View Full Version : Returning to the Hobby - What's been released?

14-09-2006, 13:36
I've returned to wargaming after a year and a half off. My last 40k game was November of 2004.

I know that the Black Templars had a new book come out. And I know about the city fight book. What else has been released since then rules wise?

Also ... when are the eldar released?

I'm going to be covering this in my weekly Warchatter podcast as well. (New little internet radio show I've started about gaming). New episode should be out this Monday.


14-09-2006, 13:47
Eldar are coming out October/November.
OK, the new books are: new Rulebook, Space Marines, Tyranids, Black Templars, Tau, Cities of Death.
Eldar pathfinders have been made as a box set.
Apart from that, I don't think you've missed much. Welcome back crow of frozeness.

14-09-2006, 13:55
Cool man thanks for the info. :)

14-09-2006, 14:04
No problem. From how Games Workshop is somewhat doing there releases, I think the next army will be either be Orcs or an Imperial force (an update of either Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves or any other Chapter with rules).

14-09-2006, 14:41
Well, going from the rumours forum, Dark Angels are probably after Eldar (somewhere next year) followed by Orks and maybe the mysterious codex Apocalypse, with rules for large games.