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25-06-2005, 16:05
Ok, so I got really bored one day, and started designing a wargame. So far I've sorted out what different armies there are going to be, what stats units should have and a few rules.
The stats are:
Strength: You should knwo what this is.
Size: 1 size point for every metre tall the thing is, although it varies if it's very wide or very skinny.
Recoil: How well the thing absorbs recoil.
Reflexes: How fast it hits you in close combat.
Speed: One speed point for each cm [to scale, 1cm=1metre] it can move in a turn.
Authority: Whether other things will follow it or not [whether they use it's morale or not] insane things have low authority, war commanders have a high authority.
Armour: How well armoured it is.

The different armies are as follows:

Germans: No real ideas yet, thinking about extensive genetic engineering and combining humans with robots to make the ultimate warriors. Maybe Panzer legions?

England: No real ideas yet, very patriotic and snooty [no allies?]

Japan: Samurai [some with 4 arms [genetic engineering] to wield 4 katana] with armour and weapons made of a rare metal that can be easily shaped when melted and is strong but is very resistant to heat.

China: No real ideas yet, maybe an infiltrator-type unit that is lightly armoured but is very good at taking out characters.

Russia: No real ideas yet, probably going to have more and better tanks than most armies.

Ireland: I forget why I let these guys be part of the rebels…

Canada: I don’t know, never heard of them fighting a war, don’t know a lot about them.

THE HUMAN EMPIRE: Some elite warriors [like Space marines, but not as elite] who are mainly used for city fights, clean up missions, sieges, and occasionally suicide missions. They have little long-range heavy weaponry, although they have huge tanks and mechs who are well armed. Have a small group of warriors know as the Burnout squad, Burnout is when a vehicle [motorbike, attack car] goes flat out for too long and the engine explodes, the Burnout squad rams opponents, exploding their engines to do a lot of damage. Also, they have a really, really tall guy named ‘Gorgar Haksiit’, A.K.A. Goliath, the American Bull. He’s American, he’s got a 7 foot long sword, he’s got a mini gun as a pistol, and he’s 3 metres tall.

The other warriors are more jungle fighting infiltrators, and are worse trained but are still decent fighters. Use more heavy weaponry for sniping important/strong personnel, and taking out/stealing tanks. These guys also use robots with decent AIs for some missions, as they can easily infiltrate positions and are better armed than a human would be.

Both kinds of warriors have stupid robots [robots with bad AIs] who are better armed than other robots, including huge tank-robots and a ******* huge mech with 4 legs and a pair of mini guns that are as big as a house.

THE ONASS: Aliens, huge, all wear all-body armour, vary in height from 1 metre to 8 metres, the larger ones are either Ona [war commanders] Maens [light artillery personnel [can carry 2 huge guns and a big sword] the medium ones are usually their underlings/bodyguards, the smallest ones make up the bulk of the army and are decent infiltrators.

Less technologically advanced than humans [humans have ‘forced’ technology, opposing sides force each other to produce better and better technology] but have more resources. Plus they’re all allied, no fighting each other [maybe a few runaways here and there, though]. They do have better robotics though, their robots can almost perfectly mimic human [Onass] movement and free will.

Basically, the history of this world goes 'USA takes over every thing, turns the world into one huge unified country, some rebels build up their strength and attack them, winning back some vital ground, aliens land and start taking over part of the world as well'.

I need one or 2 new army ideas, new unit ideas... anyone want to do some drawings? I only have ideas of how the Human Empire robots and city fight warriors and the Onass Warcommander, the Onass bodyguard and the light artillery personnel will look.

I also need some rule ideas [strength to armour table, morale rules, how many attacks each thing gets in close combat and so on and so on. I especcially need some vehicle rules].

Anyone want to help?

05-07-2005, 17:38
sounds intresting. i owen a wargames development fourum and if you want ill give you a section for this game, pm me with the reply.

05-07-2005, 17:44
Sounds ingruiging, sort of pulp'ish game. You should perhaps take a look at Darksondesigns WWII stuff: http://darksondesigns.proboards21.com

Might give you some ideas.

05-07-2005, 19:32
this game will now be on the warlord grubnatz fourum http://s11.invisionfree.com/warlordgrubnatz/index.php

Comrade JC
20-07-2005, 07:34
If your looking for ideas about the Earth Nations, definately research the first and second world wars.

I would say the Russians should be horde like. This is a more Soviet tactic, but in WW2 only some of their tanks had radios, but they could afford 4 losses for every German loss. Soviet infantry was sent into battle with a gun OR extra ammo, both was reserved for the veterans.

As for the tankers and mobile infantry, definately the Germans. However, this is again based on WW2.

Another thing from WW2, the German field marshal that invented the Blitzkrieg said that the British were excellent in the use of infantry while the Americans were much better as fielding tanks.

As for the Canadians, they are often few in number and not as well equipped. However, over the two world wars they built a huge reputation as front line troops who were among the top picks to spearhead an assualt. In WW1, a Canadian officer developed the rolling artilleray barrage and in WW2 the Canadians captured Juno Beach on D-Day and liberated Holland. Canadians also have a reputation for scrounging, trading alchol, cigarettes, etc. to other forces in order to obtain better gear (could bring up some interesting weapon choices)

China: very confident, pround, many, many, many soldiers. Not so up-to-date on their technology, some may be very good and some may be comparatively primitive.

Ireland:? No ideas here. Maybe something Druid-like?

Hope this helps.

20-07-2005, 09:49
Not sure about the Chinese being infiltrators. I may be wrong, but if you're thinking of Ninjas, weren't they Japanese? And change it to Britain and not England (unless it is just England that has been liberated).

Otherwise, yeah looks cool!

Salty :)

20-07-2005, 19:45
Maybe you peeps should have a look at the warlordgrubnats forum.

England and Ireland was changed to Britain a while ago.

The plural of ninja is ninja, and yes they ORIGINATED from Japan, but ninja just means anyone who has mastered the martial art of Ninjitsu.

I see the Chinese as having some decent infiltrating units and great siege weaponry. They are, in no way, primitive, at the moment they are the fastest growing economy in the world.

I'm only really keeping tactics and general army composition from now-times not things such as idiocy like not giving soldiers guns or using them as suicide squads.

England hasn't been liberated, only Japan, eastern Russia and Northern China has.

Why in hell would ireland have druids? Besides, there are no psychic or magical powers in this.

If you guys are interested, I suggest you join the warlordgrobnats forum, we have had some updates on the game since I posted this thread.

22-07-2005, 17:47
maybe britain coud have some sort of plane or ship?

22-07-2005, 18:09
Um, everyone has planes and ships.

30-07-2005, 21:13
I'm bumping this, but remember to check the warlordgrubnats forum before you post anything.

14-12-2005, 14:48
Bumping again, I now made a whole new forum for this since EmpiresOfAmbition decided to delete my little forum on there.


Come and revel in the... coolness...

Oh, and ask loads of questions, it's the only way I'll be motivated to posting up bits of background and things [like the Legions Automata army list I did].