match, and we already had lists written up, as he had mentioned to me last week to bring a list, as either he'd play me, or would find someone else suitable besides Bob.

"I really apologize for what happened last week, man. We shouldn't have let you two guys play Bob." -Tim

"Oh yeah. Was this the infamous game that was stopped in the second turn and broken up for discussion because someone was thought to be cheating?" -one of the non-gaming people that stopped by to watch.

So, that game has already made history (see my other post from the First Week if you want more information.) Looks like I'm off to a fun and memorable start.

Oh well, I said, things like that happen. So, we thought this match would be a no-holds-barred game that could, militarily, get ugly for either side.

Tim's Dark Eldar versus my Biel-Tan Craftworld Eldar. :D

Shawn stopped by (also an Eldar player), and was quite interested in watching this one. "WOW. Eldar versus Dark Eldar? I don't think I've seen this at the club here yet."

Wow. This was probably gonna be epic. Here's what I fielded, and what Tim fielded (from memory). Both our army lists were composed a full week before playing, so none of these lists (IMO) are designed to defeat a specific foe (and playing this way tends to make games more balanced and exciting.)

***Jeff's army- Biel-Tan Swordwind- Ashura's Wind Shrine Host-

HQ 1- The Avatar of Khaine

Troops 1- The Sting- 10 Striking Scorpions- Exarch Tederhas with Scorpion's Claw and Crushing Blow power.

Troops 2- The Scream- 10 Howling Banshees- Exarch Adrienne with Executioner Blade and Acrobatic and War Shout powers.

Troops 3- The Blaze- 10 Fire Dragons- Exarch Fauthril with Fire Pike.

Troops 4- The Dark- 5 Dark Reapers- Exarch Thanatos with Eldar Missile Launcher and Fast Shot power.

Troops 5- The Shadow- 10 Warp Spiders- Exarch Tlyhedras with Power Blades and Withdraw and Surprise Assault warrior powers.

Elites 1- The Whispers- 10 Eldar Rangers.

Fast Attack 1- The Tempest- 10 Swooping Hawks- Exarch Venti with Shuriken Pistol and Web of Skulls, and Sustained Attack warrior power.

Heavy Support 1- Lelana, Wraithlord- Starcannon.

Heavy Support 2 and 3- War Walker- Starcannon and Bright Lance.

Transports 1 and 2- Wave Serpent- One has a Twin-Linked Starcannon, one has a Twin-Linked Bright Lance. Both have Spirit Stone and Star Engine upgrades.

***Tim's army- The Bloodied Kabal of the Dark Eldar- (from my best memory, here was his stuff)

HQ- Dracon- Agonizer, Shadow Field

Troops- 12 Warriors- two Dark Lances

Troops- 12 Warriors- two Dark Lances

Troops- 12 Warriors- two Dark Lances

Troops- 10 Warriors in a Raider- Dark Lance, Blaster

Troops- 10 Warriors in a Raider- Dark Lance, Blaster

Elites- 9 Witches in a Raider- Succubus with Agonizer (Dracon tagged along)

Elites- 10 Witches in a Raider- Succubus with Agonizer

Elites- 9 Grotesques and a Haemonculus with a Raider- Haemonculus with his "Special" Flamethrower.

Heavy 1- Ravager- 3 Dark Lances

Heavy 2- Ravager- 3 Dark Lances

Heavy 3- Talos- with it's crazy "Assault 6" gun.

Transports- Every single Raider is armed with a Disintegrator.

Well, that's the set-up, I'll summarize the battle in the next reply.

14-09-2006, 14:40
Can't wait to hear it.

14-09-2006, 21:02
this should be interesting

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15-09-2006, 08:19
where's the battle report?

15-09-2006, 08:27
No really, where is your battle report. No sense in letting daily life get in the way of describing a great game.

Chaplin Davius
15-09-2006, 08:43
I want the battle report, I want the battle report.

15-09-2006, 08:48
Love the names for your Squads

15-09-2006, 10:01
what a jip.

15-09-2006, 12:14
I predict a DE win :) He's faster without losing anything in return (no less anti-tank then Eldar for instance)

15-09-2006, 14:39
Troops- 10 Warriors in a Raider- Dark Lance, Blaster

Troops- 10 Warriors in a Raider- Dark Lance, Blaster

Heavy 1- Ravager- 3 Dark Lances

Heavy 2- Ravager- 3 Dark Lances

Hmm, I wonder about these...
The raider warriors can't fire that Dark Lance if the raider is moving (and why would a fast skimmer stand still...).
And the Ravagers will only be able to fire 1 of those 3 Dark Lances if they move fast.

Seems like odd weapons choices...

Captain Jeffrey
16-09-2006, 01:02
I apologize for the lateness of my report, as this is a bad internet connection. I ain't gonna jip anyone. :D I deliver on what I promise. Anyway, here it goes-

I should also mention that Tim had a squad of Jetbikers. He had about 6 of them, two with Blasters.

Mission was "Take and Hold", as I told Tim that I kinda wanted a simple mission without diagonal table quarters, so he suggested T+H, and I commented that I remembered that mission was usually very fun.

The fight is an epic match-up to battle over a Wraith Gate in the center of the battlefield. Scoring units within 12" at the end wins the game.

Note- The Fire Dragons are in my Starcannon Wave Serpent, and the Striking Scorpions are in the Bright Lance one.

More importantly, this fight drew a good deal of spectators, not just for the interest of the epic fluffy match-up, but to see how an Eldar army does without a Farseer- I myself wanted to try it, because I was tired of using her in my army- she's very expensive, and doesn't end up doing a whole lot for like 200 points.

That, and Farseers and Warlocks, in my experience, are only useful if you have Wraith Guard or Guardian Squads on the table, and in this battle, I had neither (I do own like 60 Guardians- 40 Defender and 20 Storm, actually, they're just not showing up.)

Terrain- This battlefield was very terrain heavy, we both liked it. Symmetrical on both sides, and there was a very, very large forest in the center around the Wraith Gate.

***Asura's Wind Shrine Turn 1-

Both the Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders, War Walker, and Wave Serpent with the Striking Scorpions on the western half of my force advanced forward.

On the eastern front were my Howling Banshees, Fire Dragons in the other Wave Serpent, and the Wraithlord. They all advanced forwards around the eastern edge, as we both knew running right for the center would be a bad idea. In the east, holed up in a deserted imperial outpost, were my Rangers. They stood static and did not move for obvious reasons.

In the central front were the second War Walker, Avatar, and the Dark Reapers with a pretty good field of fire up the central and east corridors. War Walker and Avatar moved, taking advantage of cover, and the Dark Reapers stayed static.


Brightlance Serpent fires at a Ravager and hits, but fails to cut through the armor.

Wraithlord's Starcannon fires at a Raider with Warriors in it, and gets stunned and weapon destroyed. The Warriors barrel out.

Western War Walker fires at a Wych Raider and destroys it in a flurry of Brightlance and Starcannon fire (most notably, it was a Starcannon shot that brought it down.)

Starcannon Wave Serpent fires at the Raider with the Grotesques and destroys it, as the sickening fiends all tumble out.

The Dark Reapers open fire at a Warrior squad down the central corridor and inflict massive casualties, the two Plasma Missiles from Thanatos also melting several in the process, and Tim failed his Pinning test.

The Rangers up in the outpost fire their sniper rifles at a Warrior squad, hitting all 10 times, and killing about 6. Tim failed his Pinning test, and the Warriors kept their heads low, unable to tell where the silenced shots were coming from.

No assaults, that was the end my turn. Did some decent damage.

***Bloodied Kabal Turn 1-

Tim started zipping most of his stuff around, a little disappointed that his Grotesques now lacked a transport.

On the western front, the Dracon and his Wyches in their Raider moved forward towards the Wave Serpent, as well as the Reaver Jetbikers, and another Raider squad.

The Talos ominously started advancing towards the center of the field (where the Avatar and the Wraithlord were also headed- this would be fun- clash of monsters!)


Much to my dismay, the Warrior squad on the hill fired and pulverized my western front War Walker (GW seriously needs to re-write their rules, I use them because they are awesome models.)

The Ravager fired and knocked my Wave Serpent out of the sky, the Striking Scorpions within it losing two in the falling molten wraith-plastic, and they were pinned- luckily behind the Wave Serpent and out of sight of most of the army.

Two Raiders fired at the Swooping Hawks and one hit and killed three. This caused me to take a morale check, which I failed (rolled an 11), and then to my sheer dismay (and Tim's comment of "God, that sucks. I wanted to see what those can do.") I rolled triple boxcars (18") on my Fall Back move, harrying them off the table. How unlucky.

The Talos fired, but did pretty much nothing, failing to hit, and then when it counted, striking the Wraithlord, which it could not hurt with it's shooting attack.

Warrior squad and the Haeomonculus flamer fired at my Howling Banshees in the woods, and killed two.

Warrior squad fired at my Wave Serpent, and crew stunned it. At least no permanent damage.

That was it, no assaults.

***Ashura's Wind Shrine Turn 2-

Losing all my Swooping Hawks definitely sucked, as Tim got lucky. He did say he wanted to see what they could do, though, as nobody at the club who ever plays Eldar uses Swooping Hawks. Shawn (an Eldar player watching) told Tim what they do, what weapons they have, and Tim nodded and said, "Damn, that's terrible luck. Swooping Hawks sound like great things to use against Dark Eldar with all those shots they have, and the customary Exarch of Doom."

I had lost some stuff, but the battle was still fresh, and nobody had gained a clear advantage.

I disembarked my Fire Dragons and moved them forward towards the Grotesques, and the Howling Banshees advanced further towards them and the Warrior squad on foot as well. The Avatar, Wraithlord, and War Walker pushed forwards towards the center to guard it.

I knew my Striking Scorpions were probably forfeit, but, I did move the Warp Spiders right in front of the Reaver Jetbikers to unleash monofilament fun in the shooting phase.


The Rangers opened fire at the Warrior squad again, hitting again with all 10 shots, this time killing it to a man (Dark Lance warrior), and pinning him in the process.

The Dark Reapers fired at another Warrior squad and with the Plasma Missiles and fire, reduced their numbers significantly. No pinning this time, though.

The Warp Spiders fired at the Jetbikers, killing every single one of them.

The Howling Banshees fleet of footed to move closer to their Grotesque adversaries.

The Fire Dragons rained molten heat down upon the Grotesques, instant-killing seven of them.

The Wraithlord and War Walker fired at the Talos (their only target they could currently see,) wounding it once.

The Dark Reapers fired at the Wych squad on foot, killing about 5 of them.

The Rangers fired at a new target, the Warrior Squad (now on foot from the weaponless and stunned Raider) hit AGAIN all 10 times, and killed 6 of them, three shots scoring AP-1 and going through the vision slits of the Dark Eldar helmets.


This time I was in assault distance. Both the Fire Dragons and the Howling Banshees charged into the Grotesques, killing every single one of them and the Haemonculus in the process.

I was in consolidation distance, so I engaged the Warrior squad with both units so I could not be fired upon in the next turn. (Tim's comment of "That's a very smart move.")

In the assault phase, I then teleported the Warp Spiders into the trees, near the center, about 18" from it.)

***Bloodied Kabal Turn 2-

Tim was very worried at what was going on, the eastern front had pretty much collapsed to the Biel-Tan forces, but the west was going to heat up.

More of his units continued to move towards the center, and his firing and assaults could be deadly this turn.


Units fired upon my Wraithlord and Avatar, inflicting each a wound on the mighty creatures.

A Raider on the west area fired at my Dark Reapers and managed to kill one, less dead thanks to the wonders of a 5+ cover save.

The Ravager fired at my second War Walker, but missed twice, and rolled a 1 on the penetration attempt with the one that hit. Dodged a big bullet on that one...


This was going to be very messy, and I knew my Stiriking Scorpions were probably going to die.

The Dracon and his Wyches assaulted them, but, with the fun of Mandiblaster fire, I was able to kill three of them before the rest of the team got wiped down to a man- Exarch Tederhas.

Well, Tederhas had planned to use that power glove, and use it he did. He smashed the faces in of three Wyches, before losing the combat and running away, bounding over the southern cliffs with sheer speed. I just removed him from the game right there since Tim wouldn't be able to see him in the next turn, and wasn't going to spend the effort to shoot at him. At the very least one of my favorite characters survived to tell this story. :)

Well, the downside was I lost all my Scorpions. The upside was I had reduced that Wych unit with the Dracon below half its power, rendering it unable to hold the center.

That was the end of that turn.

***Ashura's Wind Shrine Turn 3-


Both of us were left with less and less targets to shoot at. I shot with the Warp Spiders at a nearby Warrior squad, wiping it out, then teleporting back into cover.

The Dark Reapers fired at the second Ravager, crew stunning it and destroying a Dark Lance. Not bad.

The Rangers were now running out of targets. This time they fired at the weaponless Raider and brought it down.

The Wraithlord, War Walker and Avatar reached the center to confront the Talos.


The Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons killed all of the Warriors without any real trouble, and consolidated 4" towards the center.

The Avatar and the Wraithlord assaulted the Talos, smashing the Talos into the ground.

Unlucky for me, the Sybarite found a weakness in the Avatar, and it lost a wound. Oh well.

***Bloodied Kabal Turn 3-

More and more things were getting into combat, and with me holding the center, Tim was starting to get worried, so the Wyches moved to the center to fight the Avatar and the Wraithlord.

(more in the next post)

Captain Jeffrey
16-09-2006, 01:20
In shooting, I lost one more Dark Reaper, and five Warp Spiders from enemy fire. The Warp Spiders fell back.

I lost the rest of my Howling Banshees from Disintegrator fire from a Raider and Warrior squad rapid fire.


The Wyches engaged the Avatar and the Wraithlord in the center. Both sides reaped a toll on each other, and the Avatar and the Wraithlord each lost a wound.

***Ashura's Wind Shrine Turns 4 and 5-

Not much to shoot at now. Except this time my Wave Serpent moved up and hilariously finished off a Raider with a Shuriken Catapult hit (the Starcannon did nothing.)

The Fire Dragons moved and fleet of footed towards the center, reaching within 12"- and I decided to assault one of his now two remaining Raiders. Heck, I could get lucky, and I always like doing this kind of stuff (reminds me a lot of my Blood Angel Terminators with Lightning Claws against an enemy Land Speeder, because it was the only thing they could assault.)

The Rangers were fully out of targets to shoot at, and moved and fleet of footed towards the center, reaching a wooded forest area (hooray!)

The Dark Reapers had one target they could shoot at- some Warriors. They wiped the squad out.


The Avatar, Wraithlord, and Wyches all inflicted a bloody toll on each other, the Avatar finally going down in a blaze of glory. (Oh well, he did a good job. :D He killed that Talos and a good number of Wyches.)

The Fire Dragons managed to strap on two Melta Bombs to the fast-moving Raider, and, as you can probably guess, it went down. :)

The War Walker fired and managed to down the second Ravager. Hooray! (To the trite and my eye-squinting comment of a player watching who plays Tzeentch Chaos Marines who had just stopped by to watch- "Wow, someone's using War Walkers?")

***Bloodied Kabal Turns 4 and 5-

This battle was going to be CLOSE. An epic finish. Tim and I both had hardly anything left.

The Dark Reapers lost another of their kind, reduced to 3 men, now, and the Fire Dragons were wiped out in turn 4 by enemy fire.

The Wyches and some Warriors reached the center, and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to hold that area anymore.

Mighty Lelana finally fell, her spirit stone cracking with a screaming moan as the mighty robotic Wraithlord hit the ground after being attacked by the Succubus's Agonizer.

Turn 6 (Both sides)-

Not much to do now, except I shot my Rangers at the Warriors and reduced them below half their number.

In the assault phase, my War Walker was assaulted and was killed by Plasma Grenades that the Wyches had, and the Dark Reapers were also wiped out in the multi-combat.

Result- It was an extremely close and down to the wire battle, but Tim had barely managed to pull it off.

Both sides had reaped an insane, vicious, and hate-filled bloody toll on each other, but in the end, the Dark Eldar Bloodied Kabal barely managed to get to the Wraith Gate.

Here's what each army had LEFT at the end of the game-

Tim's Dark Eldar-

One Raider
Dracon and three Wyches
Six Wyches
Four Warriors

My Biel-Tan Eldar-

Eight Rangers
Wave Serpent

-Tim won by ONE scoring unit in the center. However, an epic end. As at the end of the game, that last scoring unit was looking into the scopes of the Rangers. :)

WHAT a battle. It swung both ways and back and forth during the fight, and the center was wrenched from my hands at the last second.

Tim and I shook hands, Tim saying that was one of the best games he had had in a good while. "Win or lose, these are my favorite games. The kind like this that keep you on the edge of your seat, swing back and forth, and come right down to the wire. Thanks for playing."

(some player commentary below)

Captain Jeffrey
16-09-2006, 01:45
Behind the cliffs away from the Gate, Tederhas, armor scratched and marred in a hundred spots from foul Wych-designed weapons of torture, undood the straps on his Scorpion's Claw, and slumped to the ground. He was exhausted.

Nearby was Venti, sitting on a tree stump, rubbing his helmeted face in his hands, ashamed of the mix up of he and his young Hawk warrior's actions. They had left to chase after a Dark Eldar contingency approaching from behind, and they had found nothing. They had been tricked by their dark kindred. The other Swooping Hawks nearby were all silent, muddled with both feelings of despair, guilt, and confusion.

Venti took off his helmet and spat at the ground. Only their dark brothers and sisters would do something so dishonorable. Tederhas could only watch as he sighed, a single tear rolling down his face from his left eye.

He was the sole survivor of his team. He cursed his luck, saying in his head that he could not save his men. As the leader, it should be his body lying on the field, not theirs.

He then thought of the Howling Banshees and the Fire Dragons. They would never return. And Lelana's shattered remains were now strewn at the base of the Wraith Gate.

All was lost. They had lost so much, and had failed to seal the Wraith Gate. Their dark kindred had escaped.

The surviving Wave Serpent landed, back bay opening to one single survivor, Techlis, the pilot of the War Walker that was shot down behind him at the start of the battle by Dark Lance fire.

They greeted each other with a solemn traditional handshake, and chatted about what had happened.

Nobody else was alive or present. Despite the fact that they had crippled the Dark Eldar themselves, the most important person, their Dracon, had escaped.

The Rangers were unaccounted for. Tederhas scratched his head, and requested for Techlis's vision scope. He surveyed the battlefield. The surviving Dark Eldar were gone, and the Wraith Gate still open. They no longer had the tools to seal the gate. The Avatar and most of the Aspect Warriors were needed for that purpose.

It was time to leave. But, where were the Rangers? The Rangers they had run into a few hours before the battle?

He then suddenly felt a hand grab his shoulder from behind. He turned around, ready to kill.

But it was the leader of the Rangers.

"Wh-what are you doing here? And, who are you?" Tederhas asked.

"My name's not important, is it? I am a wanderer, an outcast. Nothing more."

"Where is your team?"

"Can't you see them? Oh. I figure you'd have a hard time trying to spot them. They're over there."

The Ranger pointed towards a grove of trees near the Gate. Tederhas still saw nothing. Then a flash of light as one of the Rangers must have deliberately let his scope hit sunlight so that he could see.

"We're right there." the Ranger said. "Time is of the essence. You must leave as soon as possible to warn of the escape of the Bloodied Kabal."

"But, what about you?" Tederhas inquired.

The Ranger put his shroud over his helmet and just coldly said, "We're outcasts, nothing more. We have no home. The Biel-Tan Craftworld is no longer our home. We will stay here."

"What are you going to do?" Tederhas again asked.

"What else, Exarch Warrior? We'll tell you if anything comes out of this gate ever again. Now get going. You have a job to do, and we have ours. If there's anything we think you need to know, your seers will know." the Ranger said as he then turned around and vanished into the trees.

Before Tederhas could ask again, the wanderer was gone.

He then turned around and got on the Wave Serpent with Techlis as the rest of the Swooping Hawks then departed.

"A job I have to do indeed." he said to himself. He appreciated the Wandering Ones. They somehow always managed to help in their mysterious ways.

But he was on the Path of the Warrior. And although feeling guilty and being the sole survivor of his unit, Khaine and Ashura had surely chosen him to stay alive for these very reasons. He had to leave immediately. He told the Wave Serpent pilot to move as quickly as possible. The Craftworld had to be warned. There was no more time to waste.

-The End.

16-09-2006, 01:50
Great battle report! Thanx for taking the time to write it!

For Khaine!

Captain Jeffrey
16-09-2006, 02:01
Battle Commentary-

Well, that was a blast. Despite a loss, it was not a crippling all-out rout that Dark Eldar often tend to give to their opponents (especially other Eldar for some reason.)

I honestly think I could have won that battle had two key things not happened, both due to sheer bad luck-

1) The all-out rout of my Swooping Hawks on the first turn. And-
2) The unlucky failure of my Warp Spider's morale test, where they were then chased off the table by a Raider staying within 6" of them in the next turn.

All my other units in my opinion performed well. The Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons tore an absolute bloody swathe through two Warrior squads, a Raider, and the large unit of Grotesques before finally being brought down. The assault on the Raider that killed it was an added feeling of warmth in my heart- it's fun to get 6's.

The Striking Scorpions performed as best as they could before being wiped out. They at the very least reduced the second Wych unit below scoring strength, and it was fitting for the story that the Exarch was the sole survivor.

Tim applauded my "ballsy" gamble to use the Power Fist option. It worked in the end, him commenting that most 40K players are far too "calculating" and "conservative", saying that he appreciates "risk takers" like myself, as they make the game interesting, and if they pull off a crazy stunt, it can make-or-break a game.

I was surprised my second Wave Serpent lived to the end. Usually those things attract enemy fire like a mouse to cheese (and against Dark Eldar weaponry, that Energy Field doesn't do much.)

The War Walker that survived did a good job, although before he was killed he was shot a few times and rendered weaponless, and then was assaulted and blown up by Plasma Grenades.

The Wraithlord and the Avatar did a good job, before going down and out "in style" in the center of the field.

Dark Reapers did a phenominal job (usually they don't in games I play and see,) and they were only wiped out when they raced to the center to contest it in the final two turns, after having no more targets to shoot at (they were killed in the 6th and final turn by the Wyches.)

However, the unit that gets the "Can of Whoop-ass" award goes to those Rangers. They got superior deployment (in that outpost with a 3+ cover save!!!) and had an excellent field of fire.

Tim said that unit was the unit of the match, by far. A constant thorn in his side, and he could do little about it. They were even fired on a little bit, but with a 3+ cover save from big concrete walls, they shrugged off the damage, until they went into the open to get near to the center since they had nothing left to shoot at.

Their finishing spot was very characterful. One of the observers of the game even took a picture of it. All my Rangers (they are the older models) were in a grove of trees (we were obviously fighting on a forest world,) and you could actually hardly even SEE them when they were in the terrain- my Rangers have the green and black vine color scheme. Tim even thought that looked great- one Ranger even had his rifle sticking out between two pine trees.

All in all, a great match, which came down to the wire. Tim said he was even surprised that he managed to win since he said he was very worried after I shot down a good number of Raiders and stuff, and a Ravager, in the opening two turns.

All was indeed not lost for the Eldar. Until next time, Tim! Ashura's Wind Shrine Host will be back- Goddess Ashura will some day reincarnate and have her revenge! :)

Well, that's all I got. Hope you enjoyed it! -Jeff

16-09-2006, 02:48
That was completely insane! Great battle report! It's good to see that DE is still around, and when they game against eldar it can get VERY ugly, it's great! Plus sometimes I read battle reports on Warseer and I keep hearing things like '...and then he killed my Land Raider. Stupid 6's! If only...'. Your's was completely objective (opposite of subjective) and was writen like it was being watched by a backseat gamer or something.

18-09-2006, 07:15
You have a very easy to read style of writing, and i like it, great report

Captain Jeffrey
24-09-2006, 07:00
Thanks for the feedback, glad to see you all enjoyed it.

Here's my next plug- I just put up my Week 3 Battle Report in this forum, hope you enjoy that one, too.


24-09-2006, 07:58
Awesome bat rep. I take it that both armies were well painted (In my experience Eldar and Dark Eldar players have a parituclar knack for painting)?

24-09-2006, 08:30
Great battle report I must say, you write it in a manner that really makes it interesting, even though it's just text describing a battle, without pictures they easily get boring, but not yours :)

Just a wee bit curious about this part though:

***Ashura's Wind Shrine Turn 2***

The Rangers opened fire at the Warrior squad again, hitting again with all 10 shots, this time killing it to a man (Dark Lance warrior), and pinning him in the process.

The Dark Reapers fired at another Warrior squad and with the Plasma Missiles and fire, reduced their numbers significantly. No pinning this time, though.

The Dark Reapers fired at the Wych squad on foot, killing about 5 of them.

The Rangers fired at a new target, the Warrior Squad (now on foot from the weaponless and stunned Raider) hit AGAIN all 10 times, and killed 6 of them, three shots scoring AP-1 and going through the vision slits of the Dark Eldar helmets.

Did you shoot twice with both those units?

24-09-2006, 22:05
Absolutely amazing on all ends of the job my friend. It does sound like a nail biter!
BIG unfortunate with your Hawks, next time you might consider deep striking them?
2 big thumbs up!

Captain Jeffrey
27-09-2006, 16:27
You're right to be curious, because it's a mistake, Falkman. Sometimes even my proofreading skills aren't 100% effective. :)

I didn't shoot twice with the Dark Reapers (Tim surely wouldn't let that happen. :D ) Somehow that DE stuff *did* actually get killed, but how at the time now totally escapes me.

Anyway, I'd say both armies are pretty well painted. All of my stuff is, but what Tim did have painted (about half of it or so,) was pretty decent looking, and he's redoing some models since he purchased the majority of them off of somebody else.

The Hawks running away was just dismal. I've deep-struck them before, but have had poor results at times for doing so.

However, with the rumored "repeated flying high" rule the Hawks *may* get in their revamped Codex, I may consider doing it repeatedly to shower my opponents with Plasma Grenades.

Tim invited me to his house this Saturday for a large 40K get-together with most of the guys (excluding Bob now from what I've heard,) so I'm happy to find I'm making new gaming friends quickly.

Hopefully this weekend has some good 1-on-1 matches or some large allied game. I'll be sure to tell y'all if it turns out to be fun, and since Tim tends to be able to "discipline" other players into getting games going (rather than just sitting around talking,) I should be able to get in at least 2 games this Saturday if they are singles matches.