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Quin 242
14-09-2006, 20:16
So I've had these sisters figures sitting here for a LONG time and never was able to get anough OOMPH to get them off the cleaning the mold-lines stage. But now with COD they become a very viable force. All those short range weapons they carry come into thier own when fire lines are down to 20 or so inches in every direction.

With all the options for flame weapons I can see where these ladies are going to be holy hell in the city. SOOO I dedcided that I needed to dust off these girls and get to it. I'm playing a 2250 point tourney in 2 weeks.
In that time i need to BUILD a repressor and paint 2250 worth of figs. a greta number already have been base-coated but none have been painted.

I'm looking at an inquisitor w/retinue in a chimera
a callidus Assassin (need to make a few of these and I'll show why later)
celestian squad of 10 w/ flamer/heavy flamer combo
Seraphim squad of 10 w/ twin flamepist and twin inferno pist
2X SOB squads of 10 w/ flamer/heavy flamer combo
1X20 zealots w/ demogauge and priest
1 Dominion squad of 10 w/ 4 flamers
1 Retributor squad of 10 w/ 4 heavy bolters in a Repressor (scratch built add on)
1 exorcist

I'll have pics of the beginnings up soon.

god octo
14-09-2006, 21:34
oh have fun painting:D Cant wait to see a repressor in real (ish) life.

14-09-2006, 23:51
Is two weeks enough time to get this army completed? I wouldn't even be able to build this size of an army in two weeks...let alone get it painted.

Good luck on this.

As for the Callidus, are you making different versions of her based on your enemies? If so, very cool.

Also, can't wait to see your scratch build Repressor add on.

Quin 242
15-09-2006, 04:11
Is two weeks enough time to get this army completed? I wouldn't even be able to build this size of an army in two weeks...let alone get it painted.

It's going to be ROUGH tabletop standard at best. LIke I said most are cleaned I just need to spray and basecoat. I'm gonna try dipping and see how that works. Test figs tomorrow for that.

As for the Callidus, are you making different versions of her based on your enemies? If so, very cool.
yer a smart cookie. I'm not sure if it's the brightest move considering the timeline but I'm gonna try it. If not done for this tourny.. then definately for the campaign she'll (they'll) get used in.

Also, can't wait to see your scratch build Repressor add on.

And you are in luck..Pics for this taken. will be posting in the very near future.
When she's posted I'd love some C&C.

Quin 242
15-09-2006, 05:33
Pics of repressor:

Rear showing where the vent/grte is going:
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress7.JPG (http://xs.to)

What is listed as a Pintle mounted Heavy flamer. Parts from the old school immolator
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress6.JPG (http://xs.to)

Side View. There will be viewports for the 6 bolters that can fire out.
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress5.JPG (http://xs.to)

Front 3/4 view. The Pintle Storm bolter will have the Sister from the immolator sprue head behind it. her body is in there now.
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress4.JPG (http://xs.to)

Quin 242
15-09-2006, 05:40
More on the Quin242 pattern repressor:

WIP shots:

http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress3.JPG (http://xs.to)

http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress2.JPG (http://xs.to)

http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06375/Repress1.JPG (http://xs.to)

As always, C&C welcome

15-09-2006, 07:24
Looks good, but you might want to slope the front plate on the box a bit, to deflect shot and for aesthetic reasons, and maybe make the box a little shorter (hight wise)

god octo
15-09-2006, 17:59
wow, looks impressive- i just hope that you are going to add a really big dozer blade onto the front :)

Quin 242
16-09-2006, 07:37
OK then.. Took your suggestions to heart and it is VASTLY improved I think.

Even found a SPECTACULAR way to represent the fire ports.

This little bit here: http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Portbit2.JPG (http://xs.to)

Thought I'd never find a use for it. Bitz boxes are your friend!!!

I always leave my Chimera without the lasguns and either cover up or leave the lasports open. This bit is the bit that holds them in on the inside. YAY!!

http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress8.JPG (http://xs.to)

So you can see that I lowered it and added angled plate at the front.
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress11.JPG (http://xs.to)

I was gonna leave that space open for Sister iconography but this vent looks good there too.
How do you lot vote on it? Without as above.. or with as below:
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress11.5.JPG (http://xs.to)

Quin 242
16-09-2006, 07:42
And then a couple of overview shots.

http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress10.JPG (http://xs.to)

http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress9.JPG (http://xs.to)

and the rear 3/4 showing the grate attached now:
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress13.JPG (http://xs.to)

As always, C&C requested!

Lady Hope
16-09-2006, 08:31
It is looking much better now, great improvement!
I think you should have the little vent there, still space for some SoB iconography underneath it. I like your idea for the fireports too :)

Do you have a colourscheme for your sisters? And good luck with finishing them within 2 weeks :)

16-09-2006, 13:48
I' ot sure about the huge turret on the to,it sort of sticks out too much if you see what I mean, Id swap it with the storm bolter one. Just my opinion and it looks great other than that.

Quin 242
17-09-2006, 12:53
So now I'm Questioning...
Should I leave this Pintle mounted sorm bolter AS-IS or go with the enclosed semi-turret similar to the forge world one?
http://xs306.xs.to/xs306/06376/Repress11.5.JPG (http://xs.to)

or the semi-turret here:
http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06370/repressorp2l.jpg (http://xs.to)

17-09-2006, 13:10
id go with the semi turret, but tsill have the hatch open and a sister sticking her head out.

17-09-2006, 13:34
I'd go with the semi-turret but it's up to you.

old guard
17-09-2006, 13:36
Exceptionally nice job, might have to grab these piccies for cadian interior guard repressors later. personally I would leave it as is. 1the building of circular turrets can be a real pain the..... and 2 its a different pattern! and should look so. your not trying to do a FW clone. Be proud to be different!

17-09-2006, 14:07
I also vote to leave the turret as it is, don't think it should be exactly like the forgeworld one. Good luck hitting your deadline.

Quin 242
18-09-2006, 05:50
Here are a couple more of the models that I have been doing over the last couple of days as well as the final result of the Repressor:

Repressor Final:

http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Repress14.JPG (http://xs.to)
I took the advice of a member and added a gun shield in front of the sister manning the pintle storm bolter and added all the iconography.

Finished Side view:
http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Repress15.JPG (http://xs.to)

Rear View:
http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Repress16.JPG (http://xs.to)

And final side to show how you get up there on top.
http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Repress17.JPG (http://xs.to)

Quin 242
18-09-2006, 05:57
And here is what I'm using as an Exorcist. The Pipe organ bugged me quite a lot so I bought some missile pods from another company and have added those with the missile loader servitor and Viola:
http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Exorcist2.JPG (http://xs.to)

http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Exorcist1.JPG (http://xs.to)

http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Exorcist4.JPG (http://xs.to)

And a Flamer wielding Zealot:
http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/FlamerZealot.JPG (http://xs.to)

Quin 242
18-09-2006, 06:01
And the rest of the army all cleaned, some spray coated. none painted :(

http://xs106.xs.to/xs106/06381/Sisters1.JPG (http://xs.to)

18-09-2006, 13:39

The vehicles look great. Nice idea w/ the servitor loader.

18-09-2006, 17:34
ahh the immolator looks ace I´m going to steal some of those ideas for my own if thats ok? Nice wit hsome different patterns on the tanks, the exorcist is very originall and the servitor loader is a great touch! keep it up man I´m looking forward to next update

The Judge
18-09-2006, 18:19
There are some nice tanks there. Hope to see them all painted soon!

old guard
18-09-2006, 18:19
Like the zealot, not so sure about the 'old' driver compartment on the 'new' pattern rhino.

keep it up.