View Full Version : Evolution of Madness (Skaven 1500pt)

15-09-2006, 14:17
I've been running a great 1250pt Skaven list that I've yet to lose with, but now I'm looking to expand to something a little bigger. Basically, I'm looking at this:

Plague Priest, Plague Censer, Warpstone Token, Warpstone Amulet
Warlock Engineer, Warp Blades, Warp Accumulator
Warlock Engineer, Warp Blades, Warp Accumulator

19 Plague Monks, xHW, Standard, Musician
6 Plague Censer Bearers

25 Clanrats, Full Command, Ratling Gun
25 Clanrats, Full Command, Ratling Gun
25 Clanrats, Full Command

25 Slaves
25 Slaves
25 Slaves

6 Gutter Runners, Champion, Poisoned Hand Weapons, Tunnelling Team

18 Giant Rats, Packmaster

The pale green are units that I'm adding onto my 1250pt list to bring it up to this. Basically after this point I'm at a loss as to how to bring it up to 2000pts - I'm guessing a Warlord, some Jezzails and a unit of Storm Vermin, but other than that, I haven't got a clue...

15-09-2006, 14:21
looks great and hard to kill, but id would put more cancer bearers and plague monks to give some punch :) horde armies are allways fun to play against or with.

15-09-2006, 14:33
Was that an intentional misspelling of censer?! I'm thinking that I've got more than enough bodies with this 1500pts so I only need to bolster, like you said, with hitty things

16-09-2006, 05:36
MY question is, which units are your "threatening" units, besides the monks, two guns, and engineers(and possibly the censers)?

It seems like everything else there is just a "basic" unit.

What I mean, is that while looking at this list, I don't see a whole lot that I'm "affraid" of.

Lots of static CR, cool.
A few spells, cool.
A gun or two, neat.

But that's about it.

When you increase the size of the army, why not include atleast four rat-ogre packs? Not only are they pretty darn scary, but they'll also hopefully soak up some additional fire. (better yet, I'd take two groups of 4!)

From all my experience, stormvermin look great on paper, but their role can be filled better, by other units. Don't get me wrong, I love the storm vermin models, and most of their rules, I just don't think there's that many positive points about them.

I LOVE the fact that you're pushing about 100 models in a 1.5k game, but I think some of them deserve to be replaced by something that can actually scare another army.

Make them react to YOU, not the other way around.