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13-09-2006, 19:50
'Ello every one:)

Have you noticed how many chapters there are and these are the GW chapters as well, but anyway to the point, just wondering what other chapters there are
remember to include

1. colour scheme (go into detail if you want)
2. traits if any
3. general playing style (i.e swift strike, gun line, siege,etc)
4. how they came to be

13-09-2006, 19:56
My chapter is the Blue Eagles

1. they are Ultramarines Blue body, arms ,helmet and shoulder pad lining are hawk turquois
2.die standing,cleanse 'n' purify, heed the wisdom of the acients and the one which gives you 0-1 on fast attack
3.mainly gun line with an armoured assault (assault squads, terminators)
4.an experiment by the adaptus mechanus to "cure" the blood angels gene seed which did nothing (using blood angels codex)

13-09-2006, 20:03
I've played most of 'em at some point...

I've toyed with Dark Angels. The secretive background was kind of cool, but I just got bored of them

Ultramarines are an interesting bunch and I still use them every now and then

Of all the Chapters I've played, I had the most success with Space Wolves. I had been put off for a number of years after encountering a player who abused their 2nd edition codex to the max. That many Wolf Guard with Assault Cannons, combined with Bjorn, Ragnar, Ulrik AND Njal Stormcaller and a little thing called Overwatch, it was not a nice experience for a noob. Anyway, I was swayed to giving them a try under their current guise, as I'd always liked the feral, yet noble background. They perfectly suited my style of play.

Through thick and thin, I stuck with my original Marine army - White Scars. The Index Astartes list was somewhat of a highlight, but they have always been a great Chapter to collect

So what do I have right now? Obviously my White Scars, but right now I have a custom chapter. from my days of collecting Ultramarines and Space Wolves, I have a lot of Ultramarine Blue and a lot of wolf icons, so I have a chapter based around 5th company ultramarines with white shoulder pad backgrounds and wolf-like symbols. I haven't got a name as yet, but they're geared as a specialist chapter, dealing with Drop Pod assaults and ship-boarding actions. Marines by name, Marines by nature. So, no vehicles or bikes, lots of combat gear, dreadnoughts and terminators, and a very aggressive strategy

13-09-2006, 21:16
My homebrew chapter is called the Swords of the Emperor. A fairly recent founding chapter that has diverged from standard codex organisation follwoing two historical incidents that almost destroyed the chapter.

1. base armour colour is Liche Purple. Squad markings are basic heraldic around a combination of colours determined by squad type. Chapter emblem is a black sword on a white field.
2. see, but don't be seen; suffer not the works of heretics; flesh over steel; die standing
3. primarily infiltrating gunline supported by attack bikes as the chapter lacks much in the way of heavy vehicles.
4. recent founding (although unclear to which chapter provided gene-seed) that has come to diverge quite quickly from the codex following two significant incidents in the past. One such incident resulted in the near total destruction of the chapter's fortress monastery, including the near complete loss of the chapter forges and most of the handful of techpriests they chapter had. As a result, the chapter tends to focus on personal weapons and smaller vehicles rather than heavy support elements such as predators, land raiders and vindicators.

13-09-2006, 21:31
i made a custom chapter once. Got quite a bit of it painted up and everything to, until i realized i just couldnt bring myself to play a marine army.

Mine was a second edition Salamanders 2nd founding. THey disappeared for some reason in the 3rd and 4th fluff.

Draconian Legion
1. Basically a nonmetallic metal green with a wash. Then i used alpha legion sholder pads (cause the dragon) and trimed them in black and gold. Though the first company had white helmets
2. I used (trust your battle brothers and clense and purify) with the down falls of not many fast attack choices and no allies, cause they werent techincally supposed to exist anymore:p
3. Basically salamanderish, get close and flame/melta everything to death
4. Got bored one day really, but its always fun to paint somethign that you normally dont

13-09-2006, 22:27
Mine, still nameless at the moe due to not playing a lot -
1. Shadow grey with white egales
2.bikes as troops & ass squads as elites
3. new chapter and no drop pod draw backs - neither a prob as i don't use dreads, terminators or even drop pods

13-09-2006, 23:40
Well, I'm currently in between chapters (sorta). I ran one army for a long time, and have decided to alter my construction techniques a bit in order to "Keep up with the Jones's". At the same time I was lookin for an army that relied more on the basic marine, so, I thought up a story to bring the two armies together and got to work.

The StratoHammers
Before Tyranid invasion:
Color: Codex Grey
Traits: +Honor Your Wargear, -Death Before Dishonour
Tendencies: Pretty much always had a 10 man Elite Devastator Squad with Lascannons and Tank Hunters. I found it really handy as it handled dangerous tanks quite well and freed up my other troops to maneuver around and gain ground/assault. The devastators were the one extreme unit in an otherise well rounded army.

Tyranid invasion wipes out homeworld and a sizeable portion of the Chapter, rag tag fleet clears a Space Hulk and makes a new home. Since then the Chapter has changes it's color to represent their new home in the depths of space, and its organization has altered to represent an ongoing struggle against the Tyranid fleet and a severe recruitment campaign. Old treaties with a nearby forgeworld (boosted by the rediscovered technology in the Space Hulk) have granted safe 'haven' to many fallen heroes.

Color: Black/very dark grey
Traits: +Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients (more dreadnaughts), +Trust Your Battle Brothers (counter-attack+true-grit), -Eye to Eye (less bikes and land speeders), -Faithful Unto Death (one less elite, fast attack, and heavy support than normally allowed)
Tendencies: Well rounded but somewhat troop heavy armies with a couple expensive tactical squads and a couple scout squads. Troops of the line all have CA+TG and frag grenades, making my basic marine 19 points. I'd like to include a Land Raider in my basic 1850, but it's a little rough with such expensive Tac Squads (245 usually).

14-09-2006, 00:01
Vulkan's Brethren

1. Black with purple greaves and helmet, white shoulders with black lining, blue/grey offsets

2. Untraited except for my own personal versions - 5 or 10 man squads only, Rhino mounted, Melta heavy, no plasma for any but commanders, no power weapons except in command squads and characters... so basically it's all kinda negative ;)

3. Mechanized. Heavily so. Melta dependant, so reliable at anti-tank, but kinda crap at most other things. Bolter lines and weight of numbers. Not an assault force.

4. Take one Salamander's Captain. Take one founding. Shake and place on the outskirts of the Ultima Segmentum to defend mining assets. Throw in buried artifacts and Eldar pirate raid leading to the chapter almost being wiped out. Add a dose of legendary Captain (now Dreadnought) saving the day. End result - under-manned, under-resourced chapter led by a big, stonking, ANGRY Dreadnought.

14-09-2006, 03:49
Mine are the MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS! - the most hard core, courageous and most importanty FISTWORTHY marines in the galaxy, nay, the Universe!

Colour - The MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS wear orange armour with white shoulderpads and black trimming, which they always display proudly so that no-one could accuse them of hiding or skulking about the bushes like a WEAK DOG!

Traits - The MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS go by the maxims of Suffer not the Alien to Live (Eldar) and Never Despair. While the MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS hate all xenos like any good marine, the Eldar are partyicularly hated for their cowardly tactics and tendency to flee like a WEAK DOG at the slightest hint of danger.
Unfortunately relics and other rare artifacts like terminator armour are either regularly broken beyond repair or ar in a prolonged state of repair after a particularly FISTWORTHY battle (which tends to be almost every battle), meaning that they often Aspire to Glory. As above, they do Take Pride in their Colours, actively shunning any tactic that would imply cowardice.

General Playing Style - The MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS prefer to launch an immediate mass-drop of all companies into the highest concentration of enemy forces during a simultaneous and very heavy orbital bombardment. From there, the marines split into strike forces that clean out any enemy forces that may have survived the inital assault. Tactics like Guerilla Warefare Ambushes are spat upon, and even simple recconnaisance is restricted to what allied forces may provide them with or preliminary scans of the planet as the chapter enters orbit.
While the MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS maintain that such extreme "tactics" are the only way to ensure complete destruction of the enemy, most imperial commanders regard the chapter to have the strategic know-how of a 4 year old child, and will actively avoid making any requests for assistance if they suspect the MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS will answer.

Origins - The glorious history of the MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS is too detailed for this communicatuion, suffice to say that it involved a galaxy-wide crusade until they found a homeworld FISTWORTHY enough to call their own.

14-09-2006, 03:54
Wow. That's MIGHTY.

Then again, I'm building a Smurf army for WHFB. I approve of this sort of thing :D