View Full Version : have you ever wonderd what a 4000 point WE orion army would look like well here it is

13-09-2006, 20:43
hullo and no im not crazy i just dont get much sleep.Come on a journey with me a journey of climactic victory and crushing defeat. anyway enough with the show man ship. so some of you ask why make a 4000 army when you can fit Orion in a 2000 army and be done with it my answer is that there isnt enough points i mean orion and his unit cost almost 1000 points anyway (and you have to agree bigger is better).lets get started.

Oroin 575 (it wouldnt be his army without him)

BSB Wood elf noble 117
an annoyance of netlingsthe
royal standard of ariel
light armour

Spellsinger 175 (i wont need any dispell scrolls with the 2 extra dispel dice orion generates)
Calaingor's stave
Deepwood sphere
10 wild riders full command banner of bwindling 346 (your opponent gets one less dice when fleeing from combat)
(this is orions unit)

10 wild riders full command 296

10 wild riders full command 296

10 glade riders full command 276 (im goin to use these guys as fast range support and to help the wild riders when needed)

10 glade riders full command 276

12 dryads with branch nymph 156 (you cant go to war without them)

12 dryads with branch nymph 156


4 Warhawk riders with wind rider 180 (ive heard a lot of good stuff about these guys with theyre hit and run tactics)

4 Treekin with elder 280 (im goin to use these guys in support of my treeman so he dosnt get charged and tied up for the game)

16 glade guard full command 216 (these guy are now a special choice because of the wild hunt rule)

16 glade guard full command 216


Giant eagle 50 (if i actually play any one with 4000 points theyre goin to have lots of warmachines so it will be reasuring to see these guy tear the crews to shreads)

Giant eagle 50

Giant eagle 50

Treeman 285 (with 4000 points how i not have one of these guys)


TOTAL : 3996

so that is it if you have any suggestions or questions feel free ill keep you up dated:D :D :D :D

if anyone is wondering how this came into my head i was bitchen to my friend about how WE have no bolt thowers and he said hey you have orion and then it clicked

13-09-2006, 20:47
I would start with a smaller list and then build on to that.

13-09-2006, 20:56
I would start with a smaller list and then build on to that.

i already have about 2500 points of wood elves so the glade guard glade riders and dryads are taken care of i also have 2 giant eagles:D

also the bsb and spellsinger are taken care of

13-09-2006, 21:02
Just curious... are you Japanese by any chance? :p

On topic: PIXPLZ! ;)

13-09-2006, 21:07
No, it's your style of writing that reminds me of some Japanese people I read text from on various forums. No offense meant. Anyway, are the pics almost up already? ;)

13-09-2006, 21:12
. Anyway, are the pics almost up already? ;)

the pics might be a prob my friend you might of heard from him ethereal
has my camera:( :(

oh and none offence taken i actully get that alot

do you think that the characters to troops point ratio is good i got severly betten 4 days ago because of the fact that i used alot of charaters compeared to my troops and i was playing againts the new orcs at gw against one of the staffso i was all ready severly outnumbered

i just figured out i could afford all of this for only $473 australian useing some of my currant WE as well

just a question does any one hear play WE if so do u have any tactics for orion if so Cheers

Rich 123
13-09-2006, 21:52
Seems like a very big list to start with, but then if you have alot of it already it will make the task easier. Shame we don't have pictures, seeing as this is a painting and modelling forum it is kind of the done thing ;)

Also, if you're going to post so many almost consecutive thoughts do you think you could just edit your last post. That was quite tiring to read this thread seeing as the bulk of it is posts by you, most within minutes of each other.

Get some pics up, it would be great to see such a big warhost (that is the right term for Wodd Elf army isn't it ?).