View Full Version : Weekly "flash" Warhammer show

13-09-2006, 18:00
Who would be interested in watching/listening to a weekly 10-15 minute Flash video clip on wargaming?

Kind of like the Howard Stern show...for warhammer.


13-09-2006, 18:52
Isn't someone already making a Radio/Podcast show about Warhammer?

13-09-2006, 19:04
I'd be interested to hear what you had in mind...

13-09-2006, 19:04
I have no idea. Nor do I care if they are ;) There are like 1,000 fan-zines about warhammer, I'm sure I can share webspace with another warhammer broadcast.

The more the merrier.

13-09-2006, 19:21
Id surely be interested, you seem to have alot of big ideas Icedcrow and Im impressed by all them.

13-09-2006, 19:36
Thanks. I'm searching for a good intro song. Right now I'm torn between Unicron's theme, Legion of Doom, or the opening from Bolt Thrower's Warmaster.

heh. I'll turn it into a podcast too.

It will be great. Legendary. Epic!

13-09-2006, 20:13
I'd be interested. For intro song.. Karma by Kamelot!!

Barring that, Battlefield by Blind Guardian.

13-09-2006, 23:42
I need some questions / topics to go over. If you're interested in contributing email me at IcedCrow@yahoo.com and include your name and location! This is going in my report/podcast which will be up next Monday.