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12-09-2006, 23:33
Ok, maybe not a complete newbie but the last time i played traditional warhammer was about 5-6 years ago with the old wood elf list and now im looking at geting back into the game. Im not looking for a powergaming list, i like a good theme to my forces and most importantly to have FUN. Equally i dont want to spend tons of money swapping things in and out due to bad choices on my part so any assistance in making the list at least moderatly effective would be great :angel:

The overall theme of the list is that its a diplomatic escort for a Yenayla seeking to rouse the unwilling spirits of Athel Loren in its defense during a time where the spirits are more concerned with their imminent winter slumber.


Glamourweave Spellweaver - Wand of Wych Elm, Dispell scroll, Unicorn
Fluff driven commander with strong magic defense, unsure if i should upgrade her to a level 4 wizard as shes expensive enough with that unicorn :cries: but on the plus side she will be fairly durable and able to chase off things behind my lines.


Noble - Great weapon, Light armour, Amber pendant
Captain of the bodyguard, durable enough to make sure the eternal guard stay stubborn and add some combat resolution

Waywatcher Noble - Resplendence of Luminescents, Beffuddlement of Mischiefs
A sharpshooting unit with magic arrows has its uses for sure, and being able to cause stupidity in the opponents rear echelon isnt to be sniffed at


10 Glade Guard - Musician

10 Glade Guard - Musician

Cant be woodelves without some archers


17 Eternal Guard - Standard, Musician, War banner

Deployed with a 6 elf frontage, gives some nice staying power to the force

8 Wardancers - Bladesinger
Hard hitting flanker unit that can take the odd bow casualty and remain effective


7 Waywatchers
no traps anymore :cries: feigned flight through a trapped wood was fun, but hope these guys do me proud anyway


More anchor to help the eternal guard and the fruit of the ambassadors task

1776pts total

So this leaves me with 224 points left to play with, which is where your advice comes in ;) any ideas?

13-09-2006, 00:20
a unit of 5 Wild Riders (130) and 8 Dryads (96)

13-09-2006, 04:39
I see only 2 core in a 2000pt army, so you should probably beef that out a little. Personally I'd go with more Glade guard and/or Glade Riders, but I don't play wood elves so you might want to listen to someone else instead. :D

Dryads are supposed to be pretty popular too, but whether you take them would really depend on how badly it breaks with your theme (and more importantly, whether you care), since forest spirits are supposed to be less common in Autumn/Winter.

13-09-2006, 10:15
indeed i dont really want lots of forest spirits, wild riders are most definatly spring/summer only, dryads are a possibility as a small unit but i much prefer wardancers as a flanking assault unit.

some glade riders seem good for a mobile harrassment unit, so a basic 5 rider team with musician would leave 95 points from there i guess the options are -

a) shoehorn a small unit of dryads in
b) Reduce the current wardancers size a little and get a second unit of them
c) Reduce the current wardancers size and replace the champion for a wardancer noble
d) bulk up the eternal guard/glade riders
e) Upgrade the spellweaver to a rank 4

or somehing completely different

13-09-2006, 13:22
i would try to upgrade the mage to level 4. also i would upgrade the noble to army battle standard. it's 15 pts well invested, since you will be able to re-roll your stuborn from the eternal guard and your treeman. that make a really hard to flee treeman.

also you need another core this was mentioned before. i would go with a unit of 8 to 10 dryads, they'll be usefull for tougher opponents when your treeman is busy, and they cause fear which is always nice to have.

13-09-2006, 15:19
thing with making him the BSB is he can't have a great weapon then, and the whole point of the amber pendent is to offset the great weapon disadvantage so he can kill things before they kill him.

seems like general consensus is to add a small dryad unit in, why upgrade the mage to a rank 4 out of curiosity?