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Quin 242
14-09-2006, 07:22
So I been wanting to do a sisters of battle army anyways. I've have a STACK of sis figs forever but never had the motivation to get them up and running. Well NOW there's cities of death. Short sightlines and lots of difficult terrain with cover saves for all.

well as you all know.... Sisters can take a flamer AND a HEAVY flamer in each squad.
Thier Assault girls get up to two flamer equivalents as well.

and they have two tanks that use heavy flamers to good effect which are the immolator and the repressor.
Would love to get an inferno cannon in...

SOOO.. with all this flamer-y goodness. Why have there not been more SOB threads abounding?
These girls are DESIGNED for cityfight. If they ain't burning it they are melting it and that's great in a cityfight too...
Meltas and flamers front people.

I'll try and get an army list and some starter pics up in the next day or two in the PC&M forum but I need to get this army table ready in two weeks. Might be difficult since NONE of the figs are done (most not even base coated) and we play at 2250 points around here :(

Wish me luck.

OK so this is kind of a combo Army log start and a general discussion thread. I want discussion about sisters in COD but I want to post updates to my army along the way as well....

14-09-2006, 07:39
Don't forget heavy bolters with blessed ammo also remove cover saves.

14-09-2006, 07:59
I too have admired sisters for quite the while now. I have always loved the models and their gothic style. it is very tempting just to buy a box just to paint up and see how I like them (eek painting womens faces). I'd like to see your log if you get it going.

Good luck

14-09-2006, 12:48
If i had more SoB models I beleave I could make the ultimate mid/close range firepower army in the game

11 point power armored Bolter armed bs4 models are just too good!

especialy in city fight