View Full Version : stores that sell zombie pirates

14-09-2006, 19:47
does anybody go to an independent store that still has the zombie pirates?

2 questions:

What/how many of each sprue was in the bag?

14-09-2006, 20:17
Im sure it was 3 zombie sprues and 2 of the militia sprues.

14-09-2006, 20:56
3 zombie, 2 militia. I think they sel them on the GW website.l

15-09-2006, 00:54
nope, not on any online store that i can find. Anybody have an independent store that is selling them?

15-09-2006, 03:32
Why not just buy militia and zombie boxes? I've helped a friend with some lately and there is quite a bit you can use from both sets. Also WarMachine has some killer stuff along with other manufacturers like Old Glory.

15-09-2006, 04:00
Do you intend to use the zombie pirate list, or just the models?

15-09-2006, 04:13
You can bitz order individual sprues.

15-09-2006, 07:30
I'm using them as possessed grail pilgrims/peasants.

Problem is the sprues cost $46($10 per zombie sprue, $8 per militia) when the original bag cost $20, so I was looking to save money. Funny how I picked Brets thinking "Oh, all plastics, it'll be cheap", but when I got all the conversions, it's getting very expensive.

I'm familiar w/ Warmachine's line, and they're really not cheap, at all, unless you get Alexia and her 12 thralls. Otherwise, infantry is almost always $5+ per model, which is more expensive than GW

15-09-2006, 07:45
Why not just grabbing a full zombie box and a full militia box? This should give you enough material for a full sized pilgrim unit, and as for leftovers you could always trade the zombies to a VC player for some skeleton bits (always handy for conversions) or such, and extra militiamen could always be mixed with the Bretonnian archers or men-at-arms.

15-09-2006, 08:10
because $70>$20? At the time, i thought $20 for 20 models would be perfect, but now I can't find the boxes.

I found some at http://www.thegameshop.ca/Zombie_Pirates_Of_The_Vampire_Coast_p/gw64-99.htm

Anybody know if this site is reputable?

15-09-2006, 23:50
It was 3 militia sprues and 2 zombie sprues actually, trust me, I bought several.