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15-09-2006, 13:35
So I'm doing my first 7th edition battle this weekend for my first podcast/broadcast called Warchatter. I'm having a very special guest on the show who is actually running the opposing army, Satan Prince of Darkness.

That's right the dark one himself will be running the khorne horde against my old Tilean army.

I thought I'd post the army lists here for everyone to discuss and the audio for the first show will be up around Sunday eveningish.

The game is a 2200 point game, which is standard tournament size around these parts. Bear in mind these lists are taken from tournament lists, so some item choices don't make sense for this battle (like anti magic items against a khorne army).

The Tilean army is based off of the Empire list. It consisted of the following:

The army commander is a Grand Master named Titus Gaius. He is equipped with the typical grand master standard equipment (weapon, lance, plate, shield, steed) and in addition was given the Sword of Power (40 pts, +2 strength) and the Shroud of Magnus (5+ ward, immune to chaos magic 60 pts). Titus comes in at 260 points.

Army Standard Bearer Jonas Talius (captain with battle standard, barded steed, and the dawn armor which allows him to re roll failed armor saves). 129 points

Graitius the Blue, Elmental wizard of air with Dispel Scrolls - 85 pts

Fairus the Red, Elemental wizard of fire with Seal of Destruction - 110 pts

7 Knights of the Golden Eagle (Inner Circle) 206 pts
Musician and Champion

24 spearmen with shields 193 points
Full Upgrade

10 Crossbowmen 80 pts
10 Crossbowmen 80 pts
10 Crossbowmen 80 pts

20 Swordsmen (White Eagles) 165 pts
Full Upgrade
Detachment 10 Militia 50 pts

10 Huntsmen 100 pts

Cannon 100 pts
Cannon 100 pts

6 Knights 162 pts
Musician and Champion

10 Free Company 50 pts

20 Pikemen 245 pts
Full Upgrade

2,195 points

Their Opponents!!!

Commanded by Lord Balal, Khorne lord with Chaos Armor, Shield, Blade of Blood (+1 wound for every wound caused), the Crown of Conquest (regeneration) and a barded steed, weighing in at 362 points... the return of the Trumpets of Khorne!

Satan Prince of Darkness was kind of upset at having to play a khorne army, but he'll discuss this more in depth during the show.

The rest of the army:

Baron Bham, Champion of Khorne with Axe of Khorne, Chaos Armor, and shield - 162 points

Battle Standard of Khorne with Armor of Damnation (re-roll hit rolls) - 165 points

24 Marauders with armor and shields and full command - 185 points

20 Blood Warriors of Khorne with halberds, shields, and full command - 415 points

7 Knights of Blood with full command and warbanner - 351 points

(note neither the knights nor the warriors are chosen)

1 Chariot - 120 points

5 Hounds - 30 points
5 hounds - 30 points

10 Demonic Furies - 150 points
Beast Herd - 12 Gors and 8 Ungors with full command - 151 points

1 Khornite Spawn - 75 points

2,196 points

Discuss! Right now there is no terrain or game to talk about but discuss the two rosters facing off against each other and what you would attempt to do!

15-09-2006, 13:51
Got a gut feeling that these two armys are not on the same level of competetiveness.

There are several disatvantages on the side of the Khornates (imho):

I mean: 20 Dodos in one single regiment? Seems like a massive Point waste to me.

The Charactersetup seems okay, but the warriors would do better in 2*10 than in 1*20.

I would say that in seventh edition the ill effects of frenzy are even more disastrous for the Khorne-army than it was back in the days of 6th Ed.
Your huntsmen alone can lead them around the whole game without ever being at risk.

So, in my opinion the Khorne Army needs more light support units to even the odds a little.

I mean, Khorne brings on 2 Main Regiments versus your 3 Main Regiments (not including their detachments) and brings 1 unit of heavy cav opposed to your
two units. Not to mention your Fire-Support - which is not compensated for by the overall speed of the Khornates - they´re rather slow as far as assault armies are concerned!!

Not meant to offend you, but this seems hardly like a fair fight.

An yeah I know that individually the Khorne units will eat yours for breakfast and still being hungry after the task.

Perhaps you should reconsider the Khorne-Army. Tourney-wise I recon you will face far tougher and meaner khonre armies than the one you will play tomorrow.


15-09-2006, 13:55
These are both tournament lists that I have used and placed high at tournaments with in the past.

Of course, the response you gave about the khorne list is the same as what I heard many times before.

I always ran my chaos warriors in large blocks. And I've always had someone point and laugh at it. ;)

The point of the game is to take two high placing 6th edition tournament lists and see what they do with 7th edition rules.

15-09-2006, 19:42
I actually think the Khorne army will do quite well.

I am assuming both characters as well as the knights and warriors have the mark of Khorne. This will give you 6 dispel dice which should be more then adequate t ohandle 2 lvl 2 wizards...maybe he gets off 1 spellper round if he is lucky.

Negate the huntsmen with either the beast herd, hounds or furies. Preferably the furies so you can screen your frenzy units with the herd and attempt a flank with the hounds. If you cant get a flank use the hounds to charge the detachments so he cannot counter charge.

Biggest problem is the pikes. He will get off 2 rounds with the cannons. Just ger in hth as soon as possible and then you can roll up his line.

Have to run....I will get back with the Empire perspective later.

Have fun!!

15-09-2006, 20:13
Satan Prince of Darkness agrees with your assessment. The key is hauling ass and penetrating the heart of the Imperial lines as fast as possible.

The magic is a non issue for the khornites. At least... so says the lord of darkness.

15-09-2006, 21:56
I think you as the Empire player need to take out the furies as soon as possible. These are the biggest threat to your cannons/flanks until either the warhounds or herd turn up if they ambush. Use the cannons to shoot up the knights and chariot and the crossbows to get rid of the inevitable skirmishing screen. You can then use your units to divert his units from your main line and attempt to flank him when he charges off after these.
Overall, a very competitive and IMHO fair army with a nice theme:) .

Joe Cool
17-09-2006, 09:08
These are 6th edition lists? How are you planning to play your cavalry units now that they don't get a rank bonus? For the Khorne player a single rank might be tempting because of the cannons, but screening this to avoid frenzy charges would be more difficult.

Looking forward to the report!

17-09-2006, 11:20
Good luck, I look forward to the report.

17-09-2006, 23:04
Hey IcedCrow. Will you be posting your battle report on this thread or will it be going on your webite only?

Looking forward to it.


17-09-2006, 23:49
Cavalry still gets rank bonus, you just need 5 instead of 4 to get the bonus. (page 38)

The chaos list changed a bit. A friend of mine came down from leave and played chaos.

The report is uploading now along with my new wargaming talk-show... Warchatter.

When it's all uploaded I will announce. It will probably be up Monday morning.

19-09-2006, 05:18
I think what Joe Cool was getting at is that in 7th ed it would be more common to have either 5 or 10 guys in a cavalry unit, rather than the 7+hero that the lists have now. So maybe they could do with some tweaking.

Joe Cool
19-09-2006, 14:08
I think what Joe Cool was getting at is that in 7th ed it would be more common to have either 5 or 10 guys in a cavalry unit, rather than the 7+hero that the lists have now. So maybe they could do with some tweaking.

Yes. I thought this was obvious. Both armies have a cavalry unit of 7, and a mounted character or two. No ways to make a unit with rank bonus.

19-09-2006, 14:15
Ah ok I misunderstood. You're right... they are both 6th edition lists where you could have a rank bonus with that.