View Full Version : are lizardmen a rewarding army for the inexperienced player?

Dat Wildboy
13-09-2006, 21:42
i'm interested because i'm contemplating on starting them. i was thinking about a saurus heavy force, a small unit of skinks and a skink chief, but lots of saurus units- 2 to 3 of about 20 saurus each. i'd like to have one of my characters on a carnosaur for sheer coolness, a unit of kroxigor, basically i want a force that will survive and not have very much magic, but plenty of toughness and strength.

i want it to take on all armies just in case, but with a lower model count than goblins, my previous passion, but now skull pass is released, that army is done. thats why i'm onto the next one- aztec dinosaurs.

i'll get some saurus and the army book at the weekend, maybe do a WIP thing on P,M and T and stuff like that. i tried chaos but i quicky got bored due to lack of time and funds :(

so, should i start lizards? are they a fun and forgiving army?

thanks everyone!

13-09-2006, 21:54
they are tons of fun and a resilient army. The cold blooded rule means that phsycology will rarely be an issue and saurus are some of the toughest infantry in the game. A saurus heavy army is great and with an oldblood on carnosaur it can be a truly devastating force (although carnosaurs are kind of overpriced). The models are great and Im sure you like them if you are considering starting them and the different blessed spawnings have openings for cool conversion and paint schemes. It sounds like you would really like lizzies, and if you ever decided to go more magic heavy you can easily throw in a slann and some skink priests(I reccomend taking at least one skink priest anyways). And by the way, NEVER take a skink chief, I love their models but they are just terrible:p

13-09-2006, 22:06
they are plenty fun. but saurus-heavy army is one of the harder set-ups, since they suffer from exactly the same problems any elite infantry in the game does.
anyway- no matter which way you'll go in th end, plenty of skinks is in order-they are reasonably cheap, they are fast, and they are perfect screening unit-be it for kroxigors, saurus infantry or cavalry.
on a topic of kroxigors-many players i know swear they are the best unit in the army, with 3 S7 attacks each and M6, so i'd suggest investing in two units of three for a decent armour-cracker unit.
as i heard someone say-saurus units are nice once they are in place and supported, so one half of your army must be the saurii delivery system(skink screen), and the other must be saurii support system(krox). things like terradons are handy warmachine/mage hunters, and salamanders are overall great unit, both for tenderizing the target before the charge, and for getting rid of those pesky flankers(like skirmioshers or fast cav).
lizardmen are perhaps one of the few true "combined arms" armies in the game in that respect.

but feel free to ignore my babbling, as i have hard time winning:D

13-09-2006, 22:12
Forgiving? Yes. Fun? No.

Imagine if you took the Chaos list, took away its weakness of no ranged support, made the units harder to break, and gave them scaly skin. Its the easiest army to play.

14-09-2006, 04:23
easiest army to play? I play lizardmen and they are loads of fun. But to say that they are the easiest army to play is nonesense. They have no long range shooting and the saurus initiative is horrible. Yes the cold blooded is nice, but it has failed me more than I'd like!

14-09-2006, 04:38
They aren't the easiest army to play. They are one of the easier armies to play but I wouldn't say "easiest". It just depends on how you wrap your head around tactics.

I'd have to say Bretonnians are easier than lizardmen.

14-09-2006, 10:57
i love lisards they are the army i always come back to if you make a fun army ist they wll be fun if not no so maybe you need a bit more varighty heres some pointers

1) old bloods on carnasaurs are cool but theres nothing like completely owning the magic phase with a 2nd gen slann.

2)salamanders are a must if used right i think there my favourite unit in the whole game, but get the archive models there much better lol.

3)if youre gonna take krokigors you need at least4 3 really have trouble taking on units, alternatively use three toguard the flanks.

4)sauraus are cool but dont go over the top they can be inflexible tactically two units of 20 is more than enough in most 200pt armies and with the new rules id recomend units of 18 3 ranks of 6

5)skinks can win you a game they are amazing,dont ignore them their poisend attacks are awesome and there scouts seriously feel all 3 core choices with skinks there only 70pts with scout the you can give yoiure sauras a blessing.

6)last but noyt least take a sxcar veteran with great weapon, light armour, sheild, bleesing of quetsl and sotec, charm of the jaguar warrior and a ward save he is effectively his own unt and can take on anything ive used him to single handedly take down a unit of 15 chosen chaos warriors, plus he will mully war machine crews and can be very usefull slowing people down, btw this tactic doent work against undead lol youll be in contact with one unit the whole game

14-09-2006, 11:03
Lizard men were my first army, and I've played all 4 incarnations since 5th edition (5th edition book, ravening hordes, WD list and modern Armybook).

I find the Lizardmen a very fun army to play, and forgiving. The thing with lizardmen is you don't have to rely on the opponent making a mistake, if you play your army right any move he makes is the wrong move.

I rely on a meat grinder of a unit, backed up by supporting units. If he engages the Meatgrinder head on (30 Saurus with 2 Scarvetrans in it) he'll die. If he Ignores the Meatgrinder, He'll get hit by the support troops (saurus cavalry, terradons, salamanders and koroxigors) and shot by the skinks.

If he can flank the meat grinder ( a distinct possibility with such a big unit) he'll then get counter charged by support units. And with Coldblooded the saurus useually pass a re-rolled brake test (Battle Standards are so useful)

I've not yet tried the Oldblood on Carnosaur, but a solid Sauri force can be very nasty.

14-09-2006, 11:18
Lizards are my current army and I think they are the greatest. They are so much fun compared to the majority of rank and file, cookie cutter armies out there. I field mostly skinks and bases (inc kroxis) and as well as looking pretty damn cool they are very fun.

14-09-2006, 11:21
Many people seem to complain that saurus are rubbish, and that all Lizard players should load up on skinks and salamanders. Personally, I find that sort of army very tedious (too much like playing 40K :p) and so I'm all in favour of the solid saurus army as described by Adlan. It takes a bit more thought to do well with it, but to me that's what Fantasy is all about.

Also, I'd personally advise against the Jaguar Charm saurus hero. This fellah is too easy to use, and your opponent will be expecting him. He's verging on being a 1+ choice for all lizardman armies. You'll have more fun if you make life a bit more difficult for yourself. ;)

So go with a few big units of Saurus, some skinks, a few krox and whatever else takes your fancy. The Carnosaur is an awesome model and will either draw a lot of fire away from the rest of your army, or lay some serious slap down in close combat if he doesn't get shot (a tooled up oldblood on a carnosaur can just about take on horde infantry if he charges in the front, and makes a devastating flanker). If you like the guy, then get him.

I have one of pretty much everything in the Lizardman book bar the Stegadon, and none of them seem to be completely useless. ;)

Dat Wildboy
15-09-2006, 18:35
well thanks everyone, but i decided against lizardmen as i hate the saurus models, their heads are way to big and i don't like the proportions of them.

i've gone with skaven instead. i've scraped together the remnants of my old skaven force, i've managed to convert, fix and design a nice clan story. so far i have a chieftain, a unit of clanrats and a unit of stormvermin. some more clanrats will be added this weekend.

sorry for wasting your time!

i'll post up clan backround on the fantasy backround forum!

15-09-2006, 21:28
skaven tsssssssssssssssssssss
fought you wanted a sturdy elite high toughness and strength force without mutch magic
now you will get a fleeing horde low toughness and strength force and lots of magic :P :P :P

( just kiddn) if you like skaven just go with them

good luck!:D

Dat Wildboy
15-09-2006, 21:43
well i've posted up army backround, converting up some clanrats etc and my chieftain. i'm still going for the elite army- a unit of stormvermin. the clanrats will be in 2 average sized groups of about 30.

i will have about 15 stormvermin, some gutter runners, some jezzails, lots of warpfire throwers, a single warlock for a bit of magic and maybe a warplightning cannon. no slaves, no plague monks, no moulder beasts.

go look at my backround in fantasy backround. they are called 'clan farsqueak', yodelling skaven from the northern mountains of mourn.

what is a good name for a chieftain? something strange.
my warlock is called 'Beans'. 'Baked Beans' when he miscasts!