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14-09-2006, 14:51

IF you clicked on this thread because you are an Empire Veteran, then good. As you know, the WFB Webzine - 'The Watchman' - is being constructed at the moment and I have need for an Empire General to help out with an article I am constructing.

Particularly, you need to have a good working knowledge of artillery and its uses in battles.

Reply here if you are interested in helping and I shall PM you.

Kind Regards to all


14-09-2006, 15:47
Hello, I am by no means a veteran Empire player - but;

I have had Dwarves as my main opponent ever since I started, through all the armies I played (6th ed ; Vamps, Woodies, Dogs of War)

Another friend has recently gotten an Empire Army, using Cannons, Mortars and a Hellblaster.

I myself have used the HotPot to great effect against Bretonnia, and I am a short few steps away of having a cannon/galloper gun.

No idea if I can help, but PM me and try me!

14-09-2006, 15:50
Do you have experience combatting artillery?

14-09-2006, 18:06
I play Empire with two Great Cannons, and have faced a lot of different artillery, but by "Combatting Artillery" I guess you mean the standard "Guess cannon" stuff, and in that case no.

Still rather experienced and skilled in cannon-tactics. PM if you think I can be of some assistance. Or rather, E-mail me at Joakim_anka2@hotmail.com