View Full Version : Newbie Strigoi VC Army [1000pt]

15-09-2006, 13:46
Strigoi Thrall, Bat Wings
Necromancer, Level 2, Cloak of Mist and Shadows
Necromancer, Dispel Scroll

20 Skeletons, Full Command
19 Zombies
20 Zombies
10 Ghouls

3 Fell Bats
8 Dire Wolves

Level 1 Necromancer joins the Zombies, Level 2 stays near the front lines to keep it all together while the Thrall and bats go on a crazy flanking/rear attack movement - Wolves take out any warmachines and the Ghouls bolster the main lines.

Sound good? What's good to keep/lose in broad terms (i.e. don't use zombies, or spirit hosts are good)

15-09-2006, 16:47
why a level 1 wizard?
when you paly with undead you spend as mutch points as possable to your charcters, then use the rest for some units.
you have 3 big blocks of dead meat, 2 or even 1 is more then enough cous you will summon alot zombies, especially when you upgrade your mage to level 2 and give him a bock of arecan ( greatest item in the entire game).
maby get some spirit hosts, they rock!
2 is enough, cous you can trap giants etc with them for the enitre battle ( or more:P)