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14-09-2006, 15:27
I am new to fantasy and I recently bought this army box on. I am having doubts as I fear all of the models might be outdated. I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea of what it is I bought.


14-09-2006, 15:31
Thats the old wood elf army deal and when I say old, I mean old.

All but the dragon in that box are old models.

You have:
Archers, which in the new edition are glade guard
Glade Guard which are Eternal Guard.
War Dancers
Glade Riders
Lord of Forest Dragon
Mounted Mage

So all the models are still perfectly useable, but not the new wood elf models from the most recent wood elf release.

14-09-2006, 15:49
So there has been a rereleased model for every unit in this box?

14-09-2006, 15:51
YEs, every one of those units has been re-released. That being said, the units in that box are very characterful.

14-09-2006, 15:51
Yes, every model in the wood elf range was redone, with the exception of the forest dragon which was just given some extra detail.

14-09-2006, 16:03
Ah, thanks for your help guys. I should have done some research before bidding.

14-09-2006, 16:12
Depending on the price you paid for that box, the dragon alone might make that investment useful. It's still one of the better (maybe the best?) dragon miniatures released by GW. :)

14-09-2006, 16:29
Well I paid $100 for it. Supposedly the box has been opened but all the models are still in the original blisters. I am thinking of just contacting the seller and telling him I no longer want it.

god octo
14-09-2006, 19:22
the glade guard (spearelves) are still quite nice, and if you wanted, you could split up the box and sell them sepreately.

15-09-2006, 06:46
I'd keep hold of it - buy yourself some glade guard and some dryads (new ed) from ebay and i think you'll have some nice mixed characterful units...i think you've got the basis of a good army which won't look like all the others (including mine! :() I recently bought the best part of 1500 orcs on ebay which are old ed figures and i think mixing with newer figs make the army look varied and interesting.

15-09-2006, 08:49
well worth $100 dude, just add a new battalion and mix them in = one large WE army.

of the old models the Dryads are a bit poo, as are the old plastic archers but the rest are great.

15-09-2006, 09:00
Although they are the old models, you can still use them with the new book.

15-09-2006, 15:02
My suggestion is to keep the box and use the Dryads in there as Treekins. They're beefy enough and just mount them on 40mm bases.

That dragon is GREAT! I got one real cheap from a clearance sale and I use it as "Asarnil the Dragonlord" in my DOW army.

15-09-2006, 15:19
I am thinking of just contacting the seller and telling him I no longer want it.

Not necessarily that bright an idea; if you said already that you will buy it, then you should stick to your word. And it is not exactly a bad purchase for 100$.

As for the age of that box, if my memory works correctly it was released sometime in 1996.

15-09-2006, 15:22
You can always resell it on eBay.

15-09-2006, 16:04
Thanks for all of your suggestions guys. The seller still hasn't contacted me and its almost been three days, so I don't really know whats going on with that. I suppose if I don't get this army Ill just wait and expand my 40k army. I was just disappointed because half of the reason I wanted to play woodelves was because of how the new models looked.

15-09-2006, 16:16
Just as a further comment: there was also a new wood elf army box released a year ago, but it is likely to be extremely difficult to obtain nowadays, since it was only released in limited numbers.

15-09-2006, 16:17
I'd love to get my hands on that version of the dragon myself, looks much better without sprites and you don't have to worry about having two special character figures spare if you don't want to use them. The Glade guard with spears don't exsist anymore but they could be used as Eternal Guard but might need conversion to make them look more elite(these would be the worst part of the box for me). The treeman, dryads, glade riders (maybe with a little conversion) and wardancers will fit in nicely with the new models. The Glade Guard with bows would also fit in but I'd replace them with the new models... or possibly use them as regular units then use the new Glade guard as scout versions for contrast.

Not a bad buy! But I prefer the new models by far. If you do decide to refuse to buy them... Look closely at how the guy advertised them... if he insinuated that they were the new models you might be able to get out of the deal. Just be careful and calm with how you deal with it. That said you could easily get $40 ish for just the dragon if you sold it on ebay.

god octo
15-09-2006, 17:44
i wouldnt worry toomuch, unless you really wanted the new models- my army is a mix of the old and new units- i have the old archers, mage, dryads, wardancers and warhawk riders, and the new treekin, wild riders, waywatchers, spellweaver and branchwraithe. I really like the old style eternal guard (the glade guard in your box) and they arent that bad scultps.