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25-06-2005, 13:59
The last two years, I haven't touched my models of warhammer, but resently I began playing battles again with some friends. Before I pauzed I played The Empire and Vampire Counts, but I thought Skaven to be mighty interesting and I have quite a few models of the nasty little ratmen. Never having played them before, I'm a bit unsure about my list. I thought that maybe you guys could give me a hand or two with it.

Thx in advance.

My army:

Heavy armor, shield
Blade of Black Fury, Warpstone Amulet, Bands of Power
199 pnts.

Warlock Engineer
Dispell Scroll, Eye of the Horned Rat
135 pnts.

Warlock Engineer
Dispell Scroll, 2x Warpstone Tokens (total 3)
130 pnts.

Heavy Armor, shield
101 pnts.

25 Clanrats
Full Command, Warpfire Thrower
225 pnts.

30 Clanrats
Full Command, Ratling Gun
235 pnts.

20 Stormvermin
Full Command, Warpfire Thrower
260 pnts.

30 Clanrat Slaves
60 pnts.

5 Warplock Jezzail Teams
100 pnts.

3 Rat Ogres
150 pnts.

20 Plague Monks
xHW, Full Command
220 pnts.

5 Plague Censer Bearers
85 pnts.

Warp-lightning Cannon
100 pnts.

Models in Army: 146
Casting Pool: 6
Dispell Pool: 4

Total pnts: 2000

Some comments:
With the general I'm really glad. 6 strength 8 (if I can pull the Band off) sounds good enough for me and a 4+ WS is all that one can ask for. The other characters are actually a big guess, as I can't predict how the magic will work with Skaven. Maybe I should replace one of the Warlock Engineers with a Plague Monk with Liber Bubonicus, or just play with one scroll caddy and swap the Bands of Power with some other cool magical item (the Skaven seem to have enough)?
I really like the Rat Ogres and the Plague Priests, so I just put them in here to see how they will work. I have given the Plague Priests the Umbranner to defent them against missile fire. They will be targeted a lot when my opponents figure out they have no armor save, I think.

Well, any help, comments, critisims or just useless chatter will be welcome. With great THX, Roel.

25-06-2005, 23:31
I like it. Only thing I could see changing is to take out the 5 jezzails and getting another big slave unit.

26-06-2005, 11:32
Why would you take them out? Because I have never played Skaven before, I have no idea if they are any good, but I like the models. That more or less the reason I wanted them in my army.

28-06-2005, 11:57
Doesn't anybody has some advise for me? I was hoping for some, so I could create a balanced and fun to play (and to play against) list. Like I said, I've no previous experience with Skaven, so be brutal, I just wanna see what you guys think of it. Thx. Roel

28-06-2005, 15:50
IMO 4 x 25 clanrats with 2 x ratling guns and 2 x warpfire thrower teams works better tha your current core choices. this is because skaven "elite" infantry, at least stormvermin, are not worth their points. Free some points for this, and also i think that skave regiments, at foot, of course, should be 25 strong. Any more will make them unwieldy. Nice and balanced list, but as a last reminder, don't count on your Bands of Power to work all the time ;)

gl hf