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The Song of Spears
13-09-2006, 20:39
Ok, so got a free Chaos Space marines megaforce, i had been allready collecting space marines, so i had a vindicator... i was kinda fed up with how fragile my SM tanks were, especially after seeing how hard it is to stop most skimmers. So i wanted to take advantage of the CSM vehicle upgrades and make a tank heavy army. Who better to use than the Iron Warriors.

I have been playing IW for a bit now, and have tried most varieties of lists i can make with them (even using infiltrating mutated marines with a sorceror)

They don't seem to do any beter than my space marines army, but the tanks are more survivable. Which is all i really wanted. I like the idea of using oblits, but only have 6, and never field more than 6. (i know thats still a lot...) but even still after numerous games versus many different oppoents, i fail to see how anyone could call them cheesy.

So i want to know what it is (is it a specific list??) that makes people think IW are one of the top cheesy armies out there.

Here is my list (not to be crtiqued as in the 'army lists' section, but for reference for you all to determine if i am a 'cheese' offender or not...)

IW Lieutenant with kai gun and power weapon
3x 6man las/plas
3x oblit squads (2 oblits in each)
Heavy Support:
Basilisk w/IF
Vindicator w/mutated hull, parastic poss/, deamonic posse/smoke
deflier w/IF
6man havoc squad with 4x heavy bolters.

1500 points (at 1850 i add more troops and make my lieutenant a starured demaon prince, and make everyone chaos undivided) i am trying to build two predators too...

14-09-2006, 01:56
It is the 9 obliterators that makes most people shy away from the Iron Warriors. Although in the grand scheme of things, whenever a player comes up against an army that only does one thing the eyes get rolled. this is somewhat up to interpretation, and every player has different limits and expectations.

I see that you have 6 Obliterators in your army, as a straight up number, 6 'Blits is good with me. When peeps take 9 I tend to get miffed. I might alter your troops choices actually, the 6 man Las Plas squads seem to be very common, and the army does seem like it's very centered on standing and shooting. Some might start questioning it because it's become the expected way to see Iron Warriors on the table.

As an aside, have you thought about taking 4 Predators and an abundance of foot sloggers? I think Predators look great, and they are nice vehicles for multi-role, combined-arms movements. Having Predators advancing slowly and pruning LOS for advancing troops would both look really cool, and be a more unique way of using the Iron Warriors list.

hope that helps

14-09-2006, 06:01
I don't think your list is cheesy.

I think it's easy meat for a well-balance list, but I don't think it's cheesy......

14-09-2006, 06:19
As an IG player my army has a very hard time with IW (especially those with 6+ Obliterators) and they can be very tough to play against. One of the things that make IW a great tournament army is that Oblits can threaten anything in the game with the weapons they have at their disposal. Facing a horde army: no problem- it's heavy bolters this turn. Nothing but Monstrous creatures or vehicles- no problem break out the lascannons. All the while they can move towards objectives or get into better firing position. A unit of models like this is one thing, but when there are three units waddling around the table backed up by a number of pieplates firing from hidden locations it tends to rankle.

Having said that I actually don't mind playing against them. That may largely be because our local IW player is cursed with horrendous luck and it sort of evens things out. :D

The Song of Spears
14-09-2006, 15:45
Having said that I actually don't mind playing against them. That may largely be because our local IW player is cursed with horrendous luck and it sort of evens things out. :D

You must play against me then :p I have terrible luck! :(

Insectum7, i actually really like both your ideas, although i have no idea what to do with plane jane chaos troops, a few games back i took fabius bile and made some troops CC monsters with his special rules + a sorcerer. It worked great vs. orks and bad vs. tau...so meh

And i also like the idea of 4 predators, or maybe 3 and a my vindi (i lurve the paint job) and i have 2 preds allready, so maybe i will borrow a friends and ty a game or two out that way.

Because, and this is the crux of why i think IW are not so cheesy, my pie plates scatter like hell, i get maybe 1 direct hit a game if you average 3 games together. And against skimmer/tank heavy armies, 1 basi + 3 Defilers get mopped up, they scatter just too much.

and the oblits, while cool and semi mobile, always seem to die every game to railgun/lascannon fire...insta killed and all...

but anyway thanks all, i had hoped i wasn't being too abusive with the rules.