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14-09-2006, 21:40

Question about hunchis totem: if i have a skink screen and behind it is unit with That totem. Can unit move through skink unit and possible charge through it?



14-09-2006, 21:57
Unless the unit has special rules allowing it to move through skinks, no.

14-09-2006, 22:09
I assume you mean a Kroxigor unit that has been joined by a Slann or Scar Veteran with said banner?

"Kroxigors may see and charge through skink units..." (WA: Lizardmen, P28)

It refers sepcifically to the Kroxigor themselves, so I'm not sure that a character that joins the unit gains that ability.

In any case, they can only charge through skinks, not make a move through skinks. Huanchi's totem allows you to move forwards D6", not make a charge. If you contact an enemy during that move, then you count as charging in the next CC phase, but you can't contact an enemy without first moving through the skinks - and you can't do that because you didn't charge.

14-09-2006, 23:34
Characters cannot join monsters.

14-09-2006, 23:47
Kroxigor are infantry in 7th Edition, so they can be joined by characters (barring some special rule).

14-09-2006, 23:54
Kroxigor are infantry in 7th Edition, so they can be joined by characters (barring some special rule).

Oops, my bad. (blonde moment) :p

Yep, they just move as monsters.

15-09-2006, 22:29
Put me in the "can't do it" camp, for several reasons.

Firstly, the only unit that can charge through skinks are kroxigor, and they'd need a BSB with them to have the totem.

The BSB cannot charge through the skinks, so the unit would only be able to charge if the charge path of the BSB didn't go through the skinks.

However that's only for a normal charge.

For the totem, it only "counts as charging" if you come in contact with the enemy, which means that the kroxigor cannot move through the skinks, as they would not be charging until they hit the unit on the other side of them.