View Full Version : First try: 2250pts Dwarfs

14-09-2006, 14:38
Dwarf lord: 291pts
MRO: Gromril, MRO: Spite, great weapon: MRO: Kragg the grim + RO: cleaving. Oath stone, general

Thane: 145pts
BSB: RO: Strollar + battle

Runesmith: 139pts
great weapon, RO: Warding + 2x RO Spellbreaking

dragon slayer: 50pts

22x warriors: gw,full c., 245pts
22x longbeards: 361pts
gw, full c. MR: Grongn
10x Thunderers: 140pts

18x hammerers: 296pts
full c., RO: Battle + stoicsm
14x miners: full c. 179pts
15x Slayers: full c. 198pts
16x Slayers: full c. 209pts

so what do you think?

14-09-2006, 15:04
Looks good, but why the odd numbers?

Also, I've had alot of success with puting my lord in the longbeard unit (with a rune of courage and a rune of determination) and simply give the hammers a rune of courage. Since hammerers are fairly independant (now stubborn and immune to fear), your opponent will have a harder time to avoid you 2 threatening blocks, instead of 1.

Give your runesmith a shield as well. choosing that 2+ armour save can save your life in some cases, many players will go caracter hunting if you don't have it.

Always give thunderers shields and a musician. They will be incredibly more resilient, won't break from fell bats or dire wolves, and can be reformed in 5x2, and make a great flanking unit, wich dwarfs never have enough of.

Now that caracters must stay in unit not to get shot, the role of slayer caracters will be greatly diminished. I would drop a unit of slayers in favour of a trusty dwarf cannon, or even a gyrocopter. So think twice before keeping the naked guy ^_^